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Goodbye to arthritis and so much more…

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Phil Escott, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    I didn't see it that way at all…just an image of your journey. As you said…we all need some fundamentals as well as a our creative intuition: some earth, water and air.
  2. Phil Escott

    Phil Escott New Member

    Thanks SeaHorse. That is how I meant it, but the limitations of the written word… :) It wouldn't be the first time I've got in trouble like that… If you waffle as much as I do, by the law of averages, eventually something's going to come across the wrong way, so I'm cautious… :)
  3. Da-mo

    Da-mo Gold

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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Great pic .... Dr. K. will be a happy camper! How lucky are we ?????

    see you on the Q&A .......
  5. Phil Escott

    Phil Escott New Member

    It's fixed now – no more gambling site fiascos! :)
  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Phil... what was it again when shoulders hurt :)
    what was the issue with thoughts about that? My shoulders are a weak spot in my body, I used to think it is because I easily take all the burdens on me and worry way too much... very stupid habit for sure :(

    Now I have been laying a lot on the floor on my belly, working on my laptop way too much lately and resting on my arms that put pressure on the shoulders too - not much other movement to balance it out, so I guess this and the EMF together are the reason they hurt at times lately.. and yeah my divorce. But normally the body should tolerate some pressure so I clearly see the role of EMF (eating the collagen) and my thoughts..
    could you push me a little here?
    I often am able to work my thoughts in the right direction and that feel just awesome.. but I sometimes fail too :oops: grrrrr
    I do know what to do to heal again, have changed the stupid habits. I just would be so curious if you know about any thoughts & shoulder connection I am not aware of so I could work on that too
    not leaving any stones unturned

  7. Phil Escott

    Phil Escott New Member

    Hi Inger… Ooh, well I'm honoured you ask, but I'm no expert really – only with my own body. It's just that I've found a huge connection between emotions and the various body parts I've had affected. Oddly, never the shoulders – they are the best, strongest joints on my body, perhaps because I'm such an irresponsible, selfish old hippy (and NEVER watch the news) I never take the weight of the world on them. :)

    The first thing that occurs is that it's easy to say, "Oh, it's just the pressure…" but I've come to believe that if you don't have the genetics to hurt the body from within with an illness, accidents/strains/sprains etc can fulfil the same purpose. It took me a long time to believe that, but if everything's the same at a quantum level, what's the difference between an arthritic knee and a busted cruciate ligament? I mention that because I know my son and I both have had issues with "moving forward in life", which relates to the knees. My left knee blew up with arthritis, but my son, who doesn't have arthritis, snapped both AC ligaments in separate footballing and mountain biking accidents. Coincidence? I think not. Fascinating stuff!

    So, all I can really do is have a look in the Louise Hay and Inna Segal reference books and steal the following…

    Louise Hay – "[Shoulders] represent our ability to carry our experiences in life joyously. We make life a burden by our attitude."

    Inna Segal – (Yep…) "Carrying the weight of the world. Holding onto too much strain, stress or worry. Feeling insecure, unsure, frightened, overwhelmed, sad, rejected, distrustful and discouraged. Easily hurt. Droopy shoulders indicate a lack of joy and fun. Seriousness. Focusing on problems rather than solutions."

    Also, anything that is inflammatory in nature, i.e. ending in "-itis" also relates to repressed anger and frustration wherever it manifests in the body – arthritis, bursitis etc – so that's worth looking into. However, my intuition says with you there's less of a component of that. I don't know why.

    I find that these things have to be sat with for a while, as some subtle variation of their interpretations is what is usually ailing us. An exception has been for the eyes and my bouts of uveitis. Even the distinctions between left and right eyes has been absolutely utterly accurate as if it was written for me. Have I confused you even more? :)
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2014
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  8. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    Well that's had me snivelling into my hanky! I can recognise some of that. Fixing it is the tricky bit.
  9. Phil Escott

    Phil Escott New Member

    You have shoulder or knee stuff going on? :)
  10. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    One knee has been a problem for years. Gives way occasionally. During yoga or any time I try to take weight on it, there are crunching and cracking noises. The side is very tender to the touch as is around the back of it and I reckon it's swollen. I can walk around fine though. It's the same leg that I can see a varicose vein developing in.

    Shoulder blades rather than shoulders, sometimes have quite bad pain there, especially overnight and on waking. It can ease or continue during the day, it goes away for quite sizeable chunks of time though.

    Interesting about the droopy shoulders, I find mine are often jammed under my ears and I have to consciously relax them.

    Apart from that, no problem lol.
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  11. Phil Escott

    Phil Escott New Member

    Sounds more like an osteoarthritic issue than full-on inflammatory to me, but I know even that has inflammatory roots. Maybe look at the "moving forward in life" issue. It's what I'm working on now. So many other joints have totally sorted themselves, I feel it must be that issue for me that the knee hasn't quite returned to normal. Also I have a little tenderness at the shoulder blade level of the thoracic spine which can be money issues/worries – not supporting oneself enough etc. Certainly for me those are my two remaining issues now, and so closely linked, that it can't be coincidence. I mean, the symptoms are practically nothing now with all the other stuff I've done, but I know the root issue isn't totally cleared like it is with other joints. Ankles for example are to do with trying NOT to run away from something, and yes, at the time I felt really trapped by having to look after my aging and unappreciative mother. Now I have dealt with that issue I have no ankle problems at all. And no, she's still alive – I didn't chop her up and bury her in the garden… :)

    Try telling a rheumatologist that it's connected to emotions! I knew I'd find some kind of answer like that right from the start – it just took me a lot of groping around before I did.

    Early on, an exasperated rheumatologist asked me why I wouldn't take methotrexate. Without really thinking, I blurted out, "Because then there wouldn't be any magic in the world." He looked at me like I was nuts. :)
  12. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    "And no, she's still alive – I didn't chop her up and bury her in the garden… :) "
    Maybe you should have done ........................ just kidding honest lol.

    "it just took me a lot of groping around before I did."
    Each to their own of course ;)

    Moving forward in life, I can see the positive benefits in that, where shall we go :)?
  13. Phil Escott

    Phil Escott New Member

    Ha ha! I was often tempted… Thing is, she is so much nicer to be around now. We often find that after we change our own views about somebody they change too. After all, we can never change anyone directly.

    Ah, you picked up on the groping I see. I risked it and forgot for a moment that my audience wasn't 100% from overseas and that somebody out there shared my dirty English toilet sense of humour. :)

    As for where shall we go? How about tying our bad legs together and going for a three-legged earthing run on Southport beach? I hope yours is your right leg, or it's going to be very ungainly… :)
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2014
  14. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    Run? I haven't moved any quicker than a slow trot in years!
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  15. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Thank you Phil :)

    yes you are right about that I have had less repressed anger or frustration and more stress and worry.. sad too.. because I have been mourning a bit, bad girl.:oops: I have had to pull me up! So... yeah I have listened to my body and changed things..
    guess what, almost no pain anymore in shoulders :) :) :) in just 2 days - and I dropped coffee and each and every supplement. Was not much but I have been testing D Ribose lately, i do not think it was good for me, I have enough energy and it felt like I was just "pushed", or nothing.... but I loved the taste..hehe Then the Chlorella, I thought could not hurt, I had a lot! But darn, might not have been good for me.. and the Magnesium Malate too. Have been eating it for a while every night. just because I though I should... lol I never was a big supplementer. But here was so much talk about all those supps and I thought heck lets try.... No idea if they have been bad but my gut says just to quit them all.
    Noooo this girl needs it natural! :eek:
    For me, to make my food my medicine is my only way, that becomes clearer and clearer to me - makes me less confused, and more focused

    I slept in the tent one night and it was awesome! Just so bumpy...lol I have to dig a bit to make it nice. then I will carry my magnetico out there too. I wake up surrounded by the nature... :) looking right onto the river :) I am so close I can almost put my foot in the water from my tent!
  16. Phil Escott

    Phil Escott New Member

    Ah yes, mag malate. I had a lot of palpitations about a year or so ago, and it used to kill them dead, so I got addicted and swallowed a LOT. I'm pretty sure it's best to be off all supplements as soon as you can. If I had all the money back that I've spent on unnecessary supplements over the past four years due to bad guesswork and no labs, I'd buy myself a car – an expensive one. :)

    Now, sleeping outside. That is wonderful. It's the reason I go carp fishing. People think it's to do with catching fish, but it's not really. I mean, some of these carp are 40 years old and very difficult to catch, and some of the lakes are big and only have a handful of them in. So, if you are lucky you only catch a few a year if you go for a night or two a week. This is great as it means beautiful peaceful sleep in nature! To wake up at 3am, look out and see a swan gliding across the lake in the moonlight is wonderful. And people think shooting stars are rare. I see them all the time! There is so much that people never see during their whole lives that I see every time I go. It's like my Himalayan cave. Actually I did the same with the novel I wrote – when the main character isn't in India or the 15th century Middle East in a past life, he's carp fishing, not that the fishing is important – it's what happens while you're there, how your consciousness unfolds. I despair of people who take televisions with them!! :)

    Actually, I'm supposed to be finishing a screenplay for a possible film of it and I'm procrastinating by messing around here, so I'd better get on with it, 'cos if it's not blowing a gale, I'm off to the lake later… :)
  17. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    I've long thought that night fishing was an convenient excuse for blokes to spend an innocent night away from home, you just confirmed it, TV??? For goodness sake. I know I'm right, at our weekend place in Cumbria there are several fishing spots among the trees above the shore line. There is an unending stream of discarded litter by most of them, corn kernel tins (bait no doubt), many beer cans, lager bottles, coke cans, cigarette packets and sandwich wrappers and the carrier bags they arrive in, just discarded around some areas of natural beauty. Fishing? Maybe, lads night out drinking, more likely. Here's one of them, low afternoon light, so peaceful, well it would be if the fishing louts didn't spoil it, well I would have uploaded a photo except it's totally refusing any size photo by saying it's too large! Any help on this?
  18. Phil Escott

    Phil Escott New Member

    Oh dear… Yes, there is always that element in the more accessible places. Well the places I go are usually private club or syndicate lakes – no members of the public generally get to see them. No litter… well, if you get caught you get banned, and quite right too. I spent the night out last night and feel absolutely amazing this morning. It was a full moon, or almost, and the night was so bright. It was beautiful. To think, we pay hundreds of thousands for a house, but my bivvy (glorified tent), which cost about £400 and my bedchair (more comfortable than my bed at home) that cost about £300 is way better for my health than my house!! We certainly have got things the wrong way round! :)
  19. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    It's what happened in the name of progress, the important things got lost along the way. Now they're considered a bit infra dig by those who don't understand that what we need can't be found in manmade objects of any sort.
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  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    arthritis is a collagen/metal/MMP issue in the extracellular matrix..........when you lose electrons it breaks down.

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