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Hacking your vacation..........redox style.

Discussion in 'Redox Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Mitch and Matt Maruca just moved into a new Airbnb in Canggu Bali (pronounced Changu). Here is what they found in their own words:

    "We decided to get out our meters to test the area for harmful radio and microwave frequencies in our sleep spaces.
    Downstairs was all right for being in a fairly population dense area, but when we got upstairs, the readings were pretty terrible.
    I wasn't surprised because we are in an area with lots of people, but it is interesting that my suspicion came true. The upstairs bedrooms were in the direct line of sight of a cell mast, beaming us with radio frequencies that have been shown to cause cancer and all other sorts of mitochondrial diseases by disrupting mitochondrial function.
    People who claim that we should get our tinfoil hats out and that non-ionizing radiation could possibly harm health, and that it's a big conspiracy theory are sadly misinformed, and generally not worth wasting time trying to convince.
    Try asking them if they know about Dr. Andrew Marino, the first scientist to research the health effect of external low-level electromagnetic fields on biology, and what he found. Ask them if they can tell you about why their lab was shut down by the veterans administration for the public controversy as they were entering into, or the studies that he and Dr. Robert O. Becker were engaged in for the Navy, and why they were shut down and declassified when all the scientists found that there were strong negative effects of radio and microwave frequencies.
    Or maybe try asking them about Dr. George Carlo, former head researcher for the cellular telecommunications industry lobby association, hired by chairman Tom Wheeler to study the health effects of cell phones after being sued for causing brain cancer, who was then probably discredited for speaking out and even had his house burned down.
    Most importantly though, don't waste your time on anyone who isn't open-minded to considering a scientific discussion.
    They will get what they allow.
    Focus on yourself and do what you can to protect yourself."
    Meters used for this mitohack:
    Corner ED88T
    Mito Meter
  2. Kim Donner

    Kim Donner Gold

    would an electrical power pole (wood pole with round electrical power source) with a wire coming to our house (if you know) be as bad as a cell tower? I don't have a meter to gage it yet.

    The power pole is smaller than some of them I see elsewhere, but nonetheless its only about 30 feet from my house :(
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    yep in a 5G city
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  4. 1. they should stay out of such populated areas. A better choice would be Seseh or Perenaan (the next door areas). Motorbike hire is cheap and the roads are manageable
    2. Small rooms in gardens are best . THis way lights can be screwed out so exterior environ can be managed
    3. No pools. Pools and their terrible pool lights bleed so much light into your immediate area. The beach is better for you anyway
    4. They should hunt down "Balian Water" as this is the best water to drink
    5. Travel around the island to more remote areas if they want to have a real "quantum holiday"
    6. However of they want to chase international girls that are smoking hot....Canggu is the place to be ; )
    7. Best places for seafood 1. Sakanaya (on Jl Sunset in town) best on the island 2. MaiTai in Canggu.....Tahitian resto
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  5. Kim Donner

    Kim Donner Gold

    Any suggestion on how to protect myself while I am still here in this house? Other than sunrises, seafood (stuff I'm learning from you). I feel like I'm being radiated by all this crap!

    Moving to the panhandle hopefully within the next 6 months.

    Do you suggest/recommend any of the coastal towns to be ok to live as far as being safe(r) from EMF? (Destin, or up to Pensacola?)

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