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Goosey's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Goosey, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Goosey

    Goosey New Member

    I've been thinking about doing this for over a month, and am tired of having all the thoughts clanging around in my head and not actually putting them out there. So this is me, kicking the first pebble down the hill.
  2. Goosey

    Goosey New Member

    WATER Fall 2016

    So I live in AZ, and the first reply I got from the Doc when I did my introductory post was, "Don't drink the water in AZ because of the fluoride". So here's some context about my water.

    I live in Chandler and the water here is super hard. Sometimes it reeks of chlorine. Having lived in AZ for 30+ years, I'm used to the water tasting like dirty stone, and avoid drinking it for the most part. However, Doc's warning has me avoiding the ice too, for the most part. I don't take showers, and when I bathe, the water is pretty tepid. I also mix a little ascorbic acid into the bath water to neutralize the chlorine.

    As for my drinking water, I've been using a distiller for over a year. In years prior, I've tried getting gallon plastic jugs of distilled or purified water from the grocery store, but found them to have an astringent quality that dried my mouth out. Then I found a brand of bottled water that was slightly alkaline. It shipped from Nevada and had a somewhat more viscous quality that wetted my mouth better. If I drank that exclusively, I could probably kill two cases a week. After a while, I realized that having someone in Nevada, a drought state, bottle up their drought water, and have a trucker drive it to a warehouse in the drought desert I live in (wasting gas), then someone else drive it to the store (more gas), so I could guzzle the water down in an hour and then generate X number of empty plastic bottles that need to be recycled... It just seemed silly and wasteful, which is how I decided to try the distiller. I got it used on eBay.

    I just recently heard a podcast featuring Jack being interviewed by a stylist/nutritionist from Los Angeles, who drives up into the mountains to collect his own spring water, and in that interview Jack mentioned running RO water through an aerator and over volcanic stones to help structure it (he said something about knocking electrons off as the water ran over the stones). So I bought some volcanic rocks and an aerator, along with a 1 gallon glass jug for storage. I was also concurrently searching for a better collection bottle for my distiller, because the one I was using was plastic, and had a tiny opening that was hard to clean. Ultimately, I settled on a glass Kitchenaid 5 qt bowl for a stand mixer. I started using the aerator, the rocks (in a steel funnel), the glass jug, and the mixing bowl all at the same time, and I noticed immediately that the water had a different texture. The aerator was kind of a pain in the process (I only have the two hands), so I dropped it out for a few cycles, and I realized it wasn't really contributing to the change in water texture. I assumed it was the rocks that were making the difference, but I started reading The Fourth Phase of Water and, after a few chapters, I realized that it was probably the hydrophilic surface of the glass collection bowl.

    My distiller is an older Kenmore countertop model, and I positioned the drip spout of the distiller over the pour spout on the glass collection bowl. The result is that every drop of water that comes out of the distiller has to dribble across a minimum of an inch of glass, before landing in the body of distilled water at the bottom of the bowl. When the process is just starting, the water has to trickle over 6 inches of glass to hit the bottom.

    The water that I get out of the distiller now has a viscous, syrupy texture that has some of the mouth feel of a sugared soda (which is one of the things I enjoy about soda). Another observation: I decided to purchase a bottle of Hawaiian spring water, partially because I like the water and partially because the empty bottle is useful. On this particular day, I had a rare-for-me dehydration headache, and I kept drinking the chichi Hawaiian spring water, because... Hawaiian spring water. But this particular bottle had that same astringent mouthfeel and it wasn't doing anything; I was still thirsty and my head still ached. I grabbed a glass bottle that had a little bit of my distilled water in it, and drank a couple of swallows. My thirst went away immediately and so did the headache.

    I work at a golf course and my days are frequently 10-12 hours long. My options at work are filtered water and ice, Dasani, or standard F&B beverages (iced tea, fountain sodas, coffee). I now take a half-frozen plastic bottle of distilled water, along with one or two big glass Voss bottles of distilled water to work. I keep one out to drink, and bury the other two in ice. The bottle I keep out can get up to 100 degrees, but it stays syrupy and kills my thirst. That bottle can be glass or plastic - the quality of the water holds up, in my observation.

    At home I store the water in glass. I have a trivet covered in magnets, and the 1 gallon glass jug lives there. My dogs' bowl sits on another magnetized trivet, and they get the same water. I have a glass jar of water in the refrigerator on a third trivet. I water my plants with the water from the distiller now.

    I run the distiller overnight, and usually also in the morning when I get up, so that's 2 gallons a day.

    I had a DEXA scan in the spring, I'll probably have another one this winter, to monitor my bone density and make sure that this water isn't causing leaching issues. All my water, including water run over stones, comes out at 3 ppm using a TDS meter.

    I want to have a sediment and contaminant filter installed on the water line into the house. I would rather bathe in less garbage, and the stalagmites that develop in my distiller are appalling.
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator


    Give Dr.K. some context .....your Mom's and Gran's and siblings health

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