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Has anybody permanently moved abroad?

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Matt Fowler, Mar 2, 2021.

  1. Hi guys,

    The UV index in the UK is non existent between October and March. Im beginning to think I need to move further south to start optimising my hormones and brain chemicals.

    Has anybody here had to emigrate permanently in order to heal themselves?

    If so, can I ask you for some advice?

    Many thanks
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  2. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    i moved to the yucatan 4 1/4 yrs ago.8 allopathic diseases gone.
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Follow Sue - she is making it work for her.....
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  4. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    Is that Sue UK Caroline?
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

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  6. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    My daughter didn't have to emigrate. :)

    From Feb 2020 on https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/how-and-where-to-move-any-tips-appreciated.24637/


    "As a mother watching DD head into the water, it gave me what I can only describe as a moment of grace. :tears:

    DD's proved to me that if someone is not healthy enough to migrate from the UK, or can't self finance any move, or get affordable healthcare, that (although there will be exceptions) baby steps can lead to bigger ones …. and open up possibilities...

    A year ago DD went to Fuerteventura for 2 weeks. I was worried and would have financed her long term to get her well, but she wouldn't let me. She then hacked the UK summer to be able to migrate and be able to work abroad if she needed to, but she wanted to live and work in the UK. The only "supplement" not specifically part of the teaching was for 7 months drinking silicon rich water, (instead of buying something like glacial).

    Other than the 2 weeks in Fuerteventura, everything else she has done to get to the place she is at now (great job, happy and much healthier) was done in the UK. If she had the same job but local to me, I'm not sure she'd be doing as well. She hadn't accrued enough holiday to take a winter break in the sun which was plan A. But the microclimate of where she is, and tapping into the resource of the ocean, has got her through the winter, despite less than optimal nnemf exposure. She and her partner are paying extra to rent a larger than necessary property that can accommodate visiting friends and relatives and that has an east facing garden to do her yoga, read, ground etc rather than something cheaper with no outside space. She's not spending her money on shit that doesn't matter.

    She bought a convertible on Saturday - her old car was going to the scrap yard but she even got a trade in towards a car that was already well within her budget. If she'd already got the car on Saturday in that lovely weather she could have used it with the top down. More future sunshine opportunities …. :cool:

    And if she's away on holiday, I have a place to stay if I want a few days in a better microclimate, and easy access to the sea. :D"

    PS As holidays in Europe post covid could be difficult as I'm not having the vaccine, I'm moving to 3 miles away from her, a flat which is a 30 second walk to the sea. :D
  7. excellent success story right there! How do you earn a living there? And how long did it take you start noticing improvements?
  8. Hi Sue, thanks for chiming in. I think I have a serious dopamine deficit. By the end of the UK summer, Im feeling half human. But then Winter hits and I feel like my levels are through the floor again. I havent started CT yet because Im scared of sending my anxiety over the edge. I was planning to start this month and couple it with the rising UV index, but I had a set back this week. I think I need a consistently high light intensity to heal - A lifetime of screens has done me in. In the meantime though, Im going to continue to try and biohack the UK climate.
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    are you using red lights?
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  10. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    "... in order to correctly calculate the probability of an event , one must be very careful to define the complete event clearly - in particular, what the initial conditions and the final conditions of the experiment are." Richard Feynman

    What is the probability of you moving abroad this year if that's what you want to do? Consistent high light intensity isn't on the UK table because of our definite seasons. What were the initial conditions of your experiment last year, and what was the result ....? Are the conditions (or the results) likely to change if you do a rinse and repeat this year? Are you are still in the home with the mast at the end of the garden? Add in the crazy covid times in the UK generally and how it is going to affect travel this year, and your own n=1 context, ..........What can you change or add to improve your chances if you have to wait to go abroad? For me this is where things like CT come in ...

    If you follow the CT protocol to the letter, and take it slowly, its a useful tool, especially when you get to a point where you can do full immersion at 14C - dopamine can increase by 250%. But there are potential beneficial effects even at 32 C .... It doesn't need to be extreme, especially to start with.


    Human physiological responses to immersion into water of different temperatures

    Scientific Evidence-Based Effects of Hydrotherapy on Various Systems of the Body

    To a wild animal lowering dopamine is probably part of the trigger to move, migrate etc ... This shit lockdown was tanking my dopamine, what was a shelter is now a prison ... what was working before doesn't work the same now.

    I don't think low dopamine is always a bad thing, its been telling me to change my environment, even in the UK. Realistically travel abroad for the next year is unlikely for me, as I'm not getting caught up in the stress of testing before travel or vaccine passports, and I'm deffo not having the jab. Which is why I'm moving to the UK coast .... dopamine rising in anticipation. :D In the meantime I'm going to the Fuerteventura beach in my mind at regular intervals .... virtual dopamine? :rofl: Helping me ignore (or more accurately stops me waving two fingers at) the vaccine call up letter I've had .... :D

  11. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member

    I plan to ASAP!
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  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I did.
    In Sep. 1971, I immigrated (legally) from Poland to the USA.
    No regrets or doubts ever since then.
    Possibly due to my at least 3 generational histories of not being able to find one place to stay and call home, I have a deep distaste for the nomadic lifestyle.

    Now 41 years at zip code 07054.
    Few years longer in different houses but within 3 - 4 miles from current place. For the total of almost 50 years in this place.
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  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    you are a gray nomad who stays in one place - pretty much! Nothing wrong with that!

    You feel centred and happy and you are close to your family and friends ....you work at making it work!

    You are my hero Jan :D
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  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I guess I immigrated too - also legally!

    We moved from the Toronto area, Ontario, Canada about 16 years ago to south of Sydney, Australia

    Three years ago we moved much farther north [Australia] for a lot more sun and sand and sea.

    We live in a small fishing village on the coast with great surf so we get a lot of surfers here passing thru. There is a great mix of older people and young people here.

    We have made life long friends and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle ...and we drink bottled water from the northern hemisphere.

    We see the sunrise every day, get in lots of exercise and swim in the ocean pretty much every day all year.

    When we want to and need to we get in our camper and follow the sun much farther north.

    We have always been interested in keeping ourselves healthy and staying out of Doctor's surgery as much as possible.

    We often wonder what makes us different. We have always felt responsible to keep ourselves happy and healthy by our own initiative.

    Finding Jack 8 years ago was the icing on the cake ....totally affirming our beliefs in living a healthy lifestyle.

    Now we have the complete picture [more or less]....

    wealth = health

    I just wish I was a lot younger ....but it is what it is.
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  15. No red lights for me. I do have one - a mitogen panel - but I dont use it. Ive heard Jack say you need professional advice on how to use it with your own N=1. So Im leaving it alone right now (which is a shame).

    I think Im severely UV deficient. Vit d through the floor. Just waiting for the UV index to increase over the next couple of weeks so I can get my skin out and not be freezing lol.

    Congrats on your move to Aus! I was thinking about moving there, but quite far north. I guess Aus is the only developed country that close to the equator. Ive heard the water situation isnt great there though, hence the bottled water from abroad.

    Are there any downsides to your new environment?
  16. Hi Sue,

    well, the probability of moving abroad this year is non existent. But going away for the winter is doable - providing the covid restrictions dont get any more crazy!

    Last year I probably spent more time outdoors than ever before - but my sunrises were lacking. I can do better this summer, right now I am patiently waiting for the UV index to jump :D If I can improve on last years summer protocol, then I should see some significant improvements. The trouble I am finding is that I make big leaps in the summer... only to loose them again over the winter - that big fireball in the sky really is our lifeforce!

    And yes, still got the wifi tower at the end of the yard.

    CT is next on my list. I was planning to start at the beginning of this month but I triggered my symptoms last week, so I am worried about the stress factor. I felt pretty good during the snow last month. Our heating broke for two weeks so I was becoming cold adapted, but eventually I started feeling worse - I think it was cold stress.

    So, in theory, I could start at 32 degrees in the bath tub, and then gradually work my way down to full emersion at 14 degrees over a period of time? Ill be honest, lying there with a block of ice on my torso in the early stages doesnt sound like much fun :rofl:

    I think my dopamine is through the floor. And maybe serotonin too.

    this is an interesting study: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fncel.2020.00128/full

    Im acutely sensitive to stress(especially during winter time. the study suggests that low serotonin levels negatively impact the brains genomic response to stress hormones released from the adrenals. And serotonin is made from the combination of aromatic amino acids and sunlight, with the help of vitamin D (and probably other things too). And Im sunlight and vit d deficient!

    A good case for me to get my butt to the equator :thumbsup:

    And good luck with your move to the coast. I lived in cornwall for a wile as a kid and it was beautiful. Id move there again in a heartbeat if I didnt think I needed a greater quantum yield. :)
  17. Where are you thinking of going? Id like to check out chixculub, but my condition wont let me swim unfortunately. Maybe the jungle would be a better option for me.
  18. Glad to hear you've put down roots. Some of my ancestors were nomadic Europeans (up until the 1900's), so I like the idea of being nomadic - however the reality of such a lifestyle is probably a long shot away from any romanticism I might have, you cant park a horse just anywhere anymore :rofl:

    I like the idea of the southern states. The stability of the US is appealing compared to less developed equatorial locations. But with stability comes greater financial expense.
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  19. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member

    Southern Spain, in the country. Sun rise between 6.55AM and 8.30 AM year round.
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  20. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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