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HeavyMetal Detox improved eyes

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by jnash, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. jnash

    jnash Silver

    Below is a report on the improvement of my eyes, tested 7 months after The Niacin Heavy Metal Detox Protocol (in a ClearLight Sauna). I first observed the improvement a few weeks after the end of the 30-day protocol mid-2017, and just today had my eyes retested.

    Jan 2018 Eye Exam Results compared with last year.

    Retinal Pigment is denser - Which is the pigmented cell layer just outside the neurosensory retina that nourishes retinal visual cells and is firmly attached to the underlying choroid and overlying retinal visual cells.

    Foveal Reflex is now brighter - The fovea acts like a concave mirror which gathers the light from the ophthalmoscope and focuses it slightly in front
    of the retina as a point of light.

    Visual Acuity and Myopia has improved – This is sharpness of vision, measured by the ability to discern letters or numbers at a given distance according to a fixed standard. My farsightedness has returned to 20/20.

    I am 58 next week and the optometrist said I now have the eyes of a 30-year old. When I first noticed the improvement not long after the detox was over, I searched for literature of heavy metal toxicity affecting eyesight and it exists, so I consider this a Win! (this was written Jan 2018, a ~year ago)
  2. PalmBeach1

    PalmBeach1 Gold

    Congrats So glad to read this as i just went to RETINAspecialist yesterday to make sure i wasnt having a retinal tear. This is fantastic info! Thank you for posting it!
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  3. Jackie Nelson

    Jackie Nelson New Member

    I'm interested in what you wrote. Where can I learn more about this "Niacin Heavy Metal Detox Protocol " Never heard of it.
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  4. Jackie Nelson

    Jackie Nelson New Member

    Ok, found these. Do you agree ... or did you do something different? Last one is Mercola and he sure
    seems keen on it. Interesting. Am going to try it and report back.

    Last edited: Jul 2, 2019
  5. When you were in the sauna did you use the red spectrum of lights that are provided in the unit?....and if so, was it the heavy metal detox or was it something else that regenerated your eyes? ie the near and far infrared spectrum?
  6. Jackie Nelson

    Jackie Nelson New Member

    Can you give some details of how you did your detox? For example, what brand and dose of niacin you used and how fast
    you increased the dose? Did you get up to 5,000 units? Did you use no flush niacin or regular niacin? I suspect the flushing is important
    but not sure. Any more details of your experience would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Looks like the Hubbard Protocol (Sauna/Niacin combo) is hitting mainstream. That's a good thing.

    The original protocol developed by Hubbard was a comprehensive program under expert supervision (detox is not a hobby or to be taken lightly-- you can get seriously ill if it is done improperly).

    Hubbard included in his program, besides, niacin: a large intake of oils (takes place of toxins released in fat cells), a multi-vitamin cocktail, mineral supplementation (to avoid demineralization), and lots of water.

    You will want to de-risk your proposed detox program to help avoid unhappy outcomes.
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