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Grade IV Astrocytoma on our 3 year old boy

Discussion in 'Optimal Kids' started by JohnPxl, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The more wisdom you attain and the more conscious you become, the crazier you will appear to others who have built a life around conventional wisdom but your insight will astound them eventually when they awaken. Kruse’s theorem.
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I have told my members that my own measurements of sunlight show at my latitude I get 250-400 in the spectrum and when I go to Mexico it can go lower. Do I think the meme that UVC is bad is built by the government and fostered by medicine to create a business and give spraying Aluminum and particulates OK? Yes, I believe this is ongoing. The key is to get closer to the equator every so often to gain the benefits of shortwave UV to build energy and information redox. UV light is the ONLY part of the spectrum that can participate in nonlinear optics via the optical window in humans. This has big implications. Proteins and water become parasites for light energy and proton information. They are both capable of storing light energy and info in their atomic lattice. The proteins with aromatic amines like melanin are able to absorb UV light during the day and offload it at night in the absence of light when the DC electric current vanishes from cells. Becker found the DC electric current is critical in regeneration and the modern literature has clearly established that we need a small DC microcurrent to rebuild mitophagy/autophagy. We know from van Wijk's book that without sunlight illuminating the optic disc. UV light is critical in this process. When sunlight is present we know that cells can release ELF-UV that is the KEY stimulus for mitosis. One needs oxygen and the free radical pulse to make this light in cells, but without solar illumination of retina/skin the DC current vanishes at night. The DC electric current vanishes during night time because the brain uses the PE to use photonics at this time. As things condense at night they get smaller and the QED force dynamics get even stronger in cells. This is an easy fundamental change to make in the brain because of the photoelectric effect built into DHA. DHA can turn light into a DC electric current or turn this current into the light again. The RPE in the eye has massive stores of DHA and is a factory for all the biogenic amines we use in the eye and brain. This is why dopamine, melatonin, serotonin, and melanin are critical proteins in UV light storage in a cell. This powerful light is downloaded to the electrons and protons and photons in our cells when sunlight is absent from the RPE and central retinal pathways of the eye. This implies, at night when the sun is absent, light has to be very active in our CNS. Why, is this control switch important? Light controls atoms. Atoms, electrons, and protons are small programmable quantum dots. UV light makes a cell transparent to take advantage of Snell's law and Fermat's least time principle of least time with respect to light. Singlet versus triplet oxygen made in the matrix combined with the bad environment and artificial antioxidants gives the wrong cellular information to electrons and protons for construction of our atomic lattice in cells. If the lattice is poor than Fermat’s law will be altered for incoming UV light. Fermat’s “least time” principle will be violated when UV light goes UNUSED in cells and ubiquitination rates will rise as a result. It is akin, to having inclusions in your diamond. The more inclusions you have the less bright a diamond shines and the less it is worth. You can also think it is like having dirt inside your glass that you cannot clean with surface cleaners. The only way to clean that interior glass is to melt it and create a new glass when you remove the impurities. That is why the cytosol of cancer cells must be replaced 100% to get rid of cancer. That is fundamentally what an elevated ubiquitin rate implies when a cell can no longer use light as nature designed. UV light makes our cytosol transparent like a diamond.

    This points out why taking exogenous antioxidants can screw you up on your path to optimal. Proper free radical signaling is necessary for cell differentiation and proper light signaling using Fermat’s principle of least time with UV light. No proper radicals = no cell differentiation = impurities inside of the tensegrity system = improper Fermat’s law = cancerous cells. This is also why when cells have an altered ability to handle light using Fermat’s principle, pseudohypoxia is universally present and we see low NAD+ levels. Optimal signaling requires high levels of oxygen in mitochondria to drive the reduction of oxygen using electrons that enter ECT. ELF-UV cannot be made without both ROS or oxygen. http://www.nuclearplanet.com/uvc2.pdf
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  4. JohnPxl

    JohnPxl New Member

    Extremely interesting and a bit challenging to digest, but somehow this feels meaningfully simple.

    Thanks for the input Doctor!
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Here is the key for your kid post-conventional treatment:

    Why seafood over fish oil pills? Deuterium is why. DHA is a PUFA that is supposed to be deuterium depleted from the marine seafood food web while Arachidonic acid is loaded with deuterium in cell membranes. If you overdo your fish oil supplementation you could actually hurt yourself and cause long-term to your Kreb's bicycle function. Why? When cell membranes in you break down for any reason they have to be recycled in your mitochondria via beta-oxidation. Cell membranes are turned over way too fast in cancer states because ubiquitin marking is ELEVATED.

    This mimics what taking fish oil is like. Remember fish oil in supplement form is a "PUFA too" the ONLY format, and it is subject to serious peroxidation and ALE formation when it is taken improperly or when it is adulterated. Peroxidation is done by a heme catalyst which means its action liberates massive amounts of deuterium inside the matrix where its anions are running in cyclic form. Once you free deuterium in this way it loses its safety profile in the blood plasma to wreck havoc in the TCA and urea cycle. PUFA have lots of deuterium because they use its strong KIE to build strong membranes. Lipid peroxidation liberates free fatty acids that breakdown down to CO2 and water. That water contains hydrogen isoforms and oxygen that are processed in our mitochondria. When this happens it alters the metabolic rate of these mitochondria and slows TCA function while trapping water in the TCA and urea cycle. You may now realize why this effect can cause stalls in weight loss or in changes in your VAP and HS CRP levels. It slows metabolism in the two key cycles of cells and forces them to use glycolysis and the PPP. It also stops weight loss and can make autoimmune conditions worse. They may also confound you and your doctor because you forgot the context of why this has happened. But it all begins with metabolizing cell membranes that were designed to be stable. What are things associated with this in your body? COX-2 enzyme amplification and activation of UCP-2.

    When those two things occur, oxygen drops and cells begin secreting hypoxia factors like (HIF-1). This induces a redox shift in your mitochondria. This process can be a double-edged sword in our cell when the stable O6 content is turnover in an uncontrolled fashion in our matrix. The collateral damage is a redox shift in the TCA and urea cycle. This is why you don't want to take supplemental fish/algal oil. REMEMBER CONTEXT is critical for Optimal!

    To get rid of cancer you must regain control of autophagy and apoptosis. When you lose control of both you get cancer. Sunlight allows you to recapture your rapture of both self-regulation programs mitochondria do. It is that simple.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The Warburg redox shift is well known but what causes it is not understood. What happens at Krebs bicycle, where the TCA and urea cycle meet in the matrix. The growth of cancer cells is initiated by a relative lack of oxygen but cancer cells need hyperoxia to grow to immortality. This initial change comes before cancer manifests and this destroys mitophagy initially. Once the cell adapts to a chronic pseudohypoxic state the matrix undergoes a deeper shift where the TCA and urea cycles cannot be used well because of proton alterations at Kreb's bicycle. This forces the cell has to rely on glycolysis and the PPP because of a KIE at Kreb's bicycle. The chronic pseudohypoxia causes a nonlinear release of angiogenic factors into the arterial circulation to increase oxygen delivery from the blood cells to the cell and this favors the two older metabolic pathways glycolysis and the pentose phosphate pathway (PPP) for biosynthesis. Those two pathways are designed to work with low oxygen tensions that develop normally in certain cell lines. As a result of these proton effects, oncogenesis occurs when oxygen tensions are changing and become artificially high. Along with a previous loss of autophagy/mitophagy, the ongoing circadian mismatches a human faces, this eventually causes a complete inactivation of apoptosis. The retina, RBC, and embryonic stem cells all use the Warburg shift in a non-pathologic way to operate normally with sunlight. The pathologic Warburg shift occurs when both autophagy and apoptosis are inactivated. Warburg was the first to find out that cancer cannot live in an oxygen-poor environment. Blue light causes the extinction of both autophagy/apoptosis as blue light exposure continues via your eyes and skin. Blue light links to all opsins in humans. They are located in the eyes and skin. All opsins are linked to retinol which is vitamin A. When artificial blue light is prominent the retinol disassociates from the opsin and the opsin and DHA complex is no longer functional. This lowers Vitamin A recycling in any tissue of neuroectodermal origin, DHA recycling (Bazan effect), and proton recycling in the TCA/urea cycle via Kreb's bicycle. This is what causes the breakdown in the circadian mechanism. As Vitamin A cycle becomes extinguished by the chronicity of the blue light, its thermodynamic coupler, Vitamin sulfated D3 also drops in kind. This mimics the example I have often given about the relationship between predator and prey. Whatever is done to one side eventually occurs to the other side. https://www.jackkruse.com/reality-14-warburgs-proof/
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    KREB'S BICYCLE WISDOM: You should never rely on thirst to dictate water consumption because it lags the real effect. Calculating your total body water deficit is another way to try to measure how badly your engine (TCA/urea cycle) is working. Total body water is a function of metabolic rate and state of the mitochondrial matrix. We covered this in the April 2013 webinar. By the time thirst kicks in, your serum osmolarity is already impaired. Dehydration is a major cause of daytime fatigue as well, and dehydration slows your metabolism by 2-3%. As time goes on this imbalance can steepen dramatically in a person in an altered environment. In fact, just a 2% drop in total body water can cause neurologic changes to show up. How do I know this? I am a neurosurgeon, and we see these swings all the time in trauma cases and brain tumors that are associated with syndromes called SIADH, cerebral salt wasting syndrome, and diabetes insipidus. Now think about what I mentioned in the April 2013 webinar for our members. Are you beginning to connect any dots that dehydration and nnEMF may be linked?

    So drink your water un-fluoridated and COLD! You might be beginning to understand how the quilt is built now. Limiting fluoride increases the EZ in water. Water then is cold carries more oxygen and electrons in it to enlarge the EZ in water. Mitochondria need oxygen and electrons in their inner mitochondrial membrane. Water is a repository of electromagnetic radiations which carry energy and information. Water is designed to work wirelessly with the sun, but its abilities can be usurped by man-made EMF's. In a blue-lit microwaved world, EZ water is the ultimate Faraday cage for mitochondria in a cell provided it made from H+ bonding.

    Water allows the quantum dance to happen in all life, not just us. We are just beginning to unfold its mysteries and why it is vital to all life on this planet. Beta oxidation in mitochondria not only makes CO2 but it creates water!!! This isoform of water is the stage life is built upon.

    Water is what makes all plants grow via photosynthesis. All animals need water to survive. When water falls from the sky as rain, it is distilled to a degree; at least it used to be before our atmosphere was polluted by modern chemicals and EMF's in the ionosphere.

    If you use the photoelectric effect of the sun to enlarge the charge in cell water, and add grounding to Earth, your needs and want for water will begin to approach your aquatic ancestors and your brain will repair and re-grow faster. This is quite important in diseases like autism and Alzheimer's disease. Signs of leptin sensitivity begin to appear and labs start to improve. Eventually, your thinking improves and your life re-evolves. I left some key details out in this blog post on purpose. As future series goes on you will see where this is all headed (quantum thermodynamics). It is time you begin to fill them in with the other lessons you have learned at this blog. The April 2013 and April 2018 webinar is a big clue in this path to Optimal that the story links to hydrogen is an old one. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16984813
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    you can help @Jack Kruse by giving him more information.
    I think you should arrange for this test and post results here.
    Scan each page and post as a picture (do not rewrite).

    Fatty Acid Profile, Comprehensive (C8-C26), Serum

    (Make sure that you do not use any flight by night laboratories for this test)
    may be misleading.
    When in doubt get
    Metabolic Panel (14), Comprehensive

    look up
    if it is equal or slightly over 140, indicate sufficient hydration

  10. Pebbles

    Pebbles Gold

    YOu can not control the status of the added hydrogen - wether is H or D - so you might screw up the DDW.
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  11. Pebbles

    Pebbles Gold

    John, you can get either Preventa ( 125,105,85,60,45,25 ppm) from Hungary or Deuterium Aqua - a cheaper local brand - they have only 125, 105, 85ppm, not lower. Or you can get Qlarivia only 25ppm from Romania, whichever is easier for you. Just a tip 1) in the book you have dilution samples - so easisier to buy 25ppm and dilute yourself - 2) tourist season starts soon - contact a travel agency having busses from Hungary and get your transport for free.
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  12. Pebbles

    Pebbles Gold

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  13. JohnPxl

    JohnPxl New Member

    Hi everyone, sorry for the late update.

    I have arranged the first shipment of Preventa water from Hungary. Starting with 85ppm and will lower down to 65ppm after a couple of months, according to Dr. Somlyai's suggestions. I feel quite positive about this. We are also planning to treat him with Cannabis oil, and the exciting thing is that after asking Dr. Somlyai he highly recommends using it with DDW, it seems they will both work supplementary.

    Thanks for everyone's posts, the pieces start to make sense and reveal a deeper meaning.

  14. JohnPxl

    JohnPxl New Member

    Thanks for the insight Dr Kruse. I am consuming this information like crazy, it's what I need right now.
    Thanks again
  15. :) 100 Thumbs up ,this really resonates with me!
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  16. Pebbles

    Pebbles Gold

    they will work complementary:)) Take the 25ppm water and dilute it yourself.

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