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Greg's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Greg, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. Greg

    Greg New Member

    6'2" 190lbs 48yo

    Greetings- Like the many here in this group Im on a quest to become optimal mentally and physically. After reading Epi-Paleo RX it seems a bit more clear.

    I grew up in the midwest. At the age of 10 I was sent to the Cleveland Clinic for rheumatic fever. As a result I was prescribed penicillin for years. Either a monthly shot or taken orally. I did ask my mother if I was breastfed after reading Epi-Paleo. She said not.
    Moved to Florida age of 12. Around 28 years old while working as a sales rep in the natural products industry one AM I woke, stood up and became dizzy and extremely fatigued. Probably fair to mention I was doing raw foods at this time. This lasted for some months and eventually turned into anxiety/OCD for many hours throughout the day. After exhausting resources, failed programs I succumbed to taking Paxil for 9 years or so.

    I currently live in a rural mountain town in Colorado at 8800 feet above sea level and have been off Paxil for 8 years since moving west.I still get anxiety but now its situational and not constant.

    The quest continues and Ive been doing the Leptin Reset for 31 days while waiting for my lab work which I now have. I feel ok but my goal is to be happy, to be better than ok.

    I did the recommended tests for LR/LS and wondering if Im leptin sensitive?
    Also do I need to convert to get my true RT3? While on STTM its says the ratio is no longer necessary....

    Recent Labs-2/2020

    HS-CRP 0.1

    Thyroid TSH 1.75 U/mL
    FT3 2.59 pg/mL
    FT4 1.2 ng/dL
    RT3 34.4 ng/gL
    Anti-Thyroglobulin :love:2
    Anti-Peroxidasae <14

    Adrenal Panel-
    DHEAS 9.2ng/ml
    Cortisol AM 5.0
    Cortisol AM 6.5
    Cortisol AM 4.7
    Cortisol Noon 1.6
    Cortisol Eve. 1.3
    Cortisol night 0.7

    SHMT/C1420T +/-
    MTHFR/C677T +/-
    MTHFR/A1298C +/-
    MTRR/K350A +/-
    MTRR/R414 +/-
    MTRR/S257T +/-
    BHMT/2 +/-
    BHMT/4 +/-
    BHMT/8 +/-
    CBS/A360A +/-
    COMT/V158M +/-
    COMT/H62H +/-
    VDR/Taq1 +/-

    Current issues-
    Anxiety, circadian rhythm issues, as I wake between 2-4am every night wired. Feels like I'm on a drug of some sort.
    Soft tissue injuries that won't heal
    Low libido
    Muscle spasm or twitches.
    Methylation problems
    When I'm in cold weather especially snowboarding my fingers and toes go numb with cold. Seems anything below 25 degrees.
    When I eat it feels like there is a bubble of air in my stomach, hiatal hernia? This has vastly improved doing the Epi-Paleo for the past 4 weeks.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2020

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