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Healing your hormones begins and ends with light/dopamine. WHY?

Discussion in 'Heal Your Hormones' started by Jack Kruse, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Light creates dopamine and dopamine is the guardian of your pituitary gland and what it can or cannot release to your body. As light energy changes via your eye dopamine levels alter in your eye. This changes the world you recieve and understand. As energy slows down for any reason, it changes its form and becomes matter, the substances we think we know best in our world. The problem is we are fooled by what we think we now know, because we have no idea what we are missing. Science is ever changing, and incomplete, but it always maintains its own resistance to new and better ideas.
    Today, metaphors reign large in biochemistry, where quantum mysteries reside. Those mysteries are where all of our truth lies. Dopamine is what creates this false reality.

    Today’s biologic science has nothing to do with subjective "truth" which can only be verified via the subjective sensory system. Your RPE and retina is one of you most important sensory structures for waves of light. Biophysics says otherwise. Many quantum mechanisms are behind how fundamental processes in biochemistry works. Proton tunneling in enzyme catalysis being one small example. It appears how we are built is to read and react the current conditions our mitochondria face. Modern science epistemology is entirely cognitive and conceptual these days. Math has replace experiments. Observations are now worthless in this new evidence based world of biology. That is a mistake. Science is about explaining phenomena rationally. There is no truth in science, only "possible" or "not possible" outcomes, but it always evolves the more we learn about things we could not fathom yesterday are in fact, true. That is what dopamine fundamentally does to the human eyes and frontal lobes. You have to come to the smallest scale of science to understand why all these chronic disease are exploding. Until people do.........they will be holding one oar and going in circles. Today's blog opens that door to let some light shine upon your RPE to allow you to see around the shadows created by your previous beliefs................https://www.jackkruse.com/time-6-time-and-dopamine/
  2. dantothep

    dantothep Follow life's little clues...

    I am half way through Life on the Edge and some of this is starting to make sense - at least I am able to decipher 65% of your writings. Aiming for 110% - where I can just pick up info through entanglement.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Light builds hormones by building dopamine using aromatic amino acids that absorb UV light. It does this to cortisol too. That light is used to power up electrons and this electrons have to get assigned a spin in mitochondria. So light acts as the currency in the compound pharmacy in our pituitary every day to make things we need from light. If you understand factorial math, that means within our octave of the visible spectrum that retinal cells that control bio chemicals can handle 8,683,317,618,811,886,495,518,194,401,280,000,000 different frequencies. This is a staggering level of power and control. So when you open up any biochemistry book and realize that biochemistry only uses 100,000 substrate in reactions you realize light can control it. When you factor in that the photoelectric effect acts instantaneously, with no time delay, then you begin to see how 100,000 biochemical reactions can occur per second using light frequencies from the visible spectrum easily.

    People tell us all the time to block the sun with sunscreens and glass. Nonsense. We have built in natural sunscreens for UV light. Vitamin C is one way in how we modulate light assimilation and transport at surfaces.....This is why equatorial fruits have vitamin c in them. It is also why taking too much vitamin C is bad.........it block the sun even more. What else can happens to SHBG because of an altered copper metabolism linked to Vitamin C? When there is a mismatch in the Vitamin C signaling in collagen and it is not optimized you can see your SHBG in the plasma rise and many problems then begin in your sex steroid hormone cascades crash and burn..........WHY LACK of sunlight. Dopamine is the guardian of the gland. ...........This is why SHBG is so misunderstood by your steroid guru's and anti- aging docs. When it rises your body has no light contained in its system and % heteroplasmy is rising.............What to do? MOVE to the sun because modern life is lowering it yield every day around you.

    A rising SHBG is a beacon of a light problem for the person with the condition of poor light assimilation.............It affects ceruloplasmin and the carotenoids cycles in the skin and without dopamine in the eye, you make no hormones and the ones you do make are released incorrectly.
    DNA breakdown on the surface layers of the skin is the another ingenious way to do it using non linear optics.........and then their is the carotenoid system on surfaces as another fail safe for UV light assimilation. This is why vegetarians do OK around the equator and no where else...........veggies have them. You dont need veggies outside the tropics. It worsens UV assimilation. Terry Wahls fail right there folks. This is how a half truth gets you killed or sicker. This redness of the skin is the signal from the sun you need to pay attention too because it means you have reached your dose of UV for the day. If you eat too many veggies or too much fruit outside the tropics it is akin to using chemical sunscreens, so that, you also lose that signal increasing the chance you will burn and fry the system. It just does not make any quantum sense from this perspective to use sunscreen when you have these systems in you. . Just more proof of what people are selling may not be worth buying. Nonsense.
  5. And I always wondered why I suddenly got sunburns after being vegan for a while. I didn't need any sunscreen until the age of thirty...
  6. brandie

    brandie CherokeeSol

    This past summer I spent as much time outdoors as I could. I used to burn first then tan well, years ago. But not this year, I never burned, not once. I wanted to get to pink just once, never did. So I never got enough sun?
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Most likely. The melanin and eumelanin in skin is our best topologic insulator but it must be induced by light to get all the effects like Pockets, Faraday, and magnetocaloric effects associated with light and human tissues.
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  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  9. brandie

    brandie CherokeeSol

    I also had old scars turn brown and "sun" damage darken. This had never happened before. I've never even had freckles (what are freckles anyway). I suspect this discoloration is due to years of HRT and the estrogen leaving? my face, lol. Hopefully leaving. Will this reverse in time with better health and what might help it along? I'm doing everything I can to be my best and well, look my best.

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