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Hcg yes or no?

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by jeanie@truelongmont.com, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. At a webinar last night Jack said something regarding who should not take HCG (i used all my tough love yesterday so i won't repeat his colorful insults) .

    Summary is if you have hpa axis issues (eating disorders do) then its a bad idea.

    I had not heard this reason yet and found it useful.
  2. finnite@dccnet.com

    finnite@dccnet.com New Member

    on most hcg forums it's generally suggested that folks with eating disorders deal with tht first before trying hcg. few listen but it's a pretty standard recommendation. hcg definitely will not fix an ED and may worsen it (food restrictions etc)
  3. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    I did multiple rounds of HCG and lost a substantial amount of weight, however I gained it back within weeks of stopping and major hormonal fallout after each round. Perhaps I could have negated some of that with activated charcoal to help clean out whatever scary stuff all that fat released. I have low progesterone...another factor that to my understanding works against one using HCG. And my most recent finding is that my liver is not functioning as well as it should so while my estrogen is showing up very low in blood work, it is not low, my liver is processing it and storing in fat cells. I just smile and nod as I hear all these things.

    Doing the leptin RX combined with CT gave me much better full body results than HCG. The improvement in skin, mood, hair, sleep, body shape etc, made up for the slower number decline on the scale. I actually looked better, felt better, and ate bacon!
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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I so agree - after HHCG - I had a very hard time maintaining but since doing the leptin RX and CT I am down 2 sizes. That might not sound like a big deal - but I am not very big - 60K - so 2 sizes is huge. I didn't realize it was happening even tho my clothes were falling off me. I was also pretty bummed that I went up 2K on the leptin RX and didn't realize my body comp was changing. Sounds dopey not to realize - but when you have been dieting most of your life - things like that don't happen - not to me anyway! Dr. K. says women focus too much on the scale - I am shocked at how right he is! who knew.....
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  5. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    I have always obsessed about body comp and never weight. Luckily b/c I always knew what made sense best. I figured my clothes would tell me one way or anther...So even since a teen I knew it was in the body comp not the 'size' per se. Also I would compare and observe people who are quite 'large' but I just looked at them and they had a better body comp (particularly very nice legs). I knew then also that it's the composition not the size.
  6. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    I do not quite agree to that Caroline and Zorica. I can be 5 kg up and my pants still fit. The scale is a much finer tuned instrument to see a tendency. What is not good is obsessing. But what speaks against getting on the scale in the morning to evaluate where you are right now with weight. Is the tendency up or down or stable? What did you eat last day? If you can use that simply to evaluate instead of getting emotionally involved I think the scale is a perfect instrument.
  7. diane

    diane Gold

    Charlotte I'm so envious if you can use it without emotional involvement! :) That's one reason why I'm trying to find other ways right now. But I also think that more than just food can cause weight fluctuations. Perhaps that knowledge keeps you from getting emotionally involved.

    For me, I read a lot about HCG, and I almost did it (even ordered some, but can only get the homeopathic kind here). But reading some of these forums, I saw how obsessed that people can get, and knowing my personality, I also feared that's what I would do. I also saw a lot of people that have to do it multiple times because they gain the weight back - and that's always my problem as well. I also just had a feeling that somehow I would be creating bigger problems for myself down the line. No evidence, but sometimes I have to go on my gut. But I'm happy for the people that it works for!
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    For me - weighing every day is just something I need to do.....but I realize that so many things effect it. if I didn't drink enough water - If I had a terrible sleep my weight will always be up. All my overweight life [pre JK] I would avoid the scales like the plague if I knew I was gaining ..... and that is the worst case scenario because it gets out of hand so fast. If you have gained 5 lbs - you can just take care of it ...but when you have gained 15-20lbs it is a major deal to get rid of it. Not getting on the scales when I knew I was gaining was way, way more stressful for me ..... and when I just went by how my clothes were fitting I was in big trouble because I could gain 10 -12 lbs and my clothes still fit fine - it just got distributed differently. When I weight everyday it makes me feel like I am in control of this journey for the first time in my life and I am not going to let anything derail me - so I just suck it up and do it ...and sometimes I get a nice surprise! my 2 cents.....
  9. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    yes Diane, I agree. Most important is to know how you react, what you can take and what not. I also gain weight or stall when I stay up over night, as I had to do last August, when I worked three days and three nights straight without sleep. No loss at 500 kcal. Then, doing too much in terms of heavy lifting (not at the fitness studio, but at work), or having stress, not drinking enough, inflammation, something I ate that did not go down well and so on. And I think it is interesting to get on the scale in morning, and remember and then not get upset because you have not lost, but simply assess the situation. Its learning by doing for me.
  10. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    exactly my experience too, Caroline. For me, getting on the scale is staying in control. (maybe we are just control freaks:cool: )
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Charlotte - I really don't think we are control freaks - but after a lifetime of trying to starve my body into submission - all of this that JK is teaching us ...is working - but we need to dig in ... be 100% in. If we want to be successful we can't be afraid of the numbers on the scale - I need to know to keep on track .... just the same as looking at my labs - I need to know what's up and where I am going . JK's flashlight can only show me so much - I need to get in there and do....
    I suppose this overweight thing isn't the same for everyone ..... I used to look in the mirror and feel like a thin person on the inside - but could never understand how/why all this flab had attached itself to me ....I always hear about obese people who lose weight and then they gain it back because they can't relate to the new thin person ....that was never me ...I was a thin person regardless and inspite of what the mirror was telling me .....
  12. diane

    diane Gold

    I like this conversation - so much to think about. Thanks ladies!
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Diane - I think - in the long run - that is what JK has taught us....think for ourselves and question everything...I am not a sheep - never have been and never will be...but I think - at some point - you do have to trust someone/something and go for it. All of this is falling into place for me after years of searching for answers ... that doesn't make me a sheep - it means I have finally found something that makes so much sense and seems so right. I suppose I could better evaluate if I had a medical degree - but then again - I have known Doctors who are pretty lame ....

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