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Help. Cravings beating me down.

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by MamaGrok, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    It's back. It's back!


    6 months trying to get to where I could comply with the LR, finally got it down and completely, 6 months of absolutely NO CRAVINGS at all. Then 6 months of them coming very very slowly back. Now I'm being assaulted every day around 4pm, although that time is getting earlier and earlier each day. It's driving me bananas; I can thinking of nothing but how to get more sweet food all afternoon and evening. The only sweet food in my house is whole yogurt & raw honey & whole organic apples, so that's what I'm hitting. And the result is HUGE belly, sweating at 2am every night, hard stomach, evening misery & dire evening fatigue.


    I'm still eating around 80gm protein every morning (at least 7oz of it is seafood) & a huge blob (close to 1/4C) of bacon grease. Still taking ox bile & HCL & Mg, D3, fCLO (think I should up this), and much more.

    (All else is the same or improved compared to this time last year - more CT, less EMF, less artificial light, etc.)

    Help, prayers, advice, all is welcome.
  2. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Hi MamaGrok, you have my sympathies.
    In your situation, I would take about 100mg 5-HTP around 1-2pm then. You should notice an effect in a few hours. You may be getting low in tryptophan/serotonin, and your body knows that carbs will raise it quickly. Or maybe your dopamine is high and it is out of balance with your serotonin.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2013
  3. kathylu

    kathylu Gold

    Somewhere recently, JK made the comment that when cravings hit "you are not craving food, you are craving electrons". So maybe walk outside barefoot with a cup of hot tea with 10 g d-ribose and coconut oil in it? Take a 500mg capsule of acetyl L carnitine too. I have also used 1/2 tsp of L-glutamine powder directly on my tongue. That stops sugar cravings for me. Good luck MG!
  4. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    I'm quite willing to take short term stop-gaps like those, but ultimately, my question is, why was what I was doing working before and then stopped?
  5. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Well, Jack said ubiquinol can increase dopamine. Perhaps your mix of supplements changed, and had an effect? A slow increase in cravings could represent a slow depletion of something.

    You shouldn't need 5-HTP after a couple weeks.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2013
  6. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    I wish I could help. I lost any and all cravings months ago when I started the leptin reset. I guess I'm just lucky. Sorry.
  7. Of course I'm wondering if there is a thyroid connect (seems to be my thing!). I used to feel that a lot when I wasn't on any thyroid meds but also wasn't eating right either. I'm thinking since you were on a little too high of a dose that maybe you were going through some of your "crave protective" fat faster and it was bringing you back to the crave point quicker than a year ago when you either weren't on any or a much lower dose.

    However I also think for me personally the d-ribose was a game changer for afternoon/evening sweet cravings.
  8. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    Wish I could say I had a lot less fat. I've only lost 2lb in the last 10 months. The cravings also started before I really started increasing the thyroid dose.

    I can't believe how long it has taken for my mito Rx supps to get here. I ordered them over a week ago.

    Did most of y'all try them one at a time to see the effect, or start them all together the same day?
  9. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Would it help to try to mega dose the Mg (of course to avoid diahrea too). I am finding for me that Mg is very important. I am also trying to avoid using NDT (b/c I don't have a doc, never mind a GOOD doc that would prescribe me such NDT and I can't afford online right now) and am also trying to avoid Progesterone (for similar reasons). I HAVE invested in magnesium oil and malate. (Yes, even these are heavy on my budget). I feel a difference with even this in line. I hope it continues. I can still tell that my body tries to 'waste' the magnesium easily for some reason. (I have no idea why...but I will not argue and just keep supplementing).

    I don't know if you try Mg + olive oil and/or coconut oil if a craving happens, to see what effect that would have.

    I'm sorry you are having this problem b/c I know you are trying very hard to make this all work. You're doing a really great job too!!

    Also for me I don't know if it's from D3 (started in December) or the Mg, but I think I have gotten a lot of colour returned to my skin. I am MUCH less pale in the last two weeks. Any ideas if it's one or the other, or both? I hope it keeps up like this.
  10. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Hang in there MamaG... I know you're frustrated.

    As for the mitochondrial rx - I started pushing them all as soon as I got them... especially the CoQ10, and the Mg. The d-ribose is awesome... I love it...
  11. diane

    diane Gold

    Have you tried L-Glutamine? I know - yet another supplement. But I have bad cravings most of the time - and if I am consistent with the L-Glutamine then they go away.

    Not sure what would have brought them back. Except that I read an interesting post in the T3 thread that talks about RT3 - and that if it's not cleared, it may push things back again. Not sure if it's relevant or not, just timely as I read it just before I read your post.
  12. On Mito Rx, I started pushing the Mg 3x/day when the doc told me to do it during a consult. Then a month later started the d-ribose...ADDICTED!!! This stuff really showed my my batteries were half dead. Then two weeks later (just this past week) I added the acetyl l-carnitine. Not sure I notice anything from that yet but I am excited to see what happens.
  13. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    diane, I haven't tried anything yet, because the leptin reset (namely, the BAB) was working so well that I no longer needed to fiddle with this little fix or that. I mean, the list of things to fiddle with was HUGE - chromium picolinate, 5-HTP, l-glutamine, and on and on ... then the cravings were gone and I didn't need to try anything. I thought that I even had the previo us6 months of increasing cravings beaten, until this last week has shown I haven't at all.

    So back to the drawing board.

    My RT3 is horrible.

    ETA Could I get some help finding that T3 thread?
  14. diane

    diane Gold

  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I don't know if this will help.......you mentioned apples - apples drive my cravings up [I love apples and crave them] - I do much better without any fruit at all.......
  16. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    What else is happening with your body/ lifestyle MamaG? You still breast feeding? Could the child be needing more from you over 6 months or perhaps less at it weans?
    What is the weather/light doing where you are? Becoming summer or becoming winter?
    Have you changed when you do CT or the temp or length of time?
    I wish you had been journalling the last 6 months like you did in the beginning, because then we'd be able to go back and look for patterns to try to help..
  17. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    I ate an apple b/c it was a better choice than driving to the store and buying a bag of candy. ;) Normally I avoid fruit like the plague.

    My nursling is nursing about once a day, as she has been for the last year and a half (she's 3). It's the dead of winter here, and CT is essentially the same as this time last year, although it's much higher than last summer.
  18. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    I am totally screwed. I just tried the d-ribose ... and I want to eat the whole container.
  19. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    This is your body telling you its low on ATP... D-ribose is good for you, its the building blocks for your atp.
    I'm easily clipping off btwn 15-20mg/day, sometimes more during migraines...

    Listen to what your body is asking for... you are your best doctor.

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