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Hello! SO happy to have found this!

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by kellyjwarren, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. kellyjwarren

    kellyjwarren New Member

    I am in the process of receiving a 20-year-overdue Biotoxin Illness diagnosis, following Lyme disease in 1997 (not properly diagnosed or treated until 2001 when I was bedridden). After trying just about everything to restore my health and relieve pain/dysfunction with extremely limited success, I am hopeful that I finally will have a correct diagnosis and a path forward!

    I would like to dive headfirst into a restorative eating plan, and have a few questions about the basics I have read about the Epi-Paleo plan:

    1. Do oysters have to be raw? Cooked? Canned?
    2. I have my own flock of free-range chickens...How do I know if I can/should consume their eggs on this?
    3. I am hoping to receive a copy of the book soon, but in the meantime is there a summary post of all the recommended foods? Is coconut milk and coconut meat part of the diet or just coconut oil?
    4. Other than cilantro, are there suggested or banned greens to consume? Does high-quality cilantro essential oil work as well?

    In addition, what are Dr. Kruse's thoughts on the Shoemaker protocol? I have a TGF-beta > 12,000, low CSF glucose, and central diabetes insipidus. Still waiting on other labs (C3, C4, CD profiles, and others...). While I have read that DI can be caused by biotoxins, I have had multiple brain MRIs since 2013 showing a dangling fragment of pituitary. My Cleveland Clinic MD thinks my severe postpartum hemorrhages incited an autoimmune lymphocytic hypophysitis that continues to attack what remains. (No intracranial HTN causing PES...remaining gland is not flattened.)

    Any other quick-start suggestions you may have are greatly appreciated! I will be reviewing the Leptin and CT information as recommended in the welcome video.

    Fingers crossed and mind open,

  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Kelly and welcome....
    Please start a journal in the optimal journal section and give Dr. K. your Mom's and Gran's health history as well.

    Where do you live? work? your post code is important.

    Until you get Jack's book which is the first couple of years of the blog....listen to all his podcasts, especially the nourish Vermont ones - there are three now. These are extremely important..... as well as all Jack's other podcasts. They are a source of fast and easier to understand information.

    Might I suggest that you become a "gold" member. You will have access to the monthly webinars and the follow up live Q&A when you can ask Jack anything. The June Q&A lasted for 4 hours and 17 minutes! We have a thread about that one - please have a look. The Q&A's alone are worth the price of membership.

    Lots of people say they can't afford it ...but ....you have been sick for a long time - and now you have found the right place for healing. It won't be easy or fast .......you will be on a tremendous healing/learning curve.

    Jackis all about the three legged stool ......light, water and magnetism. This won't cost you a thing.

    Get outside every morning for the sunrise, with as little clothes on as possible, with barefoot on the ground. Make sure to see every sunset too. This is all about resetting your circadian rhythm.

    On the home page there are easy start guides. Have a look at the leptin reset. Also read about C/T - it is a game changer.

    There is a welcome from Jack on the home page and how to get started.

    Dr. Kruse has also started a thread about the importance of newbies - please read.

    Don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't know something ...... There are lots of great people here to help ....and Dr. K. reads journals.

    Also - there is a little book by John Ott .....Health and light - please read
  3. WalterNL

    WalterNL New Member

    Welcome. Check out all the Rx's in my signature.
    You'll probably get overloaded with information. It will take many years to understand a fraction of all this, but you can get practical today.
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  4. kellyjwarren

    kellyjwarren New Member

    Thank you, Caroline!

    I received the Epi-Paelo Rx book from the library, and am currently in my second reading while taking notes/creating questions. Will try and reserve Ott's book next.

    I will look for the optimal journal section online to get my personal one started. I plan on becoming a gold member in the future, but am currently an unemployed single parent trying desperately to make ends meet until I am well enough to return to work.

    More lab results are in... elevated MMP-9, lymphocytes, and C4a... and an entire host of parasites, yeast, mold, fungi, and bacteria in my "sterile" spinal fluid, which helps to explain the low CSF glucose result. My best guess is this is secondary to leaky gut caused by CIRS/Biotoxin Illness. My follow-up appt is on Tuesday for the treatment plan.

    In the meantime, I am doing the Leptin Rx, have been watching sunrises and sunsets, walking barefoot outdoors (which I often do anyway), and reading all I can about the best daily activities/nutrition for healing. I was pleased to see mention of Shoemaker's protocol in Epi-Paleo Rx. After 20 years of debilitating chronic illness following Lyme disease, I think I need some major detoxing for the lifestyle changes to work best for me. Luckily, progress is being made in the treatment of CIRS based on a person's specific genetics that create the biotoxin accumulation susceptibility. I'm curious if Dr. Kruse is aware of this development and what his thoughts are.
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