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Hello, any practitioner that is following Dr. Kruse method in England?

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Arborescence, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am a 24 years old french man actually living in London England (so sorry for my bad english, I'm still in the process of learning).

    4 years ago I had a very bad Lyme disease and almost died, so I took 1 year of antibiotics (that's what a lot of us guys with Lyme do) but it didn't work at all (to say the least) and my state became only worse and worse. The symptoms where spasmophily and constant tetany, Raynaud's syndrome, huge fatigue, hypertension/hypotension/tachycardia/bradychardia/palpitations. A real nightmare. In fact it took 1 year for the doctors to figure out that I had Lyme disease (they thought it was all psychosomatic, doctors where I used to live in France are really bad) but the antibiotics only made me worse, giving me varicose veins and very dark circles under the eyes and stiffness in the joints, constipation and digestion issues.
    After stopping the antibiotics, I tried a lot of different approaches like supplements (and I even took a lot of DHA) and diet but it did not really help. I also became intolerant to fats (gave me cramps and spasms to the liver whenever I ate it so I have been very low fat since almost 2 years).
    Then, I changed my diet to a raw vegan diet and did some fasting, took some herbal formulas...
    My health really improved over this 1 year 1/2 of being raw vegan and I don't have the spasmophily/tetany nor the hearth issues anymore.
    But I still have some problems that I would like to cure like intolerance to fat (spasms in the liver when I eat them and a lot of mucus/phlegm from eating them, even in my stools), chronic constipation, stiffness in the joints and deformities (winged scapula, twisted elbows), varicose veins and very dark/purple circle under the eyes (with visible purple veins, maybe spider veins), hard lymph nodes (since 4 years) and my sleep patterns are out of sync even if I try all my best to sleep at better hours.
    The chiropractor told me that my twisted elbows are due to calcifications so I guess that my hard lymph nodes are caused by calcium deposits too?
    Some people say that lyme bacterias can create a biofilm to protect themselves and even a calcium shell around them by the way so I don't know.

    Before finding biohackers groups 2 days ago, I was a lot into detoxification and regeneration concepts from natural hygienists such as Herbert Shelton, Max Gerson, Norman Walker, Arnold Ehret, Karl West, Bernard Jensen, Hulda Clarke, Edgar Cayce... Lately, I tried to learn more about detoxification pathways in the liver, I started to take some liposmal glutathione and tried to activate a bit the bile too by taking soya lecithin (and had some improvements doing all this). I tried to act a bit on my testosterone and Nitric Oxide too by eating lot of spinach and celeri that contains natural steroids, peanuts... http://anabolicmen.com/foods-that-increase-nitric-oxide/ http://anabolicmen.com/50-foods-that-boost-testosterone-levels/
    Basically I see the body as a perfect creation and its healing power seems endless so I have good hopes to cure all my issues, I think that epigenetics can improve our genes (like Bruce Lipton says) and turn them ever better than when we where kids?

    I discovered Dr. Kruse yesterday and was really impressed and thrilled by all the knowledge that he shares, and his holistic/integral/synthetic approach to health and biohacking (he his the first guy I see doing that, mixing physics, biology, chemistry, nutrition, etc, into such a complete paradigm)!
    Unfortunately I still have a bad brain power and it is difficult for me to understand where to start considering my issues and to really understand his work deeply and apply it to cure my problems specifically.
    That is why as the title of this post tells, I am looking for a practitioner that would follow Dr. Kruse method here in England? I really want to involve myself 100% into my healing, I know now how much health is valuable, it is the foundation of all our life and with the best health possible as a basis we can live our life to our full potential.
    What I understand from his videos and articles is that we need to take DHA (especially if we live in big cities and environment full of EMF), go on a ketosis diet, drink plenty of water (spring of reverse osmosis), filter the blue light (from our computer screen, etc), cold therapy, intermittent fasting, iodine, chrononutrition, and maybe specific exercise for specific conditions.

    So I have some questions because I am doing quite a bit of research since many years and I've seen a lot of people saying the Ketogenic diet is really bad, like Atkins destroy the kidneys and health, some people say that high protein will saturate the lymphatic system in a specific way leading to blood poisoning and hearth diseases (Atkins died from a hearth attack if I am right), and that high fat diet (like high protein) is acidic and will lead to osteoporosis, demineralization. About mother's milk, seems that the composition is 5% proteins, 55% fat and 45% carbs so why would we need to go on a ketogenic diet?
    I've read too that there are a lot of exogenous hormones in meat and that it will disturb our own hormones (our glands will stop to produce their own hormones).
    Finally, they say that meat is full of parasites and that we don't have the short gut of a carnivore to eliminate it well, it makes a lot of uric acid in the body, and if you cook it, it will be full of AGE.
    By the way, I don't really believe in Pasteur theories but more in Bechamp that says that once the body is clean there is no infections possible in it. And I have experienced it, I did not have even a cold during 1 year of being raw vegan really low fat (which is pretty rare, I used to be sick all the time), and as soon as I tried to be higher in fat I started to have lot of mucus and cold and flu like symptoms!
    I have been trying since yesterday to go on a ketogenic raw vegan diet, eating a lot of hemp seeds, avocados, coconut oil (MCT) and olives with a vegan DHA/EPA supplement. But I am so full of mucus into the sinuses since doing it, I don't understand why, seems related to the lymphatic system.
    I've seen a video where doc Kruse says that supplements (Krill oil I believe) are not usefull but I don't remember exactly why, maybe because they don't cross the cell membrane? Would a liposomal DHA supplement correct that and make it work like in whole foods? I know veganism may not be that smart but I am quite attached to veganism (or at least vegetarism) and wondering if I can be at the top of my health if I do what I need to.
    I've read from some paleo guys that veganism and vegetarism can lead to some defficiencies like vitamin A, K2, Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Choline, B12 and some amino acids like carnitine and taurine? I've read too that the recommended daily intakes are in fact bullshit and that a lot of supplements are actually bad and toxic, it would be interesting to do the tests on a really healthy individual following Dr. Kruse advices since a long time to know the real recommended daily intake of nutrients. Some people even say that the liver convert and create all the nutrients that the body needs http://www.infinite-energy.com/iemagazine/issue34/bookreview_biotrans.html and that we in fact know very little about the body and that trying to control things to much will only make us mess with it.
    I will maybe consider to eat some oysters because it seems that they don't have a CNS (so don't really suffer when killed) but I need advices and answers to my questions before considering all that (and I was allergic to most seafood when I was a kid and always was repulsed by the taste). I've read really bast stuff about pollution of sea water and of this seafood with heavy metal, and now Fukushima seems to make things really worse! Please read this article: http://www.tuberose.com/Japan'sFukushimaCatastrophe.html
    Maybe I could consider to eat breeded organic oysters from farms, but I think doc Kruse is saying that the food need a special environment to be really nutritious?
    What does Dr. Kruse think about milk and dairies? Are they really bad with casein acting as morphin?
    I have skimed through an article today and seems that Dr. Kruse talks about curcuma as a possible toxic? I have taken a lot of it lately with ginger for my liver and seems to really help it. I've read too that it helps the detoxification enzymes (phase II)?

    About the iodine, I've read on a forum called CureZone that a lot of people are a lot into iodine supplementation and they say that eating iodine from food source is not enough because we are basically in a halide cloud that are competing with iodine to be on the iodine and iodide receptors into the cells? They recommend high doses of lugols and things like that. They say that iodine in seaweed is not really well absorbed because there is a lot of bromide and chlorine in seaweeds too.
    By the ways, there is a lot of polemic on organic and inorganic minerals and the antagonistic absorption of minerals, what does Dr. Kruse thinks about that?
    What does Dr. Kruse think about salt, especially on high potassium diet?

    So about the EMF, I've been doing some research and wanted to know what the doctor thinks about these different things if he has heard about it?
    Earthing, Orgonite, Litotherapy, Rife machine, Zapper, Alex Chiu's magnets, air ionizer (most of them seems to produce ozone though) and purifier?
    What about Feng Shui and the earth electromagnetic grid, Farraday cages?
    I've heard Dr. Kruse talk about Schumann resonance but a lot of people say that it is a quack? http://skeptoid.com/episodes/4352

    Thank you very much for reading this long post guys, hope to have a lot of great discussions with you all!
  2. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Bienvenue Arborescene. Sorry noone answered you yet. The answers to all your questions is already here. I can't type this much as for now i only have ansmartphone but the best way to find answers to general questions is this.
    Google "jack kruse fukushima" or "jack kruse forum fukushima" exactly as xi typed it. Hope this helps yountonyet started quickly and allow you to personalise your questions more. You could also start a journal.
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  3. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver


    You may be able to help him with the Lyme questions.
  4. Thanks guys!
    @Lahelada I will check that soon :)
  5. kovita

    kovita Gold

    welcome! As someone who has chronic lyme i understand your struggle. It is a real shit of disease when the body loses the ability to control it. So far I have not experienced so bad symptoms like you, but I must say I took just one months course of doxycicline and decided antibiotics are not my way of fight. It may actually saved me from many problems. Bumps on the bones and around joints (calcifications, osteoarthritis etc) are pretty common, I have 3 myself, luckily not restraining any movement and this year finally no new one appeared. I could give you contact on. y doc here in Austria, Wien. She works on skype and uses mainly german labs. She is fully JK compliant, but you may not need her after all. I am not sure what is my situation regarding lyme, but mu hormones and autoimmunity (TH1 shift) improved notably since I changed my lofe according to JK. I am affraid London might be completely wrong place for healing, but you should start anyway and be very patient and check what is going on, profound hormonal investigation and some BIHR might be necessary. It took me past one year of fully epipaleo lifestyle (including CT, nature, EMF mitigation, blue light mitigation, visualization and other mental techniques etc etc) to reach a point, where things started to turn to better. My methylation issues seem unblocked now too. Your lifestyle choices and DHA seem to be the most important parts of your treatment. I am now myself in a situation where I am practically symptom free unless there is an insult on my redox (my symptoms are now reactive and no constant, I get pains when and after fighting some virus etc). I never hoped for something so great without any "serious medicine". The important part was a change in my lyme disease understanding. Basically a shift from seeing a disease to seeing a powerfull and potent machine (my body) which can make me feel great as soon as I give it a "chance and conditions".
    I recommend you to do autologous haemotherapy (did not do myslef so far, because of considerable improvement, but it helped to all my docs lyme patients, including lost cases with multiple autoimmune and neurological diagnosis). You need just someone ta collect ypur blood regulary and otherwise it is almost for free. It is a unique way how to stimulate your immune system by your unique mix of unwanted visitors and it works wonders for lyme. Ideally combine it with 2-3 days fasting regime (only water and charcoal) repeated every 6 weeks long term (at least 6 months). This will help to renew ylur immune system from "scratch" (stem cells). For the haemotherapy, you need to collect 0,5-5ml of your blood, freeze it for 5-10 min, and inject it as intramuscular injection. Start with 0,5 ml and slowly work to 5 ml, repeat every 2-3 days. Some rather unpleasant reactions happen often, so cholestyramine or charcoal/chlorella and decent methylation is important. You could do initially cycle of 10 treatments followed by 2 weeks or artemisia, than a break if you need it and repeat. If you have access to intravenous oxygen therapy, this makes a good pair alternating. Parasympathicus stimulator is of great use too, this may be specially considered in your case since you have a lot of digestive issues (sorry to say that, but i do not believe raw vegan will make you healthy again. Raw is great, but you should rather target raw epipaleo). It would be worth it to do at least HRV study and include techniques to improve it in your life. You may need quite high doses of magnesium, this is very common in chronic lyme and sometimes just lack of magnesium can cause a whole range of unpleasant symptoms.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    In the UK I know of no one........
  7. Josh

    Josh Gold

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  8. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Worked with him in 2005.
  9. Linz

    Linz Gold

    You could start with the British Society for Ecological Medicine, and the Breakspear Hospital will give you a lot more help than the NHS but you will learn far more here to help yourself.
  10. Thanks everyone!
    Finally I will come back to France in 1 week, do you know someone in Paris? @Jack Kruse
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Paleodocteur is a member here.
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  12. Wow, that is so great! Thanks!!

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