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Hello, new here - SF Bay Area

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Josh Benson-Merron, Jun 12, 2021.

  1. Josh Benson-Merron

    Josh Benson-Merron New Member

    Hello all, I was introduced to Jack Kruse earlier this year. I've been reading his blog articles, reading his book, and listening to his podcast interviews for the last couple months. It's a lot of information to take in but I'm absorbing it all slowly. I'm a 30 year old man living in the SF Bay Area in Santa Rosa (wine country).

    I moved to New York City after college and was under extreme stress. I developed a severe skin condition on my lips called Exfoliative Cheilitis. My lip skin would crust and peel, thick layers of skin on a daily basis. They were extremely inflamed, swollen, and burning. It caused me extreme anxiety and depression, to the point where I couldn't leave my apartment for a month because I was too embarrassed to be seen by anyone. I slowly recovered from this condition over many years although still to this day I am not fully recovered. I still have to manage the condition and try to hide it when I am in public. In 2016 I developed psoriasis all over my body. A couple years ago I started getting stomach pains in the morning when I woke up. This past year it got so bad some days I could hardly function. Also a couple years ago I started developing this feeling in my right ear like my ear was blocked. Finally, a few months ago I developed a rash on my face which spread across my face around my mouth area and would not go away with antibiotics. Needless to say, I felt fed up with my health situation and felt like I was up against a brick wall. Conventional medicine had done practically nothing for me in all these years, at best given me bandaid solutions for my symptoms without helping me get to the root of any of my problems.

    That being said, I feel like I have hit a major turning point in my health in the last few months. Reading everything Jack Kruse has written has turned on so many lightbulbs in my brain. I have been going outside in the morning sunlight every day for the past month or so. I've been eating a ton of oysters and seafood, grass fed meat, pastured eggs, coconut oil, bone broth, a big breakfast with a ton of protein, no snacking between meals, drinking mountain spring water, I purchased EarthRunners and RA Optics glasses. In the past month the rash on my face has almost completely disappeared. The psoriasis across my body has also almost completely disappeared. The stomach pains have significantly improved, many days there is no pain. The issue with my ear persists, as well as my lip condition. However, I feel more optimistic about my health than I have in years. I feel I'm finally on the right track to get better, and I'm committed to beating this lip condition once and for all. It would be the triumph of my life if I healed from this lip condition. I struggle with sleep, especially going to bed soon after sunset and waking up for the sunrise. I have been MUCH better with my sleep in the past couple months but it's not consistent enough. I have been waking up to see the sunrise some days but not consistent enough. I struggle getting away from technology before bed, especially after a long work day, and turning off all lights after sunset. I know it's simple but I am addicted to my phone and I need to break that habit.

    Anyway, thanks for reading. I'm trying my best to absorb everything here but it's a lot to take in, and I welcome any pointers!! Especially given my specific health conditions. Thank you!!
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  2. EWO

    EWO Gold

    Welcome. Keep up your great progress! I have had skin issues too, but most things have cleared up readily with regular sunrises, sunsets and getting off technology. The more morning light I get, the better. For tech, start with red screens and hard wired connections. For me, the sleep fell into place with attending to light and nnemf. Especially the sunrises and sets and turning off devices after sunset. I am a Bay Area native, and you probably already know it's not a great environment to support optimal health. One thing at a time:)
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  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Josh and welcome.......

    It is great to read about your progress!

    Have you thought of going camping for a week or more - in an area with no wifi?

    Maybe camp by a river or the ocean, fish and relax and hang around naked as much as possible.

    You already know you have to break your phone/technology habit ....... That is going to be critical for you to reclaim your health.

    Have you thought about doing movnat? Erwin Lecore?

    Jack did a blog about him and then did a webinar with him - Erwin is pretty spectacular . ......webinar is

    maybe around 2015?

    Jack also went to a camp of his in New Mexico.

    You are young and motivated now - you need to reclaim your life!

    Are you into Bitcoin? Jack is pretty emphatic about wealth = health.

    Conventional medicine has let us down ......so Jack is working on decentralised medicine to partner with decentralised crypto.
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  4. Marius

    Marius New Member

    Hello, from Dripping Springs Texas. I spent most of my life in Sonoma County all of my adult life in Santa Rosa. Miss that place sometimes, used to hang out at Brew coffee, Flying Goat and Acre Coffee. We moved to Austin after Santa Rosa fires and to be at a lower latitude. Where in Santa Rosa are you getting a good sunrise?

    It took me many years to get over smart phone addiction, start by deleting all the apps the keep you on it. Leave in the car when out and about. These days I turn it on Airplane mode more often, when I arrive hone in the evening it goes to airplane mode until I leave in the AM. Resist the urge to Google things, be curious...
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  6. Dean6789

    Dean6789 New Member

    Hey Marius, How's Dripping Springs Texas? Never been there -- Are you feeling good there?
  7. mrc

    mrc Silver

  8. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

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  9. Jacks

    Jacks Gold

    Hi Josh

    Welcome. I live in the Bay Area also (Berkeley), but seriously thinking about moving. However, I did spend a week recently at the northern end of the Napa Valley and felt much better. Great sunshine, less WiFi and EMFs in general. Also just went camping in the Sierra which was excellent too, though we were deep in a valley so hard to get that morning or evening sunlight. I've been having a difficult time upping my Vitamin D currently and I'm trying to figure it out. Too many EMFs where I live and wondering about interference from pollution/geoengineering which may be affecting my absorption.

  10. EWO

    EWO Gold

    Have you hard wired your personal devices and reddened your screens? I'd always hard wired laptops but only added mobile devices more recently. Not sure about the d but those two changes (with sun rises and sets plus good water) brought my fasting glucose down 20 points. If you haven't yet, try it? Also, have you tried deuterium depleted water? Not currently using it, but have tried and would do it regularly if my health gains stalled.
  11. Jacks

    Jacks Gold

    Yes - all our computers are hard wired and I work as far as possible from the WiFi box. We live with my husbands sister and partner (upstairs) and we share internet/phones/cable (Comcast) and they use WiFi extensively (it is all boxed up in one unit). My BIL stays up till 3 or 4 am working or surfing or watching TV and so we can't turn off WiFi at night as everything is combined in our system including phones. When they go out of town we turn it off at night. But that is fairly infrequent these days. We are trying to move the WiFi box upstairs to their space but it would still affect us but hoping it is less.
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  12. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Greetings:) I think you have a melanopsin problem... :) So, basically, retinol (vitamin a) is bound to melanopsin (found not only in your eyes, but also skin and blood arterioles) - so when you get into a lot of blue light (think: phone) or wifi - the very weak covalent bond between melanopsin and retinol is broken leaving free retinol to destroy any molecule that absorbs light... this includes: melatonin, catalase, B12, folic acid, dopamine and of course melanopsin - so, because dopamine is destroyed, you need that dopamine hit you get from your phone... and your skin and eyes will go to shit... your ears feel full (think glue ear) because that is one way the body excretes free retinol... I have only experienced this once when I was on stage doing a chamber concert - my kids are always talking about "glue ear" and they use hydrogen peroxide to break it up - you can buy something called Debrox which is peroxide in a probably safer form... :) So, what organ in your body is closest to your phone? Your lips... your nose... and your eyes... if you want to surf, get a computer - not a laptop - get a BenQ monitor - it supposedly is flicker free - run iris (iristech.com) for the flicker/blue light - run RJ45 cables - no wifi - and get some blue blockers - cover your lips - I would guess zinc oxide might work - when you surf... have the monitor 2 feet away from you - you can use google voice to transfer all texts to the computer I would guess - it would be seemless to other people - I use Discord to text my son who has a cell phone - my father used to tell me "life is a series of choices my friend, choose wisely" - only you can change you... instead of going home after work, go walk the beach - see how it is being around people again...:) Change all your bulbs to incandescent and run a U/V ligtht or open a window whenever you are inside - also, sunrise creates dopamine/serotonin/insulin if you need more motivation to see it and JK says 80% of his healing modalities is tied up in the sunrise - I get up when I hear the birds chirping... then I take a walk and forage for pine needles... it is very motivating actually:) And it gives me something to do outside in the A.M. - and for more inspiration, you increase testosterone by 300% by getting your junk in the sun... you can buy tan through shorts (kiniki - I forget the other one) and shirt for your morning walks - or go to Red Rock Beach next to Stinson - it is a nude beach... you can google all the nude beaches in your area:) When you are in your 30s, you make hormones more in your adrenals than your prostrate - so in order to make testosterone/vitamin d, you must have retinol - so that is another reason why many people who are in the "soup" can't make vitamin d (the last hormone made in the adrenals) - you can do a test - get DHEA and vitamin D - if either is low, you have a melanopsin problem...

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  13. Marius

    Marius New Member

    Felling great here, we first moved near downtown Austin, EMF levels in the city are crazy. I started having heart rate issues due to high EMF levels. Other EHS symptoms started during that two years. My girlfriend started having some heart rate issues too. We discovered Jacks work through a Luke Storey podcast and dove in deep from there. We threw away all sunglasses, watched the sun rise everyday, swam in any cold water we find, ice baths in tub and on and on.
    I came upon a rental on 5 acres in Dripping Springs 30 miles out of Austin, we jumped on it 1st of march 2020. Best thing we ever did.. We got ourselves a freezer converted, thank you Luke Storey, we keep it cold about 35-40 and will go in multiple times a day.. Sunrise is a little late 10-15 because we live a little low but our view is across a creek looking into 350 acres of land with lots of trees and cows..

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