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Guess I'm in

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Peertje80, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    @caroline it is amazing how people react differently to your presences when you're smiling and radiating. They open up so easy and start to smile back. I think it is contagious.

    The assortment of red lights I bought arrived yesterday. I especially like the micro led you can set all colours of a not to name brand. You can take it anywhere because it is small and just plug it in. Also bought some waterproof red light led strips and a infra red lamp (which is halogeen). Already the hubby commented the house looks like the Amsterdam Wallen. Which could be a pro or a con, not sure yet.

    Today I was in massive pain. My active HS spots on the left side are totally in remission. I couldn't be more pleased with that. That is such a mad and awesome result. However on the right side some old HS spots, that just lingered doormat for some years now all of the sudden became completely inflamed. I consider this to be a good thing. Finally something is happening with those spots, but man... those fistulas are freaking painful. I feel this summer it could actually happen... this shitty thing is going in to remission. Just worried when autumn comes... I might fall of the wagon with the light thing. But for now I'm sort of painfully grateful.

    My knee is doing well. CT is the bomb. Now I will bombard it with red light too.
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  2. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    Today it was bloody hot out. I had to work at the office, so I didn't notice the temperature was rising, being all cool and chilled by climate control. But when I stepped outside at 16:00 PM to bike back home, it hit me like a fist in the face. I had to take some deep breaths and waited till I got some sweat going before even considering getting on my bike. But I made it home, crashed on sofa, slept deeply for 30 minutes. Hydrate, hydrate and now enjoying the thunder storm that followed the heat.

    My knee is doing awesome. I'm going surfing tomorrow.

    I had to drain fistula on the right side, but recovery is remarkably fast... I drained yesterday, today the wound closed. Mind boggling. Dark magic like stuff.

    My body fat has finally decided to let go. Yes it was time to move on:p My weight was first rather erratic, going up and down like crazy, then stabilized more and now I dropped 2kg in 1 week. Now at 87,6kg (193lbs). That is good. I don't consider my self to be grossly overweight, but it is better for the knees to loose some more. I hope I can get to 80kg.
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  3. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    Really? That much of a difference eh?
    (I guess you can tell I'm Canadian!)
  4. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    I'm with you on the coffee goal. I'm so dependent on my mocha's and coffee.
    I don't drink a lot of them but enough that I know they make me fatigued.
    But for me it seems like stimulants tend to curb boredom, but in the end I get so tired.
    I quit coffee for a few months many years ago, and in my journal I had written that my mood had not really improved BUT my mood was very stable throughout the entire day.
    Caffeine gives me a brief (very brief) relief of boredom.
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Did I ever tell you??? I am Canadian too - eh????
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  6. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    @Cpt.Tired :

    Blue blockers and dimming lights make a big difference for me now. I used to be plugged in 12 hours a day (2 pc screens or/and tv or/and phone/ipad), sometimes more. Also I spend a lot of evenings in fluorescent light. If I don't wear blue blockers at night and bright light is on, my sleep is screwed and usually the day after I'm ravenous for carbs. I thought this cannot have such a instant effect for me, but I tried is several times now and the effect is (like) clock work. For me: Bright light at night=screwed sleep=need carbs/ more meals to sustain me through the day.

    Boredom and coffee. Interesting concept. Back in the day (lol) when I used to smoke, I had the same thing when bored. Nothing to occupy your mind? Waiting for something or someone? Let's have cig. Or 2,3, 4...

    But what does boredom mean to you at that specific moment? What can you do to distract your mind?

    I find it really difficult to cut back coffee. I'm at 2 cups in the morning and 2 cups in the afternoon. Which is already a huge cutback. Somehow people in my environment don't easily accept me drinking less coffee. It is also rather a traditional Dutch thing to drink coffee with everything. So cutting back is more of social inconvenience then anything else at the moment.

    @caroline : Canadian? Then you are a long way from home hihi.

    Today my hubby was out of bed sooooooooo early. It totally whacked my routine hehe. He used to be an early bird, but this was gone after his father died 6 months ago. He was sleeping in all the time. I had to drag him out of bed. But apparently he had a plan for today. He is building me an outdoor kitchen :D. So sweet. And so cooool. Now I can do grounding, absorb some rays while cooking.
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  7. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    We have an in-house guest for 2 weeks. So I had to put up curtains in the guest room. You just don't want to be responsible for screwing someone's sleep up. Putting up curtains is my new found skill:). Next up... my own bedroom. It is time the garbage bags come off.
  8. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    Oh wow!! Where from? I live in Port Coquitlam, a suburb of Vancouver. Lots of creeks around here for CT and the ocean even. I'm spoiled!
    That's why it totally resonated in my head when Jack said "If you live by the ocean and you don't do CT in it, you are an IDIOT! (lol!). I played it for my wife because she has MS.
    I really don't know what I have specifically. I've been diagnosed with all kinds of stuff: OCD, depression, ADHD, candida, heavy metal toxicity. I'm sure its 'all of the above'.

    Ct is addicting though. Especially right now when its warm out!
    I just finished making a CT 'pond' with boulders in a creek coming from a mountain lake (Munro lake in Poco)
    In the sun its just awesome!
    I have to start taking some pictures since I think I can load them up now.
    The last few days I've been seeing at least a bear a day. I got a couple pics but they aren't very good ones.
  9. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    Seems like you have plenty of options for ct Cpt.Tired. But bears? That gives your ct an extra dimension. Only wildlife I encounter here are rabbits (lots of them too) and seals. I don't like to encounter seals, they are still predators. But often one comes looking when kite surfing or ct-ing. They just observe and swim around you a bit, till they saw enough an d leave.

    I'm started to get used to drinking more water. I feel thirst now. Which was a real problem before. I could go whole day without a drink and not notice. But maybe now I drink too much. Since a week or 2 I've got some stress leakage (only when jumping). This is kinda an inconvenience. Not sure what to do about it. Maybe it has to do with knee/back problems, but I can't hardly believe that translates to pelvic floor problems for me with the sports that I do. But of course to be safe, I will start some squat exercises (which is a pain with my knee) and some more relaxation/tension exercise. Also try an limit my water intake right before jumping is required :confused:
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  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    active sports people often have pelvic floor problems apparently...... I have a bunch of books....
    there is a thread somewhere about those down under muscles!
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  11. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    I have the leakage problem too..ever since starting stimulant medication. Now if I have to take a leak I have to go like NOW or I'll piss my pants! I'm thinking that it's an indication that the parasympathetic nervous system is suppressed somewhat but that's just a guess..
  12. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    Thanks caroline I will look the thread up. I have a question though. I once read that lot of protein causes stress incontinence. I can't find the reference any more though. Should I start to cut back? I'm between 75 and 100 grams a day. Doesn't seem too much for my weight, I thought.

    @Cpt.Tired that sounds rather inconvenient. Are you not curious if its stops when you stop the medication?

    I have to hit the break and slow my self down before all hell breaks loose. At least this is what I would expect. I'm sort of doing 3 full time jobs right now (I wish I got paid 3 times too, but that is never gonna happen). So much things I have to take care of now. Strange thing is I'm totally calm and equilibrate. My mind is razor sharp. If a problem arises it will automatically triage. And park all non emergency things for later. Also my photographic memory is starting to return a bit. I had quite literally picture memory. And this is really helpful right now. Makes stuff much easier. It all feels like a super long flow.

    I'm concerned about the leakage. I never had that problem. Hope I can solve it with the exercises. I'm too young for tena lady hihi. I'm sure it works out though.

    Really want to read Ubi17 but just can't get around to it. I will make some me time coming Sunday!
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  13. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    We had a little party yesterday : I drank some alcohol, saw too much light during night (hubby also left night light on in bedroom**sigh**, I was fast a sleep already) and went to bed waaaay past my bedtime. Woke up this morning feeling like I was run over by a train. Though I feel I slept well, I know I didn't. My arms and hands were sleeping and feeling numb. This indicates to me that I hardly moved during sleep. Which isn't good at all. It took over half an hour to get feeling back in my hands. It was a flashback to old times for me. I don't know how I survived back then when I used to have this every morning after cramping out during night time. Anyway it is clear cut... I have to pay a price for partying :(.

    Well ... it wasn't all bad. It was very 'gezellig'. I needed to relaxed and have a little fun with all the stress going on right now. And also I had no trouble with snacking or eating after 19:00 PM. Even with some alcohol in it was a breeze. I think this is a good sign. Even after 12PM... hmm no cravings (yes!).

    To recuperate I spend this morning bare feet in the garden, drinking ice cold water till bursting and staring at the sun... somewhere behind a thick cloud cover. And now I feel quite refreshed and energetic actually.

    Now pondering why my arms and hands seem to get sleeping and numb when sleeping like crap.
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  14. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Suffered fro
    I suffered from numb hands too. they sort of went away recently when the weather changed to cold (better conduction)and also I have been away from work, in other words I am mitigating nn EMF more . Jack said this in Vinje's journal .
  15. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    Hmm maybe, but I don't think so. I think I'm doing pretty well and my dc current ability seems to be increasing. Can't imagine it is shut just by 1 night of too much exposure? Could it?

    I think the problem for me is movement during sleep. I'm a back sleeper with my arms and hands above my head. This if fine to fall a sleep, but you can't sleep with your arms above heart the whole night or your arms will "fall off" by morning.
  16. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    I was not so much thinking of yesterday but that it seems to be a problem known to you from before. Maybe just take it as a need to take more electrons to the electron bank while you are in summer ?
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  17. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    I like this savings bank thing :) ... to save some more I will go swim in the sea later today.
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  18. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Good on ya . Catch a Northern hemisphere electron for me , will ya .;)
  19. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    You have to have fun sometimes. That's what life is all about.
    When I used to party a lot, I used to think that I felt like crap the next day because of the alcohol. But when I quit drinking and continued to stay out late because I was playing in a band I still felt like crap the next day! The screwed up sleep was effecting me much more than I thought.
  20. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    Lol I actually did think of you when splashing around in the water yesterday evening. Because it was clouded and chilly the beach was empty. I was alone, just laying in the water, ass on the ground. Small waves flushing over me. Then I saw a red balloon passing by on the beach, the wind had taken hold of it. I had to think of you but didn't know why.

    I guess it is the lack of sleep that makes you feel like poo. Long ago I noticed the same thing. We went to a party but I was the driver so I couldn't drink. I drank cola that night, but I had the distinct feeling I was getting drunk anyway hehehe. And of course felt hang over the next morning.
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