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Good time to do HCG???

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by nicld, May 12, 2014.

  1. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Oh and started following the information from HCG 2.0. Had some raw salmon and egg white for breakfast. Feeling pretty good about it.
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  2. nicld

    nicld Gold

    So I strayed a bit from the traditional protocol last night for supper. I have been missing pork and the good stuff from it. Following HCG 2.0, I bought the leanest pork I could find and some broccoli slaw and made stir fry last night with miracle noodles and braggs liquid amino’s. It was so good but back to the protocol today and no pork till done. Lunch today is fresh garden tomatoes and chicken and maybe half an apple. Maybe shrimp for supper.

    Did get an hour of grounding last night as the sun was setting and was so nice. I will be working from home on Friday (no sitter) and may try sitting outside while working. Thankfully my internet cord in long enough to reach outside.

    Friday was suppose to be my last day of pellets but with way more left I will just keep going till I mentally need to stop or I run out. I feel so much better in my own skin again but I am going to hold off on trying the pants on that are in the “too fat to fit” container in the closet till I am done with the pellets.
  3. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    So far here's my N=1 for this round

    like Christi I've pretty much eating what ever I want. I've found that while my weightloss isn't as dramatic the first round it is steadier, with short plateaus and slight gains inbtwn the losses.

    I loose more on the days I eat only seafood as my protein.

    last night I had bacon, mushrooms and scallops over zuchinni. no issues.

    I'll take slower weight loss with increased electrons over massive weight loss any day..
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  4. nicld

    nicld Gold

    The first time I did rounds of HCG my second round I lost way less then the first.

    I know last time my electrons were CRAP. Just got done training and running a half marathon in May then did a round in July. I am with you, rather gain electrons then loss tons just to have it come back due to being so depleted. So it will be half a can of oysters tomorrow morning, 30 minutes within waking :D and then some raw fish and cucumbers for lunch and maybe salmon for supper.
  5. Anna

    Anna New Member

    Hi Everyone, hope you don't mind me asking but I'm intrigued - I've been reading back through all your comments and I'm wondering how it is that with consuming of foods containing saturated fats such as salmon, that this would be beneficial for one travelling along on the hcg protocol? because it is my understanding that if we consume saturated fat that the body will use this first for fuel instead of looking for abnormal fats for fuel - ultimately isn't it these abnormal fat stores that we need to rid of in order for correct leptin signalling to the hypathalamus?
  6. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Adding more seafood helps you maintain levels of DHA. DHA is critical for the transfer of electrons within your mitochondria - particularly in your brain. Correct Levels of DHA, particularly in the brain and eye - directly support the reset of the hypothalmus. One thing I've found that when I eat seafood - particularly seafood that's loaded w/DHA (oysters, sardines, crab, mussels, squid etc) I have steadier losses. When I eat lean beef or chicken this time around I'm gaining.

    My calories are still ranging btwn 500-800 cals/day - even with bulletproof coffee in the morning to support moving ketones to my brain. I have more energy - and I don't have the feeling Like I'm missing something.

    the other night we had bacon, mushrooms, scallops over zuchinni - and I was still lost the next day.

    Here's the thing though - I wouldn't do my first round this way. You've got to follow the first round and stabilize in p3/p4 (I easily stabilized after my last round with only daily +/- 2lb fluctuations. This 2nd round I needed more seafood. It was intuitive.

    My weight loss has been slower but its been steady. not the rapid losses I saw first time around... but their losses just the same. I'm also still seeing measurement changes..

    So for me this round is about loosing LOTS of weight but about loading my cells with DHA and supporting reversing disease.... the weight loss is a side benefit...
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  7. nicld

    nicld Gold

    The salmon that I am eating on protocol only contains 1g of fat per 4oz so not the tastiest but better then chicken and beef. Also love raw cod with lemon and cucumbers and raw shrimp in tomatoes.

    Like Gretchen said, if one has never done HCG before try to follow to protocol as much as possible but eat way more white fish and shrimp.

    I am now on bonus days (past 40 since I have way more pellets left) and am starting to eat half a can of oysters right away in the morning.
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  8. Anna

    Anna New Member

    Hi @Shijin13 ,
    Thanks so much for replying – yup all makes perfect sense and totally am with you on the fact that weight loss is a side benefit :)

    Would it be okay if I picked your brain further please? I have lots of thoughts/queries.

    My first query is why if one is doing well with foods containing saturated fat and foods to help support levels of DHA, would there be a use for hcg? Couldn’t weight loss still be achieved with no calorie restrictions, eating these same foods? Inturn gaining leptin sensitivity……………..Leptin RX persay……………..

    You mention personally that you find you do better with seafood over chicken and red meat – have you found others that are reverse, in that they do better with chicken and red meat over seafood?

    And inline with the above query – do you think or have you seen that this possibly has a great deal to do with the season of the year that one might be following the protocol?
    You mentioned that in this round for you, you are finding you are doing better with seafood – I wonder if your first round was done in a different season?
    And in your first round with following the protocol to the tee, were you eating seafood or chicken and red meat? Or perhaps all mixes of protein? If so, did you notice a correlation to better losses with one protein type over the other? You noted too that you have seen gains this round when consuming chicken and red meat – would you say this is an inflammation reaction to these foods perhaps?

    Can I ask, how much weight do you feel you have to lose? How long did you wait between your first and second round? Have you previously done the protocol, as in possibly in the years previous?

    I’m so sorry for all the questions and I truly hope you don’t mind me picking your brain………….please let me know if it is not appropriate.

    Thanks heaps.
  9. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    This winter I gained 30lbs even though I was in ketosis. my thyroid labs showed I was hyper, but my symptoms showed I was hypo. I did the leptin reset successfully and lost the weight I regained almost 3yrs prior with ease.

    After listening to the Redox RX WEbinar and JAck and Dr Patel talk about when HCG is right for some individuals. I decided to give it a go. I wasn't having any success with loosing the 30lbs I gained and I was having crazy postparindal FBG above 170 regularly - while eating zero carbs. After reading up on HCG and looking at all its potential side effect I decided it was the right time to do HCG.

    I did my 1st HCG round from Mid May to June '14. I lost almost 20 lbs. I followed the HCG round to a T and felt great, but I noticed even on that round - the days I ate seafood as my primary protein source I had sharper cognition, and I had better weight loss. On the days I ate chicken - I gained, even if I had seafood at another meal. On days I ate steak/lean beef I'd stall. If I ate steak and seafood I'd loose a little weight - but not as much as I would if I ate fish.

    I took 8 weeks off btwn rounds. I needed to run labs, and we were in the midst of moving at the end of my 6wks.

    As far as weightloss I'm 5'3". I was around 160 before gaining 30lbs last winter. I will say if I weighed under 120 - I'm not certain I'd look that good at that weight. I've a very muscular woman, who carries extra weight w/o looking like I'm in the obese category - with the exception of my face. The last time I was under 120 was my freshman year in college right after basic training when I'd dropped below 105lbs due to the vigorous training (I looked anorexic even though I was killing close to 7000cals/day - talk about some electron loss!) . It took me 2 years to get back to my competitive weight for swimming which ranged btwn 145-165 depending on how heavy I was lifting, while still wearing a size 4 in clothes (I was ripped/cut and the only girls who could lift with me were the powerlifters). Btwn basic training and survival school my metabolism got messed up, add to the fact shortly after survival school I began working nightshifts ever 5 days at the base command post.

    after college I was able to keep post graduation weight off due to the fact I ate a zone type diet, and the fact that I also spent most of my job walking the flightline. the down side is my schedule was pretty screwed up. there were days where I worked days, and swings putting in over an 18hr day. there were other days where I had to work both Graves and Days. needless to say my circadian cycle was pretty effed up. eventually this all caught up with me and It's taken me 14 yrs to get to where I'm at today.

    HCG was a complement to Jack's protocols for me. I stabilized easily. in P3 I could eat what ever I wanted w/o issue - even had some cheat days in there where I'd eat P4 foods w/o any gains.

    Even though I show all the signs of being leptin sensitive - my labs still show I have insulin issues that directly are impacting my Beta Cell Production - hence I'm sitll Leptin Resistant - at least at the liver, and the mitochondria. Basically any glucose or protein can't get in to the mitochondria b/c cytochrome 1 is busted. But even though I've been eating high fat, moderate protein, low carb for a while - I still can't leverage cytrochrome 2, even though I have a rocking Redox Potential. so I'm stuck in Limbo - Kinda like @TheKid for whom OSF8 was written. Pretty much sums me up. I need help to leverage and active cytrochrome 2. I'm using HCG in combo with Metformin to see if I can make that happen as my own personal biohack. what I'm doing may not apply to everyone else.

    Hopefully this answers your questions.
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  10. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Gretchen in yr situation......does the use of niacin to help PPP, come into play ?.....
    can't find the link to the following...

    ""When you eat a ketogenic diet guess what else happens.......we bypass complex one at the inner mitochondrial membrane and enter FADH2. You heard about this in the Quantum electron post.........but what did not I tell you? Why does a ketogenic diet work in T1D, T2D, and to lose weight? When you lose water conduction at the inner mitochondrial membrane you lose the ability of proper nanoscopic protein folding of cytochrome 1. This throws off the nanoscopic precision required for quantum tunneling and this cause increased ROS and metabolic syndrome........This is also why niacin works in these diseases because it is a ketone mimic drug. Why? Niacin also known as vitamin B3, nicotinic acid and vitamin PP, is an organic compound with the formula C6H5NO2 and one of the 40 to 80 essential human nutrients. In fact, when niacin deficiency is present it is one of 5 vitamins that causes a pandemic disease condition called pellagra. But it can be used to bypass a "broken" cytochrome 1 when mis-folding (due to a chronic ATP deficiency think EMF 7). ""
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  11. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Jude I've used niacin but not sure it does anything for me. maybe I wasn't taking enough???? only positive is I don't get the Niacin flush - so there is that.... so maybe it is working for me who knows....

    Though I do remember having a conversation w/Jack - where he told me Niacin isn't always the the right thing for some individuals....
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  12. nicld

    nicld Gold

    On bonus days now and with breakfast of 1/2 can of oysters, lunch of lemon cod with sun warmed garden fresh cherry tomatoes and supper with be grilled shrimp and scallops, I think I can keep going.
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  13. Anna

    Anna New Member

    Hi @Shijin13 , Gretchen :) thanks for replying - sorry I'm alittle late in responding :)
    Really appreciate your insight here, so thankyou for that and yes, I do feel also that HCG is complimentary for so many.
    It was interesting to read how fish served your body better over meat and chicken - I do not in anyway follow D'Armos work but I am always interested in observations and to this, may I ask are you by any chance an A blood type?
    Inline with the doing better with fish also, looking at when you did your first round earlier on in the year and now with this current round, perhaps the different proteins is not necessarily a seasonal issue for you then would you say?
    After P3, what foods do you then consume that you feel are okay for your body (other than fish)?
    And one last question sorry - have you noticed many foods that have caused you inflammation gains?
  14. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest


    glad to answer your questions. I think the seafood provides benefit due to the DHA. Years ago I tried the D'Adamo blood type diet - I actually gained weight on it; even though I followed it to a T. I am A+. From there I moved to the Zone and had better success.. (lowcarb is where I've always felt best)

    when I was on P3 - I could pretty much eat anything (include P4 foods - I spent part of P3 on vacation and I did have several P4 foods w/o weight gain)

    I did notice that during P3 Eggs and cooked tomatoes don't play well with me (+/- 1-2lbs). however when I moved in to P4 I did find I could eat eggs if they were baked. I've kept tomatoes raw w/o issue.

    I never had more than a +/- 2lbs across a day for all of P3/P4.
  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The environment trumps foods. Hard to fathom......but true.
    Optimal health is found when you get your circadian rhythm fixed first. Then introduce Cold Thermogenesis (increasing SNS), fix the mitochondria (with DHA for electric charge) , and pour in the electrons (the current from fatty foods)

    Redox first then detox.

    I have been consistent that I am all about proper circadian signal in reference to food. How long you use it depends upon your latitude and longitude of your environment and how much non native EMF your exposed too. Here is the irony.......all the paleo leaders and their famous bloggers all live in EMF hell holes.......no wonder they write as they do.........they are blind to the work why. You need to become aware of their ignorance. Nora Volkow work is critical to understanding why food is not that big a deal when you live in a toxic environment. The best fuel is subject to your environment. IT is that simple.
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  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The key is understanding how things link together. DHA takes light and turns it into an electrical signal. This site is about pieces of knowledge woven into a tapestry. If I told you 4 years ago what I was really up to you would have thought me mad. Some of you have. Paleo paints me this way because they do no tunderstand the scale I am operating at. But 4 yrs ago I did tell you all what I was up to. It is called the quilt document, and I shared with Dexter Yard before I ever post one blog. I want to ask a guy was this too much for a lay person to get? Because of his responses I went with it. When you really become a revolutionary is when you begin to string all this data together so that it begins to challenge every paradigm in your world. Then people really do think you are crazy because they do not understand the scale of where your insights arise.
    Knowledge is fundamentally useless to us until it is connected, copied and pasted, by nature’s blueprint to become crystalized into a coherent organization. You begin to realize that "matter", actually does not really matter. It is the information linking "that matter" which is primordial. Water = alphabet, magnetism = circuit board, light is the electric current. Why has it taken many so long? Because we are all captive to our beliefs. The more electrons you collect the more information your collect and it is this light/power that separates you from your beliefs to see new perspectives to transform your worldview.
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  17. nicld

    nicld Gold

    I am sure this is why this round is so much different then the last time I did it. Sleep is pretty darn good, can do 2+ hours of CT at 50F water temps, eating WAY more seafood. Only issue I have to still work on is how to work with the increase in fatty foods with no gall bladder and fat absorption issue (I will go back on the ox bile).

    I am cautiously optimistic that I will stabilize fairly well if I keep doing all of the above item.
  18. Anna

    Anna New Member

    @Shijin13 (Gretchen) and @Jack Kruse for your responses.
    Gretchen, in no way do I feel that work by D'Armo is worth following - but with interest I have followed for several years now my own observations and findings in regards to foods, specifically protein that each blood type appears to do well with. I see correlations time and time again and further, I have no doubt also as Jack mentions that our location as in longitude and latitude also plays a big role in this - all tied together. I also see many patterns in regards to specific food types that may or may not cause inflammation responses in the body as well, so again, am not surprised to read your comments about remaining in a fairly level state of weight. Thankyou so much for commenting on this for me. As I live in Australia I really appreciate the input from our U.S folk :)

    Jack, absolutely understand your reply in regards to 'environment trumps food' and 'proper circadian signal in reference to food' - along with all that you share here. I have been following you and reading your blogs for three years now, absorbing with great gusto! Thankyou for all that you do in opening up our world to so much more!
    The unfortunate thing for us here in Australia is that people just are not aware - we do not have enough leaders out there spreading the word as you do Jack, therefore what we find is a 'diet' of this n that - people are followers here, whatever is popular at that time whether that be paleo, LCHF, weight watchers etc instead of taking their own initiative, taking control of their own health. Our doctors unfortunately are not educated beyond what they know either, so people are again just following and doing what their doc says!
    There is no education about circadian rhythm, EMF's, water, CTing etc etc - basically here people look at food first instead of environment - frustrating, however, learning all I have from you, my own personal bio hacking and input from other sources, I have been able, to the best of my ability, educate more and more people - some get it, some don't. But generally if I can start with food, as this is what they are accustomed too - then I can begin opening up their worlds to see there is so much more out there and that environment must come first. I refer people whom begin to show an interest and understanding to you Jack - for many they do find your terminology alittle hard to comprehend, as you mentioned above ' I want to ask a guy was this too much for a lay person to get?' - to this, I do the best I can to explain to them in lay term what you are educating us on.
    But at least if I can begin with helping people in a lay term about leptin, DHA, circadian rhythm etc etc and inturn they 'get it', this ultimately then gives them the motivation to learn more - I strive to learn more, not only for myself but inturn to help others...........Jack, we NEED you here in Australia!

    The other really frustrating thing here in Australia is that Leptin is so unknown, so foreign not only to the lay but to our doctors - this is where it further becomes frustrating because labs that you all talk of don't happen here! Specifically for Leptin!
  19. Anna

    Anna New Member

    @nicld, I'm no expert lol, but from my understanding and from working with others, I have found there to be a correlation with fat absorption and timing of ovulation - meaning, around ovulation time with higher oestrogen levels occurring you may see a correlation in regards to how well or not well your body is able to process those higher fatty foods. (gall bladder issues associated with oestrogen dominance)
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  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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