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Greetings from Newark,NJ

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Raffael Zissu, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Raffael Zissu

    Raffael Zissu Silver

    Hello Everyone,

    To start with, I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Jack Kruse for his work and for making all this information available. Thank you also to all other participants’ input.
    I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 8 years ago. It happened after a period of elevated stress, long hours in front of computer monitors daily, and sleep deprivation. Thirteen years ago, I also had an erythema migrans from a tick sting. Twenty five years ago I had skull and nose fractures that were diagnosed as benign. Ever since these injuries, my nose feels chronically congested and is crooked.
    For five years now, I have been struggling with severe sleep disturbances. They became more troubling after a trip to Taiwan. After returning to the USA, it took me weeks to be able to fall asleep without prescription sleeping pills. Eventually I managed to fall asleep without any sleep aid, but I still woke up every hour or so, sometimes having trouble falling asleep again after waking.
    My neurologist told me to use melatonin and that I had to find the appropriate dosage myself. After testing various dosages below 3 mg, I tried melatonin supplementation for about 3 months at 3 mg/day - without success. I recently tried 5 mg, but that still didn’t work and now I am concerned after reading the recent post about exogenous melatonin and eye damage. I wear blue light blocking glasses from lowbluelights.com whenever I am at home using electric lighting with blue light or when using electronic devices with screens. For the time being, I am not wearing any eye protection when leaving my home, but I am considering buying another pair of glasses with yellow lenses that look better for that purpose. Should I also consider buying one pair with red lenses for use at night?
    Where else do I best start to improve my health? For general guidance, I understand that the Leptin Rx is really important. For how long should the Leptin Rx be implemented and what changes, if any, should be introduced over time? Then there is the CT protocol, but I am wondering if it is contraindicated for people with PD.
    Regarding grounding in the sphinx position in my neighborhood, I perceive it as difficult to practice due to privacy issue and not necessarily safe because of the urban environment. There is Branch Brook Park (famous for the Cherry Blossom Festival) near my home, where I go every day to catch the sun. Then there is also the winter challenge... On weekends, I could consider driving with my wife to the New Jersey shore for the sunrise.
    What other protocols should I consider implementing?
    I am going to see my physician shortly to test my vitamin D3 level. I am currently supplementing with 3,500 IU of activated D3. Are there any other lab tests that are recommended?
    If it were really beneficial, I could spend some time on the Yucatán peninsula. How long and when? Maybe the next step should be moving to an area that is more conducive to healing. :)
    I am curious about the results people with PD have achieved using the various protocols as well as the time it takes.
    Finally, to devise a personalized treatment plan/protocol, it is probably a good idea for me to see a local clinician that is knowledgeable about the mitochondrial protocols advocated in this forum. Any suggestions? Since I am ready to become a mitochondriac, and if it were beneficial, I would love to go to New Orleans to meet up with you Dr. Kruse for a consultation. What do you think?

    To good health and a wonderful life,
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  3. Raffael Zissu

    Raffael Zissu Silver

    Thank you so much! It’s much appreciated. I started reading the thread and find the information rich and fascinating.
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi and welcome Raffael.

    Please start a journal in the optimal journal section and give Dr. K. more health history ....your Mom's and Gran's too.

    Have you done a 23&me test?

    Have you listened to Jack's 3 Vermont talks? all his podcasts? The youtube event with Jack and Jeremy?
  5. Raffael Zissu

    Raffael Zissu Silver

    Hi Caroline,

    I will start a journal and shall provide a detailed health history as soon as possible. With "gran’s" , are you referring to maternal or paternal grand parents? Or both? Yes, I have done the 23andme test.
    I watched the 3 Vermont talks, the video with Jack, Jeremy, and Ben, and listened to 051: Your Mitochondria & Biohacking with Dr. Jack Kruse on livethefuel.com. I also watched a number of other videos on YouTube. I am working my way through more material. I also just bought the book "The Epi-Paleo Rx".
  6. Hey Newark NJ! I'm in Bergen County.Get out of the city as much as possible. I haven't tested it, but try South Mountain Reservation in Orange and go hiking. I suggest getting a meter and start checking where you sleep, work, hang out, etc. Be on the look out for cell towers on buildings near you and avoid them as much as possible.
  7. Raffael Zissu

    Raffael Zissu Silver

    Hello Christine,

    I live in the North Ward, on the edge of the city. The nearest cell phone tower appears to be about 2 miles away from my home. I will check out the reservation in Orange. I also intend to get a meter. Thanks for the tips. I go to WFM and H Mart in Paramus quite often.
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  8. Raffael Zissu

    Raffael Zissu Silver

    Here’s my medical history.

    Medical History



    Deceased of cancer


    Age 85


    Lives in a psychiatric institution

    My Childhood

    Born through birth canal

    Breastfed for 7 months

    Frequent constipation in early childhood

    Fell from a chair, requiring stitches on my tongue

    Rounded shoulders


    Raised with phytotherapy, homeopathy, cold therapy (showers, sitz baths)

    Food didn’t include much meat and seafood. Heavy emphasis on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

    Overall unhappy childhood

    No vaccinations

    Occasional exposure to pyrethrum spray used to control cat fleas.

    My Adulthood

    1982 - Herpes zoster and psoriasis

    1993 - Skull hairline crack, broken nose (resulting in deviated septum), loss of consciousness. (see separate x-ray file sent to Dr. Kruse only)

    2000 - Possible mild mitral valve prolapse diagnosis

    2005 - Tick bite (tick not found), EM rash; treated with injection and antibiotic

    09/2007 - Stress, little sleep, tingling, pain and weakness in both knees, chest pain. Chest pain subsided months later.

    2010/2011 - Stiffness in fingers of right hand, lack of dexterity, difficulty swallowing, choking while eating, difficulty typing, excessive salivation

    2012 - Tremor in right leg, especially when under stress

    1/2013 – Right foot (base of fifth metatarsal) and ankle (tip of lateral malleolus) fractures

    2013 - Right shoulder pain

    2014 - Right shoulder impingement

    Late 2014 – back pain

    2015 - Right shoulder adhesive capsulitis, rotator cuff tendinosis, AC joint arthrosis, bursitis, balance issues

    01/2015 - Naproxen 2 x 500 mg / day for two weeks to alleviate shoulder pain

    8/2015 – bladder control issue causing urge to urinate and urine leakage

    11/2015 – skin rashes (back, left hip, left and right shanks, and face)

    02/2016 - took 100 mg of Amantadine (1 capsule per day) to manage Parkinson’s disease symptoms. Discontinued treatment after about ten days when I had an adverse reaction with nausea and sweating.

    02/2016 - tested positive for Bartonella Quintana (1:128) and Bartonella Henselae (1:128)

    02/2016 - tested for Lyme IgM (positive on bands 31 and 41 kDa) and IgG (positive on bands 23-25, 41, 58, and 66 kDa) Western Blot, microti IFA IgM (< 20), microti IFA IgG (< 40), microti PCR (negative), duncani PCR (negative), duncani IFA IgM (< 20), duncani IFA IgG (< 40)

    03/2016 - started 8-month antibiotic treatment for potential Lyme disease mimicking Parkinson’s disease. Rotation of Minocycline 2 x 100 mg / day, Doxycycline Hyclate 2 x 100 mg / day, Clarythromycine 2 x 500 mg / day, Rifampin 2 x 150 mg / day, Rifampin 2 x 300 mg / day

    08/2017 - Evaluation by the Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases Research Center at Columbia University Medical Center. Blood tests and neuropsychological assessment.

    (sent to Dr. Kruse only)

    06/2018 - Serum lab reports and EKG (see attached LabCorp report)

    10/2018 - Serum lab reports (see attached Accurate Diagnostic Labs report)

    with vitamin D3 supplementation of 7,500 IU/day

    01/2019 - 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D 48.2 ng/ml (with supplementation of 3,500 IU/day)

    Current symptoms – right shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, leg pain, postural imbalance, weakness in legs, right arm tremors, right leg tremors, dragging right leg when walking during OFF periods, left arm action tremors during OFF periods, fatigue, skin rashes, bladder control issue causing urge to urinate and urine leakage, difficulty writing/typing, bradykinesia, loss of dexterity, freezing, insomnia, daytime sleepiness, fatigue, soft speech, drooling, mild dysphasia, neck tightness, difficulty keeping my back straight.

    Body weight : 145 lbs.

    Height : 5’11"

    Lung capacity : 2,250 ml (measured with a Voldyne 5000 volumetric exerciser)

    Haplogroup: Maternal H6a 1b,

    Only current exercise is about 3 x 60 minutes per day of outdoor.

    Attached Files:

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  9. Raffael Zissu

    Raffael Zissu Silver

    Here’s one more lab report
  10. Raffael Zissu

    Raffael Zissu Silver

    Missing files enclosed

    Attached Files:

  11. Raffael Zissu

    Raffael Zissu Silver

    I just updated to Silver Klub membership level and am looking forward to speeding up my learning process on the road to optimal health.
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  12. Raffael Zissu

    Raffael Zissu Silver

  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    Try to get your homocysteine closer to 6.


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