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Good time to do HCG???

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by nicld, May 12, 2014.

  1. nicld

    nicld Gold

    I can go outside and rewarm in the sun and it is just generally a bit warmer. Still trying to figure out why when the house is 70 in the summer it feels way warmer than 70 in the winter (which we hardly ever go up to that temp anymore). Plus I just cannot do deep CT in the summer. This past winter I would grab buckets of snow and put them in the tub to get the water down to below 40. I just cannot make that much ice nor can I afford to buy that much ice to get that cold. It maybe that I did so much CT this past winter that I am better adapted and that the hormones are way better. I think I said before but on previous rounds I was a FREEZE baby and my first round was in July. This time, none, actually a bit too warm. I am just hoping that it means that this time the losses will stick.

    Going to do more CT tonight and hopefully oxy afterwards to rewarm so I will let you know how it goes. Yesterday I did CT outside and could have stayed in there all day but I had to get out for a birthday party.

    I am sure that it helped that I was eating lots of seafood before and still eating it this round. This weekend was raw seafood with cucumbers in lemon juice. I even went off of protocol a bit and added some oysters and may do that again with the shrimp salad having for supper. Got to get the DHA in.
  2. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Did one hour of CT last night and the water started at 49 F and it felt so good (plus the oxy rewarming afterwards). I am just amazed at how I am not feeling cold this time on HCG. In the past it was almost unbearable. Did have a couple of oysters on the shrimp salad last night. I did see that a local store has fresh oysters (but pricey) so I might go and get a couple and try this weekend.

    Yesterday the hunger was so minimal that I forgot to take the midday dose of pellets. Ended up taking them later in the day so we will see how today goes.
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  3. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    CD2....cycle day 2, day 2 of my period. The week before my period I generally have little to no loss, more hunger than usual, and I am cranky. So Starting CD2 and doing 21 days gives me that last week of my cycle in P3. Attempted to cycle right back in last time but my body rejected that idea...perhaps I was still detoxing from the 20lb loss? So I waited a cycle in between and am about to start another.

    I was also not cold at all this time....I froze every time I did hcg, shivered, wrapped in blankets in the summer. Definitely adding CT this round...didnt think that would be possible.
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  4. Curves

    Curves Guest

    Cantweight, 20 pounds is a great loss for a round. That is excellent! And I love how you pay attention to what your body "feels" rather than forcing it to do something.

    I always feel like the psychological component is always huge for me on hcg. Even though I'm not hungry, I want to eat. In earlier rounds, I can truly say, I went through both a physical detox and an emotional one. Although this time I'm doing waaaay better (today is Day 13), I want to eat for the joy and distraction of eating. I think that's what Dr. K calls "eating for entertainment." :)

    Overall, I'm doing well. Minimal hunger, no crankiness, not cold. I am feeling pretty bloated though so something's not working right. I can't say if it's caused weight gain since I decided not to weigh myself.

    I haven't added CT in yet, but I'm contemplating it. Since we're an hour or more from the ocean now, I'm going to go look for a nearby creek to sit in. I can get away from emf in half an hour. The water is super cold around here because it's all glacial run off. I'm still not ready to embrace the tub :)
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  5. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Do the CT, it does feel awesome and good for you for not weighing. If one is following the plan the body will release what it will release and one cannot really control that.

    I think the egg whites and chicken I had yesterday may have been a bit too old as I too am having some GI issues.
  6. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    I'm getting ready to start my next round. TOTM just showed up - so I should be able to start next week. One thing I keep kicking around is going off protocol, with foods. ie eat oysters, sardines, and other seafood as my primary fuel, with the occasional beef and maybe even some pork and fluctuate my calories btwn 500 and 800 across the days.

    This week I've been craving seafood and been noshing seriously on sardines (not my favorite - but w/a little guacamole and home made avocado mayo those little buggers slide right down). Tuesday I rolled out the scale and I was 169, this morning I got up and I was 166.

    After skimming CT4 again, and staring OSF8 - I'm really beginning to think that seafood is more important, than say calories while doing HCG. Anyone else busting protocol like this?
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  7. Grmoline

    Grmoline Gold

    I'm managing with prawns and lobster right now, but I would like to know this as well for the next round. I'm staying close to protocol for now since this is my first round ever and a personal biohack. And, it might be an n=1 like so many other things, based on one's starting point, redox, etc, etc.
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  8. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    Thats what I did last round....500-800 cals. I even used a little butter to saute veggies. I dont know if it was the different kind of drops that I used or the the state of my body but when I did rx hcg one time I cheated and ate and extra half grapefruit and took almost a week for my weight to go up, plateau, come back down, and start losing again.

    I was very off protocol last round just to see what i could do as I am in for about a year of this....and it went quite well.

    So how many raw oyster do we think = 3.5ozs?;) I'm definitely pushing more seafood this round. And adding back CT and sauna

    CD2 here....Im on my way :) Not loading like I did last time, just eating a little more than usual, will see how that turns out :p
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  9. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    n=1 is the key I think.

    the other reason I want to push Seafood, particularly the Oysters/Sardines/Mackarel is it gives me more flexibility for eating and making food for the family. that and Sardines are a hell of a lot cheaper than grass feed beef and shrimp right now. I'm also thinking of keeping my BPC w/my brain octaine oil.

    eta: 1 can of smoked oysters is 110 calories and a can of sardines in water is 130 calories.
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  10. nicld

    nicld Gold

    I have not strayed too much but have added more seafood including raw cod/haddock and some canned oysters. I will be trying some fresh ones tomorrow I hope.

    I was wondering about the brain octane oil too but have not been brave enough to try it. This round I am not as strict about weighing everything and calculating to make sure I was not over 500 and have upped the protein. My staple item right now is home made beef jerky.

    Today is not a good day for eating as I think what I ate yesterday is not agreeing with me and the gut hurts.

    So what does everyone think about yellow squash and zucchini on protocol? I have a whole bunch of coming in my garden and they are great grilled with just some seasoning (not as good without oil though) and if I treat tomato as a fruit it work great in making "spaghetti".

    IMG_0933 (Small).JPG
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  11. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Nicole, I have used sliced zucchini simmered in some broth with a cod fillet in the past while doing a round. The cod flakes when done and it makes a pretty filling meal in a bowl.
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  12. nicld

    nicld Gold

    I will have to try that. Tossing in some seaweed would make it even better for you I think.
  13. Curves

    Curves Guest

    Gretchen, this is what I decided to do. I raised my calories to between 700 and 800 and am including other seafood. Whereas in the past I was okay with limiting my physical exercise, I'm not right now. Feeling too weak in yoga class just won't do. Otherwise, I'm sticking to protocol foods, just more of them. Since I'm not weighing myself I'm not following the day-to-day-fluctuations in my weight but I FEEL like I'm losing and you can see it coming off me.

    I decided that I'm also okay with the weight coming off me a bit slower, maybe this will make it easier to maintain.

    This is my plan on Day 15 but I am tweaking this as I go along. What seemed right on Day 7 doesn't seem right today.
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  14. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    great feed back.... I'll be kicking off my next round sometime next week...
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  15. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

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  16. nicld

    nicld Gold

    I am going rouge tonight and eating a piece of grilled salmon with grilled squash. One serving only has 1 gram of fat about the same as chicken and shrimp. I also had raw cod, shrimp and oysters for lunch.
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  17. caroline

    caroline New Member

    What is your calorie count looking like Nicole? you said you had raw cod and shrimp and oysters for lunch...

    How are you feeling?
  18. nicld

    nicld Gold

    I am not tracking calories. I do weigh by protein but rarely keep it at 100g. Not eating too much fruit since apples seem to give me a tummy ache, I don't like grapefruit and oranges are a little to high in sugar so just strawberries and those are local berries that I froze. I do exchange tomatoes for fruit though as I think I saw that somewhere that doing that was ok and my grape and cherry tomato plants are LOADED.

    This is the best I have every felt on a round both physically and mentally. I think all of the stuff I did the past year in working on getting optimal has been invaluable. The biggest difference is that I am not cold, at all!!! I think not getting on the scale and not tracking calories is the best thing for me mentally right now.

    As much as I would like to do another round this year, I think I am going to wait and try being stable for a while and keep working on getting the hormones better.
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  19. caroline

    caroline New Member

    sounds great Nicole!
  20. nicld

    nicld Gold

    This round has been a little strange for me. I am not really weighing my food and am not getting on the scale at all. Some days I feel like I have gained and it’s not working and then others I feel a tremendous loss. Today I put on some pants that I have not worn in about 10 days and they are nice and loose. I have about 17 more days to go and would love for these to be too big to wear.

    I did wake up a bit hungry today and the hunger did not subside so instead of sitting at work, thinking about how long I can hold off until I eat, I am had some of the homemade beef jerky I make and that hit the spot.

    I think pretty soon it will be mainly cucumbers and tomatoes for veggies. My heirloom, grape and cherry tomatoes are getting ripe and last I checked my English cucumber plants are prolific. I love harvest time. I can’t wait till I am done and can start eating the kale that is growing and has come back nicely after the goats got at it.

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