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Hacking thyroiditis ( not Hashimoto) due to viruses ( nnEMF induced)

Discussion in 'Heal Your Hormones' started by Pebbles, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. Pebbles

    Pebbles Gold

    Hi All!
    please throw in all ideas of fixing thyroiditis ( no Hashimoto, no antibodies shown up )
    2 years ago appeared first time after flying on a plane with wifi (2x6 hours)... even having protecting cloth (clearly made more truble than help).
    Recently had a flight w/o wifi (2,5 hours), but had to wait at airpot in wifi until getting the rented car ( another 2,5 hours), within 2 days I was again in miserable condition.
    Virus eruption ( big herpes patch 6cm diameter and sweat bursts), gall bladder blocked ( clay stool), squeezing pain in the thyroid and uncontrollable HBP.
    TSH is jumping from low 0,5 to high 8, fT4 is ok at end quartile, fT3 is in end quartile or exceeding ( 6,3). Cortisol is chaotic, DHEA-s a bit exceeding upper range, IgE/IgM/IgA all at lower range. Iron is at mid range and Ferritin slightly exceeding range. I am questioning the lab results as well, since all drawn in hospital with nnEMF, so in case of high cortisol immune suppression is normal. I am postmenopause.
    Have CCO defect and EHS due to being floxed. Able to fix the HBP in a few days or weeks ( grounding, sun, etc), but thyroid squeeze is persisting. Thyroid ultrasound shows no deviation from normal, no inflammation, not bigger size, no isthmus deviation. have a benign nodule since 5 years of 0,6mm, not changing, not growing.
    Symptoms are very mixed both hypothyroid and hyperthyroid, mixedema is clear. Can not loose weight.
    Otherwise have a good sleep, good taken care circadian.
    Usual therapy for thyroiditis is beta blocker, cortisone, T3 or NDT, NSAID/aspirin, to release stress from thyroid and adrenals until inflammation decreases. Eventually LDN.
    Thanks for all ideas.
    p.s. - doing ice packs on thyroid. Doc says based on above labs I have nothing, I am healthy, should just do meditation (EHS is not recognised).
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