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Green eyes Optimal Journey week 8

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Green Eyes, Jan 30, 2020.

  1. Green Eyes

    Green Eyes Silver

    Just returned home to Wisconsin after 8 weeks “down South”. My goal was to live Optimally for 8 weeks following the Leptin Protocols. Discovered it was much more challenging to do after my husband joined me during week 4. My own fault. I choked and took the easy way. Ate the carbs, slept in some mornings. Only thing I consistently did correct was drink Non fluoridated water. So, I’m going to pick myself up and continue on. This is a process, a journey towards better health.

    What did I learn? A lot. What I eat really effects how I feel. Bloated, weighted down, versus energized and alive. Also, was very very happy being outside in Sunlight compared to the grey Winter daylight in Wisconsin. Just coming back North is literally a real downer.

    I did get the opportunity to have dinner with Dr Jack while I was in Destin and see his Beach Resort. It was amazing to see Optimal living in real time. Forgot to ask him what light bulbs he had in his light fixtures though. :(

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