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Gout.....what to make of it?

Discussion in 'Educating Doctors' started by Jack Kruse, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Most docs blame gout on booze and high protein diet due to purine biosynthesis. Is this wise or is it dogma that needs to die? Could it be that people who spend time indoors and not in the sun have a much higher risk for high uric acid and gout? Consider this: A High-Protein Atkins Diet Reduced Uric Acid in this Study below. What else should you know about uric acid?
    Most people have no idea what the effect of sunlight exposure and aging on skin surface lipids and urate really are.
    Free fatty acids (FFA), squalene, squalene hydroperoxide, and uric acid in the methanol extracts from human skin surface can be measured during bio-hacks.
    What might you find? Sunlight raises uric acid naturally for a reason.
    Levels of FFA and squalene are significantly lower in people with higher heteroplasmy rates (older)than in the younger cohorts with low heteroplasmy rates. If you live indoors your heteroplasmy rate is INCREASED no matter your age.
    Sunlight exposure for 90 minutes has been shown in papers not change levels of FFA and squalene, or FFA composition of the human skin. However, squalene hydroperoxide increased by 60-fold in sunlight, suggesting that hydroperoxide is produced by singlet oxygen radicals. In sunlight, uric acid increased by two-fold, which tells us it is AN adaptive response against photo-oxidative stress. Why? Uric acid is a good scavenger of singlet oxygen and oxygen radicals.
    So, gout is likely related to indoor living and a boat load of free radicals from the blue light hazard (both types) being made from melanopsin dysfunction. So eat your protein and meats etc.........
    Get outside.
    Avoid gout.
    It is not what we've been told.
    This also explains why many cases of gout do not correlate with plasma uric acid levels clinically.
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  2. JMO

    JMO Silver

    Thanks! DH had a gout flare the day we arrived in Mexico (never had one before) and didn't improve till the day we came back. Hobbled thru airports with sandals as the only shoe that fit. We could use more sun...

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