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HCG plus CT plus CO plus more calories- WORKING!

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by npc3, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. npc3

    npc3 New Member

    For the past two weeks I have done 200 U HCG, 2+ TBSP CO/day, and half my body for 30 min 65 degree water (trying to get upper body into the cold water but taking it slow). I don't count calories and simply eat something small when hungry like a 80 calorie sausage or tbsp of CO. I do have a large protein breakfast, a tuna wrap for lunch with a wrap made out of veggies, and huge piece of fish for dinner with sometimes a very small salad with Coconut oil as my dressing with balsalmic vinegar. No exercise. The first week I lost 9 lbs and a whole inch off my butt! This week the weight loss has slowed down but I have also eaten out probably 5 times since I started the diet (always try healthy options fish, chicken). One time included a day where I ate a burger with bun, sweet potato fries and had spoonfuls of my husband's brownie sundae. That particular day the next day I actually LOST a whole pound when I was hitting a plateau and weight loss had stalled for a few days.

    I feel differently on this round of HCG compared to any other round I've done in the past. I feel normal, not hungry, no cravings, the brownie sundae was more like "mehh" as opossed to OMG. I have energy, feel great, sleep great, good sex drive, positive mood. The CT makes my skin nice and soft and I don't feel bloated or like I am retaining water all the time. I'm sure if I cut my calories down I'd lose faster but seems to be like 2-3 lbs a week with very little effort. I'll take it!! Before I could never stay on the 500 calorie diet and would give up to temptation, or be so hungry at the end of P2 that I'd go nuts in P3. This time I can really feel my body changing. My appetite is starting to regulate itself- I find my self not finishing meals. Plus I am losing a ton of inches, 1.5" off my butt, 2" off my waist, 2" off my belly. This is easy! I've struggled a very long time with my weight and I feel this combo is actually fixing whatever hormonal/mictochondrial disfunction I have. Thank you Dr. K!
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