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Grade IV Astrocytoma on our 3 year old boy

Discussion in 'Optimal Kids' started by JohnPxl, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. JohnPxl

    JohnPxl New Member

    Hello everyone

    About 3 weeks ago, our life turned upside down as our 3 year old boy was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which turned out to be a highly aggressive astrocytoma (Grade 4). We live in Athens / Greece.
    Dimitrios is a 3 2/12 year old boy who was enjoying good health up until February 2018, when he started experiencing early morning vomiting for about a month. We took him to the physician who suggested a brain MRI, which showed the presence of a non homogenous lesion in the right anteriolateral side of the medulla and a second separate small nodular lesion in the right cerebral pedicle.

    He went through a surgery on March 21, in an attempt to remove as much of the tumor possible, and get a sample for examination.

    Biopsy showed that the tumor is a diffuse midline glioma, H3 K27M-Mutant, WHO Grade IV.

    At immunohistochemistry:
    Positive H3.3 K27M, Positive p53, negative IDH1R132H, negative BRAF V600E, Ki67 20%.

    Postoperative course in the ICU was rather fulmilant, related mainly to problems of the respiratory system. In an attempt to remove more of the tumor, and relieve the area from an edema causing endocranial pressure, he underwent a second surgery. The new specimen contained tumor even more aggressive on pathology grounds (Ki67 20-30%). Cytology of CSF is pending, MRI of the spine has not been performed yet.

    Current situation

    Dimitrios is still in Intensive care, facing respiratory problems. He is sedated most of the time, as he gets very nervous when awaken. The conditions in ICU are awful, with 24-hour artificial lighting, stressful alarm sounds. We need to wait for him to recover, so we can take him home with us and start damage control. As we are exploring options internationally, we know that we have to take the situation on our hands and assist him epigenetically in every possible way we can.

    We immediately did an EMF test at our home by a professional, showing no significant issues with electromagnetic or other frequencies. I am expecting a written report of the test soon, which I will share in case someone has some insight.

    At this point it is extremely difficult to intervene with diet. After the surgery, Dimitrios has difficulty to swallow, and secretions have resulted in many difficulties on his left lung, requiring frequent suctions.

    We are not giving up fighting this twisted disease, and will make our best to assist him in this unfair fight. The odds are against us but we are going to hack this, or at least continue fighting until the end.

    If you have any pointers to any weapon we can acquire for this fight, we would be obliged to hear.
    Things show that we will need chemo and radiation, while exploring the options for further surgery.
    From there, light, air, water, nutrition and cannabis will be our first line of attack.

    Peace and God speed.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    DDW from Romania Qlavaria and go buy Gabor Somylai book at once. You have no time to waste. You also must get the boy outside every AM no matter what.
  3. taiyang

    taiyang New Member

    I'm so sorry to hear about your son. i don't have a medical background. I only wanted to suggest things that would lift his spirits in the moment such as a gentle, loving pet and being near happy children in addition to loving extended family members.
  4. JohnPxl

    JohnPxl New Member

    Thanks Jack, checking those right now. Our hands are tied while he is in ICU. I will see if I can convince the nurses to do something with those light. This was a major step back, and as I see it he wont be out of there sooner than 3 days. It is a dramatic situation, and what we can only do is wait for him to recover.

    I am writing an email to Gábor Somlyai right now in my other tab.

    I am preparing a plan for when he gets out of hospital. Will definitely get him out in the AM light as much as possible, definitely.
    Any other ideas, are much appreciated.

    Many thanks
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  5. JohnPxl

    JohnPxl New Member

    Thank you for your support and your positive thoughts.

  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    That is the key ones.
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Sounds like a childhood PNET tumor likely a medulloblastoma = transgenerational mitochondrial issue that can cause monosomy on chromosome 17. Not good at all.
  8. JohnPxl

    JohnPxl New Member

    Hm... Does transgenerational mean that something might have passed genetically to him by me or his mother?

  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Mitochondrial inheritance likely. The docs will blame the nuclear genes but problems with monosomy is due to chromosome separation in mitosis that is stimulated by ELF-UV spoken about in vanWijk's book.
  10. JohnPxl

    JohnPxl New Member

    Thank you for the wealth of information Dr. Kruze. I just ordered a copy of Van Wijk's book, and will keep diving into your protocols.
    Is Cold Thermogenesis worth a try? I am thinking of getting him a cryohelmet as soon as he gets out of ICU.

  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    It is but the kid may be too ill for that now. His matrix is filled with deuterium and the more fat breakdown CT causes might overwhelm any TCA and urea functioning left.
  12. JohnPxl

    JohnPxl New Member

    Thanks Doc, I really appreciate your time and help, and I am thankful for the direction you are pointing me.
    I am signing up as a member to your club right away, I feel like your webinars will prove a powerful ally in this quest.

    Many many thanks
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Here is a key passage for you to understand from the Tensegrity blog series. Please do not share this with your wife with emotions high.


    T 4 has 4 iodines and T3 has 3 iodines. The thyroid gland, brain, and gut all concentrate iodine and iodides. Now you see why they do. They need the iodine to make superconducting proton cables. The general picture that emerges within the forming brain that T4 and T3 hormones enter the brain through specific CNS transporters as the brain forms. T4 is converted to the active hormone, T3, in glial cells, astrocytes, and tanycytes, although the main target cells of these hormones are neurons and maturing oligodendrocytes within the suprachiasmatic nucleus. This is ultimately how the direction of time is initially set within this newly forming brain. T3, acting through the nuclear receptors, controls the expression of genes involved in myelination, cell differentiation, migration, and signaling. I went over this in Energy and Epigenetics 1.

    Few people understand why iodine and DHA are critical in human SCN and myelination patterns. In addition to transducing the proper T3 signal, the nuclear receptors also have activity in the unliganded state. When circadian signaling is off in the maternal germ line, before fertilization, this favors the un-liganded state and this strongly favors the development of hypothyroid phenotype centrally within the brain of her developing child. This is where leptin resistance begins fundamentally. Many bad childhood tumors begin this way.

    This is why early-onset hypothyroidism in the maternal tree is always a key clue to the astute clinician that a circadian mismatch is a key feature in many diseases. MS, Hashimoto’s, and melasma being common ones in modern women. This un-liganded action occurs via aporreceptors that repress normal thyroid transcription. This is how epigenetic switches are set in the germline. This effect is how transgenerational hypothyroid phenotypes occur in subsequent generations of children. Today we live in this world. 99% of all cases of hypothyroidism are now caused by Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

    When you understand this mechanism you begin to see these offspring do not even need to face the same environment their mothers did to get the same disease. They will manifest the disease much earlier in life if they face a lack of iodine or DHA in their first 6 years of life. They begin with the breakdown of the quantum chemistry between iodine, DHA, and water network in the unfertilized egg. These effects then become generalized within the developing embryo after fertilization to affect brain function and the mitochondrial development in all their tissues. This is how the redox shift occurs transgenerationally in humans. The interaction between iodine DHA and water is critical in setting the proper signaling in how mitochondria can handle electrons at a very fundamental level. (Bernal 2005).

    Hydrogen bonding also reflects the movement of electrons and protons within proteins. You should recall that the more electrons that are added to proteins the more hydrophilic they become. The more hydrophilic they become the better they charge separate water to make a battery. This battery is what drives biochemistry, not ATP. Conversely, the more electrons are removed from proteins the more hydrophobic they are. These quantum thermodynamic alterations directly affect the shape and size of the proteins. Water molecules that lie are next to flat hydrophobic surfaces and unable to form extensive exclusion zones or what some call “clathrate structuring” in the literature. This clathrate structure is less dense. Ice is an example of this structure and this is why ice floats in water.
  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    New Member, Male, 36, from Athens / Greece


    Defeating Cancer!: The Biological Effect of Deuterium Depletion
    by G¿bor Somlyai (Author)
    There is a situation.
    You have no time to waste.

    Rather than going (for less expensive) Qlarivia,
    that comes without any medical support.
    You should know other options:

    1. get consultation with @Jack Kruse , so you get more details.

    2. Talk to peoples that will provide you with advice (and DDW).
    That water will be called Preventa.



    Administrative Office
    839 1/2 S. Bundy Dr.
    Los Angeles, CA 90049

    Ask for:


    Dr. Laszlo Boros (----->he is one of the peoples who invented use of DDW) (respected by @Jack Kruse )
    Dr. Que Collins (dr Q)
    Dr. Anne Cooper

    Or ask for reference to person they will suggest.
  15. JohnPxl

    JohnPxl New Member

    Thanks Dr. Kruze

    The boy has a twin sister. They were conceived with IVF. The amount of hormones my wife took throughout the process was minimal. During the first month of her pregnancy she also took some cortisol (cant remember which one or why) . Is it possible that a circadian mismatch was triggered by any of these conditions?

    There are no thyroid issues in her family as far as we know. My mother on the other hand has issues with her thyroid, but i dont know if it is relevant in our case.

    The articles are pure gold, thanks for your precious insight and time.

  16. JohnPxl

    JohnPxl New Member

    Thanks for the info, I will go through this as soon as possible. I am in Athens / Greece, so I am not sure how getting water from the US would be an efficient solution, but i will check their resources anyway, they seem to have some test options that are very interesting.

    Thanks a ton for the info again!

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  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    From @Pebbles I got:
    Deuterium Depleted Water (for use in cancer prevention)
    developed by
    dr Somlyai and dr Boros
    Initially, dr Somlyai build plant in Romania that produced Preventa and now is producing Qlarivia (under different ownership).
    dr Somlyai now have a plant in Hungary that produce Preventa.
    In Hungary Preventa is (legally) treated as medicine to cure cancers.
    In USA that kind of claim must be approved by FDA which is extremely costly and time consuming process. So in USA no such a claim is made.
    In his book, Defeating Cancer!, there is a protocol describing procedure for treating animals.
    See relevant info, I copied for you, (below).
    In USA dr Somlyai and dr Boros have a company (CignatureHealth.com) that is pursuing their idea of fighting cancer but they only advice it as a add on to "official" cancer treatments.

    You can buy Qlarivia or Preventa in Europe or USA.
    There is a large cost difference.

    I assume that your child would benefit from up to date treatment suggestions that would come if you were dealing with CignatureHealth.
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  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Problem is in kids with brain tumors, surgeons really limit IV and PO water intake because post op they worry about swelling and this is especially true with a brainstem glioma like this case.
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  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    with a grade 4 you need to do it the rest of your life......while moving toward the equator.

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