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Hello from Finland!

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Aleksi, Jul 11, 2021.

  1. Aleksi

    Aleksi New Member

    Hi all! Long time reader of this forum and blogs here making his first post :) I am a 30 year old male born in Northern Finland and now living a bit more south but still on a high latitude (65.01). My family line has been living around this area for at least 500 years. So harsh, long winters and efficient, sun-lit summers are the name of the game. I have done 23andme genetic test a couple years ago and my ancestry is 100% northern European, and also 100% FInnish. My haplotype is N-L550, so that also is centered on the northern latitude quite much. I have never had problems with cold climate and kind of enjoy the winters, except the non-existent sunlight during that time. What I understand from all the reading here, is that the latitude is not the perfect one comparatively, but not as bad for me personally because my biology has been formed through the hunders and thousands of year in this kind of climate.

    I put my health information in my signature as adviced on the forum. Something more to elaborate: I am an active, healthy male with a fond interest in human health for about 10 years. I am quite of a student and always try to learn more. I stumbled on Dr Jack Kruse in 2017 through Ben Greenfield's podcast and immediately listened to more of his stuff. What appealed to me is the logic in his thinking. I have been a "evolution based" thinker for a long time and before even finding Dr Jack's stuff, I had a lot of "controversial" thoughts about many of the conveniencies of modern life, for example sunscreens, medications, vaccines, food, lifestyle etc. My brain always reverts back to nature-based thinking, trying to look at things through the lense of evolution and nature. When I heard Jack say in one of his podcast appearences, and also his Epi-Paleo RX book (which I've read twice so far), that a lot of what he teaches "makes sense in your primal, instinctual thinking", I knew there is wisdom to this. So in a way, what I have learned through him, reinforced and showed the science for a lot of stuff that I had an opinion already but didn't have any science backed information.

    I never was a sickly child and always have had quite a robust immune system. No allergies or anything. I had a good upbringing and one of the biggest gifts that I have had is my family's holiday home (more like a ranch) in the middle of nowhere, by big lakes, old forests and lots of hunting and gathering opportunities. The biggest parts of my free time has been spent here exploring the outdoors and nowadays with the wisdom I now have, the place has risen to even higher value. I am a very passionate hunter, fisherman, gatherer and outdoorsman. I am also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and even though it is an inside sport, the camaraderie and social aspects of it outweigh the indoor problems, at least I think so. I also have been lifting a lot of weights through the years but lately have been investing this time more to MovNat as it makes that "primal sense" to me and also Jack supports it a lot. The training is also fun and supports my other endeavors.

    I have read a lot of the posts here about other people's health challenges and I have to say that I may be a bit outlier here, shamefully having to say that I don't have and never have had big health challenges or mental challenges. I am a bit stubborn, optimistic and outgoing guy and I like people a lot in general. I am more on a journer to my optimal self, as you all call it here. As I try to think, maybe the biggest health challenge that I have had to work on through the years is a problem with my left SI joint that goes out time to time. It started in 2012 and I have done a lot of rehab and studying to alleviate the problem and it has went better, but still i have work to do with it. Maybe it will be like this always. The club foot birth defect I wrote on my signature has a place in this problem for sure, but I refuse to lie all the blame on that as it doesn't help anything.

    What else? I have done the Leptin RX at the start of this year. Sunlight with as little clothes as possibe whenever I can. My job is not optimal in any way, as it is a basic indoor office job where EMF and indoor air is a big part of unfortunately. I try to take outside movement snacks whenever I can. More sunlight has for sure made a good impact on my general wellbeing, no doubt about that. For cold environment adaptation, the winters and not-too-much clothing make their impact. Also, I take cold showers every day year-round and have been ice swimming for a couple years already, couple times a week. I am lean, around 11-12% body fat and dabbling with IMF and Keto for about 2 years. Nowadays I try to eat seasonally as Jack suggests in his book. I have to focus on more seafood though. Bitcoin is also a thing and I am looking to invest more into it, but got a good start. I meditate daily and I really think meditation is a very important tool for overall happiness and life in general, and especially now in today's world where your attention is being ripped apart almost constantly.

    I will add more stuff here as I remember and as (possibly) you guys request :)

    One question I do have though, is that even though the Post Leptin RX suggests never to skip brekfast, I feel my body and brain works best with 10/14 - 8/16 IMF eating, with the feeds starting 12-14 a clock. Dr Jack says never to skip breakfast but I wonder if that is a big problem after all to a non-leptin resistant person, which I am quite sure I am. I can do with eating breakfast, don't get me wrong, but as I work 10-18, the later eating window suits me more well and I am more alert and active in my experience by eating like this. Any further advice here? I understand the breakfast is important because of the circadian system, but IMF makes that "primal sense" here to me, as I have understood humans quite much evolved by eating whenever they got food and usually that meant gathering/hunting it first at the start of the day and then preparing and eating it, which of course pushes the first bite later on the day.

    I am very happy to start my journey here on this forum. Please tell me what other information you may want to hear and I will do my best to add more :) Till that moment, I wish everyone good health and happiness!
  2. Penny

    Penny New Member

    It's just that digestion is better in the sunlight and melatonin works better on an empty stomach (don't eat within 4 hours of bedtime) - the post leptin RX has most of the protein at night I vaguely recall from his book "The Leptin RX" - if you have energy and can sleep and can think clearly - I think you're good to go really... :) Welcome! One guy on this forum went to Finland and lost 30lbs in one month by doing IR sauna and jumping into the cold lake/ocean whatever it was - they also have those cool islands around there - my son married a Finnish girl and her grandfather went to the island during covid where there was no technology or even electricity - he is very healthy... just try to do the best you can in our wifi soup world and get into nature/outside as much as possible and what else can we all do?
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Alexsi ...and a big welcome!

    Please start a journal in the optimal journal section and give Dr. K. your Mom's and Gran's health history too.

    Congratulations on all the positive stuff you do.

    The leptin reset isn't really about food ....it is about resetting your circadian rhythm.

    Can't wait to hear more about your lifestyle......
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2021
  4. Aleksi

    Aleksi New Member

    Thank you for your replies Penny and Caroline!

    Penny, I have tried skipping dinner before (so last meal is at 16-17 from the usual 20), and even though my nighttime RHR is a tad lower, personally I don't find any big difference in sleep quality. I think it may have to do with my strong digestion/metabolism. I really can quite much get away eating almost anything, even though I don't do that. I gravitate towards meat and fatty foods in general and it is very natural for me to eat fewer and bigger meals.

    I am a big sauna lover and go to regular Finnish sauna at least 4 times a week. We have an electric sauna at my apartment here, but in our holiday home it is the real deal, wood stove sauna. In between sauna sessions I take long dips in the lake nearby. And during winter of course, ice swimming :)

    I also think that even though the idea of jumping off the grid for good sounds romantic and great, the best option at least for now is to try to mitigate all the damage from modern living. If my income stops as I would like to run away from all the computers and phones, that doesn't support my wife and soon-to-born child very well. Trying to do our very best as you said Penny :) I have to admit though that one day living at our holiday home in the middle of nowhere is somewhat on my goal-list but that takes some work before becoming possible...

    You mentioned Penny about your son's girlfriend's grandfather being very healthy living off the grid; my paternal grandfather is 92 at the moment and in good shape considering his age. He has lived a life outdoors taking care of his land and properties, which all lie in the forest. His siblings are all long-living and his mother (= my great grandmother) lived to 100 years and showed no signs of cognitive decline ever. I got good genetics from that side.

    Forgot to mention before that blue blockers are in daily use and got Iris on my computers. One thing I also didn't mention but got on my signature is that unfortunately I had eye laser surgery done in 2017 before I knew any of this stuff. I don't know how f'd up I am because of it (change in sunlight coming into the eye) but living without the glasses has been a very welcome addition regarding my sport and outdoor endeavors and I recuperated very quicly from the operation. But if you guys got any tips regarding this, I am open to hear!

    Caroline, I mentioned before in this post about my genetic makeup from my paternal side but you asked about my mother's side. One thing that comes from my mother's side is the very common Finnish "peoples' disease" of predisposition to obesity and heart and arteries related diseases. My mom is 61 at the moment and actually quite in a good shape (health wise) even though she works like crazy in the health care business. She has never had any big health hurdles, at least what I know of, no medications before but now having to take blood pressure medication, which is not wise of course. Obesity has come to the picture in these later years and I would love to get her on the Leptin Reset when all that damn work stops. The stress plays a big role here. Her mother, my maternal grandmother, was quite healthy until 70 (no medications or anything in her younger years) but has had a steep decline in her later years of lots of medications for different purposes, surgeries, movement problems and now possibly some cognitive problems. But I will possibly try to write furthermore in my Optimal Journal.

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