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HCG....Should I?

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by ColdBren, May 12, 2012.

  1. ColdBren

    ColdBren New Member

    I would like to lose 15-20 lbs. I have done one hcg round in the past. I am doing well on the leptin Rx, but the scale is not moving. I really want to have some of this weight off by Aug. for some events I am going to. Should I do hcg again? Will I be messing anything up again that I have worked to fix with the leptin Rx? I am really torn. Advice?
  2. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    Only you can make that decision. I have not lost anything on the leptin reset or CT so I decided to do hcg to lose another 10-15 pounds and give the CT + fat a try for Doc. I firmly believe that hcg helped me get LS quickly. I was already part way there after my rounds. it didn't take much. If you do it, I would continue to eat your breakfast first thing in the morning and then make sure you don't eat more often than every 4-5 hours.

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