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Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Per Arne Isaksson, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. Jack, I am not an expert yet so I need to ask a simple thing.
    As I understand it, to get sunshine and ground yourself at the same time, it gives extra benefits. I guess its because photons (+) from sunshine, and electrons (-) from ground.
    But then if we get nnEMF instead of sunshine, and ground ourself at the same time, would we then not get even more into our body of the nnEMF? But grounding should be good in both situations so that confuse a little.
    Please explain this in a simple way for a new beginner. :)
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The science of grounding made as simple I can can do it: the sun is a cathode ray who’s light hit earth which acts as the anode. Since it is the "third anode" from the sun this sets up its harmonic that determines basic morphogenetic process via photoacoustic cymatics.

    When a cathode ray hits an anode free electrons are liberated from the anode. This is why humans have sweat glands on their hands and feet. The human breast is also a modified human sweat gland for electron transfer between mother and infants mitochondria.

    Those free electrons are liberated according to the sunlight barcode Fraunhofer lines which vary. The sun's light has no flicker effect and is not polarized. This means the light you live under should mimic those two characteristics. This is how light is used photoelectrically and photoacoustically to power life forms on the surface of this planet to transfer and give them information. This information is coded for in the spin states of the electrons and protons and this allows our cells to organize cells and to drive the body to plan to build out via cymatics driven by the free radical signal and deuterium content in cells. This all occurs by the changing diurnal and season light of the sun as it crashes into a hydrated protein to convert its energy to a mechanical sound wave. All sound waves are controlled by magnetic fields and flux. So these electrons and protons can be reprogrammed when we are barefooted on Earth by the Earth magnetic field. This implies these subatomic particles can be controlled magnetically by the Earth magnetic field. You must hire experts who know the basics of how life organizes to maintain health.

    What science governs the grounding effect?

    Topology does.

    What is topology?

    The Noble Prize of 2016 was given to this branch of science. Here is my take on TOPOLOGY OF grounding stated another way from my description to you above:

    Topology is a branch of mathematics focused on the fundamental shapes of things as they change (cymatics link). In cells, proteins can vary their size and shape based upon the light energy that is added or subtracted to their molecular bonds. In this way, life can be considered a quantum computer that is working in parallel with a quantum universe that also runs on light. The sun's light can change the spin of electrons and protons.

    The messages are information buried in light waves from the sun that can be magnetically stored in a thin film using non-linear aspects of light. DNA is the ultimate topologic insulator or superconductor suspended in a superfluid of EZ water that conducts electrons, protons, and photons in different ways. This is how the sun wireless changes you and grounding is how you can alter it further to gain more information about your environment.

    The 2016 Nobel Prize was given for topology in case you do not know. It is a branch of science that may soon get biology away from its “solution based ideas” in biochemistry books and push them toward quantum biology which uses a solid-state foundation. That is what this Nobel Prize meant to me in 2016. The idea is even greater today in 2018

    Topologic insulators are special semiconductors that cells use to innovate life. These do not act like silicon wafers made at Intel. I believe, they create transient dynamic states where the invisible yet undiscovered magnetic monopoles become possible in nature because they can emerge and disappear because of how topology can change as the environment changes. TI’s allow for shapeshifting in living systems using light. This also means that alien light waves from tech screens and mobile phones can disrupt our TI’s quite easily. when this occurs grounding becomes less effective. Then the game needs to move to the use of deeper CT trick I have come up with for 5G. Examples of topologic processes are superconductivity, spintronics, the quantum Hall effect, and the inverse magnetic Hall spin effect for those who do not know.
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  3. Thanks,
    try even simpler answer :)
    I have one follow-up question.
    So ground yourself when 5G is around is not good.
    Ground yourself if the ground is not "clean" is not also good.

    But how can it then really be good to ground yourself (even if the ground is "clean") when you are around 4G as an example.
    Still cant see the logic.
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Not sure I understand what you mean
  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Stay away from 4G or 5G.
    you are still in trouble

    it is more manageable.
    you are under 4G or 5G
    all bets are off.

    unless you know that trick
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2018
  6. Sorry for not being clear, and I will try again.
    I get that its important when you ground yourself through a mat or directly on earth that its important that the earth/soil is not having any electricity in it from cables or anything, Its also important not to ground the mat into the ground in the powersupply since that also is "dirty". So it shall be in real "clean" earth. I get that.
    But then I have heard that grounding yourself around 5G is not helping, it actually makes it worth since you becomes an antenna.
    So then I cant understand, how sometimes when you ground yourself you will be an antenna (around 5G and maybe 4G) but then how can it help around for example 2G and other nnEMF. I think same principal should apply here or?
    Does it mean that grounding only is good when there is no nnEMF around you?
    I hope you understand what I mean now.
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Not all places will be antenna even in a 5G world......many places will be. It is your job to understand why. I teach those things.

    When I was in LA last weekend I was asked about grounding and its health benefits and my answer was different than the rest of the panel on this topic. No one realizes that manhole covers, light posts, and coffee have to be handled differently in a 5G world. Luke Storey brought up the topic of grounding and from the stage, I told the skeptics I was speaking to that in a 5 G world do not step on manhole covers in a 5G city because there have been several electrocutions from light poles and covers reported in the media. The audience mocked me and laughed with one guy, in particular, laughing and shaking his head at me. He sat right in front of a radiation oncologist from Las Vegas, that is already a 5G hotspot. I just chuckled. .........none of them are aware of what they do not know. Who is laughing now?

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  8. Jim Laird

    Jim Laird Gold

    This shit is getting out of control. My gut says we are due for mother nature hitting the reset button.
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