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Greetings from Mallorca :D

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Joakin, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. Joakin

    Joakin New Member

    Hello to all, i'm from Mallorca an island of the mediterranean sea, i've read ubiquination 24 cause i have myopia and astigmatysm, and i read that could be possible to fix it. I dont know practically nothing about light and sun, so i am making more a decition of faith about jack talks.

    I always thought that the problems related with the eye were an issue of adaptation, if we often see close, our eyes adapt to that, so later is not really good focusin to see in long distances. I never thought that also the light of electronic apparell could be also damaging.... :eek:.

    So i started today at 7 AM to watch the sun, just 10 minutes, and later at 10 AM i did another 20. But i'm worried about if the "strenght" of the sun from this part of the globe could be too much to look it directly even at these hours. It was hard to see it this morning, maybe of being the beginning.

    I would like to know if there are someone that has issues with his eyes and if it was repaired after watching the sun, and avoiding blue light before going to bed.

    Another issue i have a long time ago is that i wake up all nights for peeing i never know what the problem could be the origin of that, and throught this subject i was thinking maybe is there any hormonal problem related to that?

    Hope someone could help me with the doubts, thanks to all :D;)
  2. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Lilly Antic lives in Mallorca too!
  4. Joakin

    Joakin New Member

    Thanks a lot is going to be a good start, but is she the only one that could improve her eyesight? Are other cases?

    What?!?! Someone from my island too in this forum :eek: That's a really good surprise :)
  5. Hola Joakin,

    :)we Mallorquines are everywhere hahaha... I live in Palma! Where are you?
    My husband also has myopia and it improved a lot since he spends time outside without his glasses. You don't have to stare into the sun directly.

    I am facing the sun with my eyes some 30-40 degrees to it maybe, never directly. Every morning before work for 1 hour, and in the afternoon again.

    We have so much light here, the funny thing is that people prefer the shade and sunglasses... sooooo sad :cool::cool:( But then they don't know better- once you know better-you do better ;))
  6. Joakin

    Joakin New Member

    Hola lilly! I live in Palma too :D, i always that i'm outside never use glasses ( despite i never recognize people that are further than me haha ), but probably i need to stay more outside home however i do lots of sport i spend too many hours in the computer....

    I would like to improve my eyesight, i will do it facing indirectly the next time. In the afternoon is good too? I thought that the morning rays where the ones that are good for us.
  7. Morning rays are essential and mandatory to set your clock in the retina and SCN, stop nighttime and stress hormones, close the Aquaporin 4 gates in the brain etc, rezip collagen etc....
    But you also need the sun during daytime, also for Vitamin D production and to get your charge up in the whole body.
    Preferably on the beach-and this NOT only in August hahaha ( many Mallorquines here go to the beach only in August :D, thinking Vitamin D goes up by simply LIVING here:D:D-had the discussion very often). There you can ground while simultaneously getting sunlight.
    It is all about the charge and electrons.
    Your whole health depends on how your charge and electron levels are.

    We have to go for Mallorquin quantum coffee one of these days in Palma, Joakin :)
    Joe Gavin likes this.
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

  9. Joakin

    Joakin New Member

    Yes, now that i know i try to get more sun, depite now in summer is really hard to be outside between 11AM to 19PM...

    It would be a pleasure to meet, so you could teach me about what you know on this subject :)

    Thank you
  10. Martin D.

    Martin D. New Member

    Hello everyone!. I am a new member and so happy to be part of this tribe of mitochondriacs. I would like to ask if it is a good idea to move to Palma (Mallorca), as I want to start a new life moving from Miami. We live in a completely toxic environment, 5G is here everywhere and we are close to the military base and that is destroying our health. As we well know without optimal health nothing makes sense.
    I would like to know if anyone knows what the environment is like to live there and if it is a good place that allows us to clearly see sunrises and sunsets without so many buildings. Thank you very much for your response in advance.
  11. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member

  12. lokulus

    lokulus New Member

    Hi, I'm also interested in moving to Palma, so if you get any info please share:). Thank you!
    Michael CULLEN likes this.
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    In my opinion - you need to go there and live for a few months and see how you go.

    Check it out and then decide what is best for you.....

    What are you prepared to do for optimal health for you? Everyone is different.

    n=1 ......never forget that.

    What about Mexico?
  14. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Cuanto mitohacker en España!!

    Joakin I only look directly at sunrise and sunset. I have myopia too and I think it has improved a bit, not reversed. Remember to block blue artificial light. Especifically for eye sight you may like to add other things like the bates method, I think some people discussed it in the forum. There are several exercises for the eyesight in the book "take off your glasses and see" from Jacob Liberman, which I applied for about 1 week only lol so I can´t tell... they could all work together. He recovered his eyesight and talks about similar crazy recoveries.

    Que envidia me dais viviendo en Mallorca!!! ;)

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