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Hello from Santa Barbara, CA!

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by April082, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. April082

    April082 New Member

    Been following/learning from Jack Kruse for almost a year now.
    Born and raised Santa Barbara girl....have 3 young boys and a husband. In other words, I live in a frat house.
    Feeling very fortunate to have a healthy happy family....now even more so thanks to adding sunrises, blue blockers, seafood & Malbec . Now I just need to move my family out of crazy California....I’ll miss the perfect weather but that’s about it! Would love to connect with other mitochondriacs.
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Welcome April.....

    There is a few families who have moved to Florida. Follow Liesel and others
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    welcome and you'd be wise to call a realtor.
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  4. April082

    April082 New Member

    Absolutely! My husband is a real estate broker out here so we have been in touch with several realtors in a few different states. CA is just too nutty. Between the 5G, homeless problem, vaccine mandates, and just too much damn government control over everything. No bueno!
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  5. Dane Jacobsen

    Dane Jacobsen Silver

    I'm currently in Ojai but in route to the Big Island where I'll be working on an off-grid tropical nursery near the active Volcano. If you're in need of a good escape vehicle I'll be renting my Class C Gulfstream RV upon departure. It's been very beneficial for moving around and finding new places without having to plant roots too deep. Plus it forces you to embrace the beautiful discomfort of the outdoors.
    Ojai is a bit better than Santa Barbara from the standpoint of population density but there's two gigantic cell towers, one of which is centrally located downtown. Goleta is loaded with technology, and an Airport, Santa Barbara is obviously not so bueno based on a few factors, and even the the Third district of SB county you have Vandenburg AFB, Lompoc, and the Airport bordering the Chumash Casino. I've tried them all but CA is imploding before our very eyes. Enjoy SB and know that there's a solid group of Mitochondriacs - in training - that practice Capoeira at Brasil Arts Cafe. Professor Daniel Chin Yoshimi and Jennifer Yanella Yoshimi - owners of BAC - would love to know that there's other folks that are learning from Dr. Jack. Bring the boys to Capoeira for Kids or jump into class with the adults. Introduce yourself to Chin as a Mitochondriac!
  6. April082

    April082 New Member

    Thank you!!!!!!! I never knew that about BAC! I will have to bring my kids over there for sure. It’s nice to know I’m not the only Mito here in SB.
    You are right...CA is going downhill fast. My kids see a wonderful naturopathic doctor in Ojai. I’ve always loved it there. Seems nowhere is safe anymore. We’ve been exploring the idea of moving to the Midwest, but who knows at this point.
  7. Dane Jacobsen

    Dane Jacobsen Silver

    This might be a good opportunity to get over to BAC. Parents Night Out! Jenn & Daniel will be there https://www.facebook.com/events/2475139306140111/
    Note that they're using UV Blacklight lights "Glow Party" and if you've read through John Ott's "Health and Light" then you can reference the Restaurant in Chicago that was entirely lit using Black Lights.
    Plus when in Ojai I hope you're taking advantage of the all the water still running down the Ventura River. We've been accessing a few semi-private little pools just down from of the Oso Trail Head off of Meyer. Such a good CT / Sun escape that's just a few minutes from downtown.
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  8. April082

    April082 New Member

    Darn! I need to visit this webpage more frequently. Missed that event. But I did comment on a BAC photo this morning of a sunrise:)
  9. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    Hi April and Dane ... great to hear of a few other here in so cal. I’m in Hermosa beach. Do you know of any other mitochondriacs down this way? Interesting to listen to your moving ideas. Let me know if you ever get down this way.

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