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Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by ste colombe, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. ste colombe

    ste colombe New Member

    I thought as the original guinea pig thread was getting long, it might be a good idea for those of us doing HCG / CT/ OIL to put what we actually ate in terms of the added oil component, as this seems to be the big "?" with regards our experiment.

    I've done HCG before and lost 21lbs in 30 days - I also vacillated between 500 cal and 700 cal during this first round. Presently, I dont have much weight to lose.

    Thus far, with the addition of CT and oil, I am losing at a slightly faster rate than the first round (1lb steadily a day compared to .5 - .75 lb a day) - I am more hungry but its controllable, the CT makes my skin tighter and on a DEXA scan, I have lost much more fat than the scales show and added muscle to the tune of .75lb a day...). I do 30 minutes in a 50F bath 5 x a week

    Instead of adding MCT, which I gather is still a big "?" due to its "winter or not" component, I am adding oil in the form of omega 3 fish - (Salmon, sea urchin, mackerel, anchovies....).

    So, theres the back ground, heres what I eat....

    30 min upon upon waking

    250g salmon poached in homemade fish stock - I do not eat the stock (440 cal and 49g protein)

    around 4pm

    4 caps of Thorne krill oil

    100g chicken white poached in homemade chicken stock

    1 cup of that stock eaten with the chicken (110 cal and 23g protein)

    1 cup of greens


    596 Cal

    29g fat

    75g protein ( leptin Rx style 50g breakfast - 25g dinner)

    3g Carb - (Winter wonderland....)

    I will redo a DEXA scan in another 2 weeks and compare again and let you know if its of interest to you.

    I am 43 yrs old, have 4 children and do not take any BIO HRT. I take the usual suspects of supplements in their wholefood form (Mega foods or Innate).

    I hope that helps.......
  2. MaggieC

    MaggieC New Member

    I can't wait to see your update! Please let us know if your losses continue at this pace!
  3. nuttmegs17

    nuttmegs17 New Member

    super interesting - perhaps Chimpchick should post here as well
  4. Honey Crisp

    Honey Crisp New Member

    I started this round using coconut oil. I quit after a cheat and stalled. I started losing again and added animal fats. I like the added animal fat. I feel more satisified with the animal fat over the coconut oi.
  5. mistigi

    mistigi New Member

    @ste colombe

    can you tell us more about your dexa scan ? Is it the same that is being used for bone densitometry or the one that shows detailed body composition ? If the latter do you need your doctor's referral to get it done and how much does it cost if you pay out of pocket for it ?

    My concern with doing X-ray scans so often would be radiation impact on the thyroid. I am not sure if you can request "thyroid guard" to mitigate the impact or consume iodine before the exam, something to think about.
  6. Ane

    Ane New Member

    Hi ste colombe,

    Congrats on your progress! A couple questions....

    What type of hcg are you taking? What dosage?

    What day of P2 are you on?
  7. ste colombe

    ste colombe New Member

    Hi Mistigi

    I did the body comp DEXA scan. I live in Hong Kong, so I dont need a referral and its not too expensive. For me its the only real way of assessing exactly whats going on with regards fat loss, muscle gain (in this case due to CT). I know the concerns over radiation - but I think its a good idea to get it done before, during and after - not sure about protecting your thyroid though. Good luck.
  8. ste colombe

    ste colombe New Member

    Hi Alicia

    Im taking Pregnyl injections and am on day 16 of P2.

    My results are better this round as there is a consistent loss and as I said earlier, I dont really have much to lose so that takes some doing. I think adding the CT has boosted the loss - not necessarily always apparent for people on the scales (we are way too attached to those stupid things) hence the DEXA scan showing the added muscle and fat loss.

    I hope that helps. I intend stopping at the end of the month if not before, but its good to know.

    By the way, I intend seriously cheating this weekend for Easter and I will see how that affects things, but my regular food is very clean as I'm french. I think the CT will protect me - I will keep you posted!

    I intend doing another DEXA when I am finished that way I will know exactly what went on. Good luck to you
  9. Ane

    Ane New Member

    Thank you for the info. I just looked up the DEXA scan, and in the area I live in it is around $100 which seems quite reasonable. Hmmm....
  10. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    I would try skipping a day of your shots if I were you to see if the hunger is better. "Controllable" doesn't mean it's okay. Hunger is always a bad sign that you're losing the wrong kind of fat and those who are hungry or who have weakness are more apt to regain their weight. So I would try to fix that if you can.
  11. ste colombe

    ste colombe New Member

    Thanks coleen - I have always been a bit hungry - even during the first round I only had a few days when I really couldnt eat anything. Most days I get hungry in the mid afternoon....
  12. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    Try skipping your shot and let me know how you feel by late afternoon.
  13. ste colombe

    ste colombe New Member

    Hi coleen

    I have been away, so sorry for getting back to you so late. I have very rarely felt that "never hungry" feeling - I am always a bit hungry in the day, but as I said its totally managable. I always wondered whether I was slightly immune.... Easter has come and gone and I ate like everyone, enjoyed myself and did put on 4lbs, and I'm back on track and all seems to be going well but I would love to have that never want to eat feeling. As I said, I take injections, 1500 pregnyl divided into 10 doses of 150 each. I have lowered the dose to 120 and 130 but it never made a difference.... Thanks so much for your expert thoughts
  14. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    How long have you been on a lowered dose? If you just lower it without doing a skip day, it takes about 3 days for the blood levels to get there.
  15. ste colombe

    ste colombe New Member

    ok I will try the lowered dose for 3 days and let you now. I partly think the problem may lie in the fact that my HCG doses are frozen. It is hard to get it here, so I froze the 150 syringes..... I am trying to order a fresh dose but theres no stock in HK so have to wait . Coleen, thank you
  16. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    Many freeze their syringes with no trouble. It's most likely just the dose and you'll be feeling better soon. To get there faster, you could skip tomorrow's dose.
  17. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    Colleen, can you explain why skipping an injection would be better? I was planning on going straight through 28 days with injections every day. Thank you/.
  18. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    When I've been saying skip a day, it's to get your dose adjusted more quickly. If you just lower the dose, it will take several days for the levels in the blood to fall. The protocol calls for a skip day though if you are going longer than 23 days. It's to avoid immunity issues though you shouldn't have trouble with 28 days. But if you decide to lengthen your round, you might wish you had skipped.

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