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Hack my freezing butt

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by Birdy, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Birdy

    Birdy New Member

    I put away the winter comforter, which I had been throwing off pretty easily lately. I replaced it with a thin fleece blanket and thin cotton quilt bedspread. We turn off all heat at night, but I don't know how low it gets until someone gets up in the morning and turns it back on, but it was only at 60 by the early morning, which is relatively high. I was fine for awhile, and then got cold. When it got too uncomfortable to sleep, I got up, put on some pj bottoms and threw on a fleece baby blanket. I just could not keep warm! All night really, every time I woke up, I noticed I was freezing my butt off. Finally, right before I was to get up, I got hot and threw all the covers off. I thought I would be better adapted by now. Is this typical, or is it an indication of me doing something wrong with the CT?
  2. Adria

    Adria New Member

    Birdy, I find the colder I let myself get in the day affects how I tolerate the cold at night. I used to sleep with long sleeve pjs and thick socks along with several blankets. And kept the temps at 70plus. Since CT I've been wearing less clothing in the day then at night I find just a little warmth puts me to sleep. We've been turning off the furnace and it stays around 60 degrees at night. I'm down to my summer pjs and blankets. Progress slowly and be sure to keep yourself warm enough to sleep.. the most important thing is your sleep.

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