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Hello from Carmel, Indiana

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Sheryl quigley, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Sheryl quigley

    Sheryl quigley New Member

    I am pretty new to this forum and website. I think I followed Dr. Kruse on FB for about a year but didn't really pay much attention to his posts and just scrolled right by. I got bored recently with the podcasts I was listening to and somehow found one of his. From the moment I started listening I was hooked and have voraciously listened to all of his podcasts- some of them 2-3 times. It is all slowly starting to sink in. Trying to read as much as I can on this website as well but I am in my car a lot (plus trying to minimize time at the computer) so the podcasts have been awesome for me. I love anything that goes against conventional "wisdom" or "medicine". I love the way Dr. Kruse connects so many dots and really gets to the root of why diseases are so rampant and getting worse.
    I am currently a Bronze member but am going to upgrade to Gold membership. Just ordered my 23&me test and had blood work so will start an optimal journal with the new information when I get it.

    Age: 44
    Joined JackKruse.com: July 2017
    Carmel, IN USA
    Dx: Hypothyroid for 10 years
    Surgeries: 3 C-sections, 2 umbilical hernia surgeries and 1 partial tummy tuck
    Current Rx: Cut out most supplements- am on compounded t3/t4, still take some iron and vit c, tryptophan, herbs for digestion and some homeopathic remedies
    Current Therapies/Protocols: Keto since Feb 2016- lost 25 pounds in Feb 2016 and have kept it off. Changed all my LED lights to incandescent, Blu blocking glasses during day and orange ones at night, in AM sun for as long as I can every morning- now favorite part of day. Use Dminder app to get Vit D during the day. Have WIFI off at night while sleeping- would take it out completely but husband won't allow it (right now). Eating as much seafood as possible. Use the kiniki bathing suits. Have Iris software on computer and blu light blocking screen on phone.
    Health Wins- pretty much at ideal weight-have been able to cut out all melatonin at night , haven't used sunglasses at all for weeks- have gone from not being able to go to mailbox with out them to not needing them at all. Drive with windows open, work out with lights off and windows open. Getting outside so much more. Drinking tons of water and feel so much better- not needing afternoon naps!
    Health Goals- To get off thyroid meds. CT therapy- hate the cold but am trying to change mindset to embrace- dunking my head in cold water- so far that is fine. Always have fasting blood glucose levels on the high end of normal -like 90-102 . My n=1 with turning WIFI off at night has brought it down 10 points in AM. Also will try to cut out BP coffee- can't do it just yet. Magnetico sleeping pad
    My Optimal Journal: No link yet; not started
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2017
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Welcome. I'm sitting on my balcony and thinking about humanity and the things I just saw in Cuba over the last week. We are really off track in the modern world. We are not hearty any longer. What separates the best of humanity from the rest is how they manage the gift of their time. If you settle for moderation, you're settling for a mediocre life. Too many people live the same year 80 times over, and call it a life. You can never let depolorable circumstances drive you to quit. Your attitude can over come any circumstance if your beliefs just get out of the way. If you accept mediocre, you have no room to complain when the consequences of the decision become apparent. Those 'who espouse' for things in moderation are often the beneficiaries of this action in some major way. If you are the consumer, patient, or a spouse, and accept something less than ideal, you're making a trade whether you know it or not. Mother Nature never accepts moderation in her response to life's challenges, so why should you?
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    welcome Cheryl ....great job!
  4. Sheryl quigley

    Sheryl quigley New Member

    Wow- thanks so much for your response Dr. Kruse. I appreciate your thoughts. Looking forward to becoming more involved with this community.

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