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HCG P3/P4 and Leptin Reset RX - challenges, questions, success stories

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by usmile777, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. usmile777

    usmile777 New Member

    If you are currently doing P3/P4 phases of HCG diet and following Leptin Reset RX protocol, please join me here to share your issues, challenges. Let's support each other.

    I am at R4P3D9 and trying to figure out what supplements to take, the amount of CO to consume, see if just 45 min - 1 hour walking a day is going to slow down the reset process.

    I am not ready to try CT, not sure if I need it.

    I didn't do any blood work, but positive that I am LR based on the symptoms described by Dr. Kruse and Mastering Leptin.

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