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Green light reduces melatonin too?

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by Pardus, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Pardus

    Pardus New Member

  2. Marsha

    Marsha New Member

    That's why I bought these instead of the orange/yellow ones :

    Laser glasses/goggles that block blue and green light.


    They are darker and maybe harder to watch TV/Ipad etc. - everything is red/gray/black - darker value red of the F. Lux.

    I can still read a book before sleeping, but find I get sleepier sooner when using these, so don't get as much reading done as I used to!

    They just fit over my glasses.

    Also great for CTing in the tub after the sun has gone down (but with light on, so I can see when I get out)!
  3. Cron23

    Cron23 New Member

    And I just got my blue blockers yesterday.... Thanks for the link!

  4. Auuu poop. It's neverending! This rabbit hole might go all the way to china.
  5. cuivie@me.com

    cuivie@me.com New Member

    I just ordered these as the ones above are out of stock.

    DEWALT DW0714 Laser Enhancement Glasses


    And to think I dropped $90 on the pair from lowbluelights.com. (But unlike the orange and these red ones, the LBL ones do fit over glasses well).

    Will update with a review in a few days.
  6. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    Good, let us know how they work. I'm particularly interested in whether they block enough light that would come in over the top and around the sides.
  7. cuivie@me.com

    cuivie@me.com New Member

    Got them in this morning. They look a little different than in the picture on Amazon. The arms are made of the same red plastic as the lenses. The nose piece is actually simpler but more sturdily constructed than the Amazon picture suggests. The whole thing is a dark red.

    Coverage is excellent....without glasses on. Some leakage around the sides if I deliberately look hard in those directions, but otherwise nothing appreciable. Better coverage than the fit-over glasses from LowBlueLights.com.

    The tight facial contouring makes it look like contemporary sportsy/stylized sunglasses (eg, Oakleys). This achieved my purpose to have blue and green blocking while wearing contacts at work (5pm-11pm shift) and not look too clunky/unprofessional.

    These do not provide adequate coverage while fitted over eyeglasses, however. So I may order a similar pair in a fit-over frame to replace my LBL pair.

    The DeWALT 0714 Laser Enhancement Glasses do completely block out blue and green, even yellow and orange, too. Your world becomes shades of red, actually. The LBL pair blocked blue absolutely, but still allowed all colors up through the greens.

    Will update again after wearing these regularly for a couple of weeks to see if there's any appreciable effects on my circadian cycles. My job is mostly outside (security guard), but does periodically expose me to fluorescent lighting, from which I notice a very strong green component through my LBL glasses.

  8. janagram

    janagram New Member

    I wonder. Ok, green is made from blue and yellow. Blue is not good. So therefore green is also not good. The same would be true for purple, inasmuch as it is blue and red. I suspect that blublockers will block that blue in these secondary colors as well.
  9. nate.reik@yahoo.com

    nate.reik@yahoo.com New Member

    IIRC, the research has shown that that 472nm is where the photoreceptive ganglion cells are most sensitive.

    Light color is a spectrum of wavelengths. Blue is right around 470.


    As you can see, Green spans from just under 500 to 575nm or so.

    I wear the orange Uvex glasses. (Skyper 1933X) What I liked about these is I get a chart telling me exactly what light and how much they block: (Page 14)


    As you can see, they basically block all colors below 540, and most light up to 560 or so. By 600 nm, it’s barely doing anything. But 600 is yellow light.

    So one question I have about this study: What’s “green” light? What was the spectoral makup of the light? Was there some blue in it as well? (Like how a CFL emits different colors at the same time)

    Or just green? How much green? Is it green light ONLY, but green light that’s at 500nm? Might make more sense (and not matter for Uvex wearers).
  10. cuivie@me.com

    cuivie@me.com New Member

    The blue light receptors involved with modulating circadian cycles that we all talk about are specialized and not involved in vision. The second article linked to by OP said that cone receptors most sensitive to green (~550nm) that are involved in vision also

    produce a similar(albeit smaller, more quickly attenuating) modulative effect. This is what's surprising.....up to now it was though it was a separate system.
  11. Endless

    Endless Guest

    I'll stick with my Uvex Orange....this is good enough for me;

  12. cuivie@me.com

    cuivie@me.com New Member

    So, I've had the laser glasses on for about two hours now (the sun went down at around 5pm here). It's weird, like being in a horror movie. :p Definitely blocks way more light than standard blue blockers.....it is darker and harder to see. And I am already getting the need-to-go-bed-soon feeling, whereas with the standard blue blockers this feeling typically comes much later. Whether this is due to the addition of blocking green light or overall less light hitting my eyes (or both), I don't know....but it is having an effect.

    Four more hours of work to go, but I'm getting the urge to pull a Costanza-style work-nap. :p

    Earlier, while doing a patrol, some kid on the street asked me if I was an x-men cyclops because of the red glasses.
    Jeff J63 likes this.
  13. cuivie@me.com

    cuivie@me.com New Member

    That may end up being the best compromise. While the red laser glasses definitely eliminate the chance that anything in the neighborhood just above 540nm might screw around with the SCN, they also block a LOT of light, to the point that it can be difficult to see in low-light situations.
  14. Entelechy

    Entelechy New Member

    key point to all the numbers...

    enough light at any frequency will reset the SCN .......

    the melanopsin receptors are directly wired, so less is required, and the green cones are most sensiitive to light 'in general' (you see green best),

    it's all wired in proximity,, think photoptarmosis

    anything short of turning off the light is the equivalent of taking a supplement.
  15. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Did a week with newly bought Amazon blue blockers, which certainly blocked the blue light from my modem. Had a week of difficulty in getting to sleep and didn't know why. Read this yesterday and decided to go back to my old sunnies last pm and see if there was a difference. Noted that I can still see muted blue lights on my modem with the 'oldies' on, but they provided a much darker terrain. But... when I stared yawning and feeling sleepy(first time in a week), I knew! .....had a great sleep. What gives?

    Perhaps the old darkies cut out more of the green light?
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I would be interested in knowing this too. My blue blockers were working great - with in an hour or two I would get really drowsy and want to go to sleep.....now it isn't happening at all.
  17. cuivie@me.com

    cuivie@me.com New Member

    Well, the red laser glasses certainly block blue, leave green lights extremely faint (doesn't totally cut them), and makes everything in general much darker. So they're a win for most purposes.

    But as Entelechy pointed out, any bright light exposure at any wavelength will screw things up. Learned that the hard way one time when accidentally turning the bathroom light on at night. :(
  18. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    I bought the red laser glasses (from Ace Tool; Amazon was out) and am not very impressed. They definitely block blue & green, which is great, and make lights darker which I like. However, for me, the fit is bad. They let in a lot of light underneath and around the sides. I tried wearing them on top of the Uvex orange but that was a total fail (but quite comical looking according to DH). If I could get the red lenses in a more wrap-around style, that would be perfect.
  19. Entelechy

    Entelechy New Member

    blue light, up to 480nm is most important to block.

    rather than trying to raise the cut off frequency to include green, my recommendation would be to find darker tinted glasses, with the same 540nm cut off point.

    the lower transitivity will reduce ALL light getting to the eye.

    Uvex have a safety glass with a similar profile to Uvex SCT orange..

    it's a brown lens called Espresso, much darker with a VLT of only 15% compared to 45% for the Orange.

    it only blocks 97 percent of the blue light, (note, as a percentage) but to blocks far more light in general. wear the brown ones when I cannot avoid brighter ambient light after dark. the orange ones suffice most of the time, in conjunction with dimmed lighting.
  20. cuivie@me.com

    cuivie@me.com New Member

    I got some red laser glasses in the fit-over style for use with glasses. They are certainly way more leaky around the edges, but not horrible. The LBL pair fits over glasses the best.

    My job exposes me to pretty intense green light (fluorescent hallway lighting in which the green component is VERY dominant when wearing blue blockers, LED traffic lights, among other strong sources), so for my purposes deliberately blocking green is needed. It should be noted that even the red laser glasses fail to block all green; rather, they just dim it dramatically. Which is probably a good thing, as it allows me to still see traffic light indicators while taking out the bothersome green from fluorescent lights. And the red laser glasses do significantly dim all light down, sometimes to the point that it's difficult to see and causing me ponder switching back to the LBLs.

    Others' needs may differ. The brown tint idea is interesting.

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