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Hello from Vancouver, BC Canada

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Kana, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. Kana

    Kana New Member

    Hi Black Swans! I’m Kana from Vancouver. Originally born in Japan but immigrated here to Canada in 1968. First moved to a farm in Alberta then moved to Vancouver. I was pretty much diagnosed with many conditions at age of 6. Neprosis kept me in and out of hospitals during my elementary years. Doctors prescribed many type of meds which saved my kidneys but had profound effects after I was weened off. I lost majority of my hearing and developed eczema and seizures as a teenager growing up. I lost my little brother (age 15) whom I’ve had a very close relationship with to an automobile accident (drunk driver). I think that had put an enormous amount of stress on my health since my parents were also going through rough times as well. However, thanks to my parents healthy attitude towards life and eating habits I began to heal quickly and during my 20s to 30s my health was back... for awhile. Until recently 5 years ago I noticed some of inflammation from my childhood allergies was beginning to return. I’m 51 yrs old woman who has been on keto for 10 yrs so I figured I was going through menopausal stages. I knew that going to my doctors was no use cuz I always end up arguing with my doc about my prescriptions. I have always been so curious about everything that I ask. I began my own research on everything about nutrition and health. I found a doctor in Japan, forgot his name, who prescribed his patients to go swim in the ocean. All of his patients did heal without taking any meds or supplements. I had forgotten about that research for awhile I was seeing a naturopath who helped me balance my hormones. I am appreciative towards her but somehow I didn’t feel quite 100%. Recently started to watch YouTubes and listen to podcasts on biohackers on keto and light therapy where I ran into Jack Kruse’s podcast. I recalled I’ve had a small introduction of infrared sauna in the past, connecting with the info from the Japanese doctor and Jack Kruse that light therapy was missing from our health and wellness. I have a red light bulb I use during evenings and use red light therapy twice a day. I found it helps much more than taking supplements. I also live right next to a ocean so I get outside for my walk every mornings, afternoons and evenings. My hormones returned and insomnia fixed. My hearing has also greatly improved which doctors have told me I’ll never get my hearing back as I age. No more tinnitus either. I do believe that our generations’ health has greatly declined because of the radiation from our computers and staying indoors 24 hrs a day. Let’s all spread the word and thank you for reading.
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Kana and welcome. I love your story of perseverance and discovery.

    Please start a journal in the optimal journal section and give Dr. K. some health history and your Mom's and Gran's too.

    We would love to follow your optimal journey to wellness......

    well done for tying things together!

    The three legged stool!!
  3. Kana

    Kana New Member

    Thanks Caroline! I was having a hard time logging in this website. Bit slow to load and didn’t have the time to wait around till this weekend, my apologies.
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  4. DLO

    DLO StarFish

    Kana i'm in jericho ocean every sunrise that isn't raining hard.
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