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Hack my lack of desire for cold tub?

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by jeanie@truelongmont.com, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Day 3 of baths.

    Day one, two ten min baths.

    Day two, two twenty min baths

    Today - do not want.

    After last nights, i was cold feeling through half the night. Am still feeling chilly now. I walked for an hour this am in 50 degree weather.

    I have no instinct on what to do. I have the feeling i used to get before a hard planned exercise. Dread.

    I know i can power through it and do it. But should i give body some recovery time? Just take a step back?
  2. hazyjane

    hazyjane New Member

    Go slow with it! There were times I sensed that my body didn't want to do a cold bath, so I just iced instead or skipped CT that day. When I didn't listen to my body, I always had a hard time warming up. I figured out that if I hadn't slept well, it was not a good time to CT.

    If I was feeling chilled already, I'd do an alternating hot/cold shower ending on cold, but I'd keep the cold parts short (this always warmed me up).

    After a few weeks, there were days I started to crave the cold water!
  3. Sherry

    Sherry Silver

    I've been there with the lack of desire for jumping into the tub. Honestly, I just had to talk myself into it with the promises of all the benefits down the road because it sure isn't instant gratification for me. And if that doesn't work for me I don't do it. I've been trying to do 4-5 baths per week and if I don't have the desire some days I tell myself that the icing at night just has to suffice.

    And, that lack of desire can very well be that the body needs some space. So, take that step back Cavemam and give yourself a hug for doing this in the first place. Think about how many people think we're nuts and have 1001 excuses of why not to do it. At least you're doing it no matter the times when you take a break or how hard it is to think about being in that cold water. We all deserve a hug for being here.
  4. Marsha

    Marsha New Member

    Go back to your face dunks...that relaxed you, right?

    The other night I used the snorkel for awhile and tried to breathe very slowly - was quite nice! Then I decided I had to try the 'mammilian dive reflex' and held my breath for several dunks. Each time I went back in the water seemed warmer- but was still about 50 degrees.

    I just read on the FACTOR X thread that cold water on the face/head makes everything else in the tub feel warmer. Don't know if I can make myself do it, but at least the seed is planted!

    Last night got an ice burn while watching Frozen Planet, but will post about that at a more appropriate place.

    Good luck, Cavemam - I've been feeling cold today, too, so you're not the only one!:)
  5. bonita

    bonita New Member

    i agree with the others, go slow. i'm not really set up to do much with the ice packs, but i'm flush with cold water so i started with what i thought were cold showers (thermometer eventually told me otherwise:eek:). eventually i just sat down during a "cold" shower one day and put the plug in the tub. i started at 80F and originally started lying down--but that's actually much harder. shivered constantly, so i sat up and started lowering the temperature every time. (i also put towels under my butt and feet so they're not directly on the metal and started wearing my bra--it doesn't keep me warmer, it's just feels... i dunno, less vulnerable somehow.) after 2 weeks i found myself sitting in 55 degree water for 15 minutes.

    now i start around 48-49 degrees (so it will still be under 55 when i'm done) and sit for 35-40 minutes and lie back for another 15. if you can only do a couple minutes lying back then just do that. interestingly in the link jack provided,


    the doc there explains his protocol for water therapy (20 years ago) and he's basically suggesting the same thing i've done.

    sometimes i have to push myself a bit to get to the tub, but it's not what i'd call a struggle. and the funny things is, i only have about 10 seconds of discomfort in the whole time i'm in the tub. when i first turn the water on and when it reaches my hoohaw and then when i lie back... the takes a few birthing breathes i must say. i am a chilled when i get out so i just pile on clothes and take the dog for a walk and come back toasty.

  6. Ok everyone, Thanks! I very much appreciate, and I think it's sage advice. I did end up sitting down in the cold tub naked this time, instead of donning the compression. Speaking of whoo-ha, YOOOUUUUCH. So I started shivering right away - and only spent 5 mins. I think I am going to back up to face dunks and icing until I want to try bath again. . .of course I'm shivery and cold right now. I bet once I start to feel warm again, I will be ready for the bath again. Hopeful. I also noticed the girls did NOT appreciate the water. Nip-objection at full blast.
  7. bonita

    bonita New Member

    no kidding. i wonder if that's where the expression "it's getting a bit nippy out" comes from? although interesting, only problematic for me on the right side, left is always fine, though not exactly relaxed.

    just remember, any temperature below your body temperature creates a gradient that will lead to cold adaptation... just depends on how much time you wanna spend getting there. oh, and the girls should always be deferred to.
  8. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    I think you need to walk the line between pushing yourself and listening to your body. It's kind of like any sort of physical training - without some pressure to adapt, you won't, but if you overdo it, you risk going backwards either physically or mentally. Ask yourself what about the cold tub do you dread - is it the temperature, duration, or possibly both? Consider raising the temperature; Dr. K said any temperature differential would have a positive effect so it doesn't have to be right-out-of-the-tap cold. Or cut back the time - if 10 minutes sounds bearable, then do ten minutes. Wait until something inside you tells you to go for a lower temperature or longer duration and then go forward slowly. Maybe there's a boredom factor at work. Are you reading, listening to a podcast, or doing something that might help make the time go by faster? I'm all in favor of doing whatever works for you.

    I find that the hardest point is right before getting in the tub, but once I do it, it's OK. I also give myself permission to get out early if that's what I feel I need that day. I also stay mindful of my motivation for doing this - the long-term improvements I am striving to make. That helps me get over the negative self-talk that tells me to skip it for today. I am also keeping a log of what I'm doing and how I feel. It's good to go back a few days and see how much better I'm feeling and how much easier it is to do.
  9. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    I have a suggestion for you.

    Don't fill the tub all the way up. I filled it all the way up in the beginning with 80 degree water thinking I would just keep stepping down the temp but I quickly started hating CT baths. So, instead, I did the coldest temperature I could and just did 3-4 inches of bath water and only did my butt and legs (at first crossed legged so my thighs didn't get in the water and then I started straightening them out). Once I felt COMPLETELY fine with that and could stay in and be warm for at least 30 minutes, I started pouring in more water and found that I transitioned from 4 inches to full emersion in a matter of 2 days! I was so stoked! The first time I had the water up to my chest and it was freezing cold (not me but the water per my husband), I started giggling uncontrollably. HA! I was thinking, "HOLY AMAZEBALLS! I am totally DOING THIS!!"

    My husband gapes at me in awe. :) Love it! It really should be only 30 seconds of pain and the rest is easy. So if it's not, do not put yourself through the misery.

    My new thing is that I am having a hard time warming up. I find that it takes me 6+ hours to warm up (I'm not in very good shape). So, my new deal is that I only give myself an hour of natural warm-up and then I bring in electronic heat (stove, blanket, hot shower, whatever). Having what turns into an 8 hour CT session with how cold I feel afterwards was also making me want to quit, so now I'm giving myself a bit of a break. I absolutely know I'll get there. Maybe it will just take me 6 months.

    I often picture myself jumping into a frozen pond while at Thanksgiving with the family and watching everyone gasp in shock and amazement. So fun!! That daydream alone keeps me going. HA!

    Oh, also wanted to say, that I have found when you are cold-adapted that stepping the temp down 3-5 degrees is not a big deal in the least. So, I think the first few days I started with 60 degree water. Now, the water fluctuates anywhere from 55 to 60 and I really don't even notice. So don't feel like you need to do 50 right off the bat. Wait until you are cold-adapted. (With our water here I can't seem to get it down to 50 yet - I'm already at 1 milk jug of frozen water. I think I'm going to have to do 3. Thank goodness we have a big tub!)
  10. Dan in Utah

    Dan in Utah New Member

    Here's my approach: I get in the tub, then turn the water on. It's much less bracing. The water just slowly migrates up over me. The only place I sort of "jump on in" is in the mountain stream I frequent on the weekends. That's much harder, but I don't stay in as long. I'm am, however, sort of getting addicted to a certain sensation: running down a mountain trail after a 20 minute soak in "snow run-off" cold water...pure euphoria. I might just start carrying a spear...
  11. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    hysterical! Don't trip and fall on it though. :)
  12. agatha

    agatha New Member

    I don't do my bath if I'm feeling cold and tired - I feel like my body is telling me to slow down. Sometimes I have been cold and gone for a walk and felt warm enough to do my bath when I returned. I'm also not doing a bath tonight because I have a detox headache - I figure let the body clear this bunch of toxins before releasing more.
  13. I've enjoyed recovery from a morning bath much more than from evening bath. Morning - being active and follow-up child out of mind. Night - cold trying not to shiver while I try to relax.
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    What an amazing picture that would be! Clothed or not?
  15. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Cavemam, can you up the temperature? It took me weeks to get the temp down to 55F, and that was after a couple weeks of face-dunking at 50-55F. I look forward to my baths, and only the first one was shocking, at 65F. And I only up the time by 5 minutes, and that is only if I feel the last time was too easy.
  16. SimonM

    SimonM New Member

    Me too. I am a total whimp about being wet AND cold.

    Isn't bitter melon extract supposed to make this easier?
  17. BJK77

    BJK77 Gold

    I'm the same. I have some days where I literally crave the cold bath - still don't enjoy it! - but do crave it and feel like I need it. Other days, like today when it's damp out and I spent 2 hours outside freezing this morning, my body has just had ENOUGH and I figure it needs a break to recover from what it has already endured. My toes are still trying to warm up from earlier and I've now been inside for 6 hours although we've been keeping the heater off so it's only 59 degrees in here!

    I just think it's so important to listen to your body. I've been averaging 5 baths per week and I'm happy with that. The CT protocol suggests 2-5 times depending on your weight and health issues. I don't really have any weight to lose, just focusing on reversing my hypothyroidism and improving hormone levels. I'm hopeful that 5 days a week will get me where I need to be.

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