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Good time to do HCG???

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by nicld, May 12, 2014.

  1. Lava

    Lava Gold

    Do you think HCG could be used as a "detox?" I am doing an exorcism with Lyme and I know there is a lot of junk in my fat cells...Not to mention my 20+ pounds. .....This was just an idea but am also thinking that trying to lose weight is not a good idea at this juncture/ bad redox.....the extra pounds are a little painful though.....? Plus you are all inspiring me!!!!
  2. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Good question, not sure about the detox aspect of HCG. I know for me, when I did my first round starting in 2012 (3 rounds total) my redox was crap, pure crap and the weight did not stay off. I have been working in getting all aspects of my life better and there were 2-3 times this year that I was thinking that I would do a round but it just did not feel like it was the right time. I have to say that I was glad that I did not do one previously.

    Just my opinion, but I say continue working on getting your redox better, then worry about the weight. HCG is said to put a little more stress on the adrenals and if they are not rock solid it might be too much.
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  3. Lava

    Lava Gold

    Thank you....I have had some success with the HCG in the past and didn't put the weight back on for several years....I felt like crap though. (unaware of Lyme) In retrospect, I am sure it was some sort of detox from Lyme I was going through....Not nearly as rough as what it is like now....I have been doing the protocols here for roughly 2 years but with Spirochetes latched on to me it's been a long haul......:) Thanks for your advice......I think you are right...
  4. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    Lava I am having really good results with detox and weightloss using Deseret Biologicals Ha2cg which contains no HCG, so no hormone backlash for me. And I use it in conjunction with their detox kit and I think that is making all the differencea. I know I have methylation issues and after dealing with Lyme and coinfections and greatly overtreating I can only imagine the horrors that lurk in my fat cells.

    Also the calorie restriction itself may offer some outlet to the body to detoxify vs digesting??? Maybe...


    FWIW....I am a homeopathy skeptic, I notice a massive difference on and off these drops, however I have only used them with the Ha2cg and calorie restriction, so hard to pinpoint which is helping most or if it is the trifecta.
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  5. Lava

    Lava Gold

    CW ~ Thanks for the link...I saw in an earlier post you were using that so I have an app in to join BioDes. They also have a great Lyme protocol...

    Are you feeling better after treating your Lyme situation?
  6. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    Lava, not sure if you can order from DesBio, I think they might only sell to practitioners....which of course you could be!

    Yes I am infinitely better after treating Lyme, babesia, and bartonella. The Babesia was the worst for me. I was in quite a desperate situation with my illness, but I fully recovered from all pain, fever, cognitive decline, etc.
    I am still struggling with weight and fatigue...but I am getting there :)
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  7. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Great input Christi. Why this forum is great, everyone has a different N=1 and can share that with others.
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  8. nicld

    nicld Gold

    I think today will be my last day of pellets. I tried on a bunch of pants yesterday and not really into my 12’s yet but I did not think I would be in them (I put on a bunch of weight) and 2 more days will not make them fit. Plus it has been 50 days and I think that is enough. One of my 10’s fit but a 16 did not feel right yet. I love the sizing difference in women’s jeans. Nothing like messing with the mind.

    I just have to figure out what happened earlier this year that the weight came back on, that is the most frustrating part. I need to get labs done the beginning of October so we will see where I am at. I just want to maintain or (gasp) even lose some before the next round in January, just don’t want to gain, that was uncomfortable.
  9. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    I gained 40lbs since following high fat low carb. Felt great doing Leptin RX then somewhere along the line my body decided it hated it. The science is so good that I pushed it much longer than I should have and now I am paying the piper. N=1 N=1 N=1
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  10. nicld

    nicld Gold

    ^^^ I think that was my issue too plus the fat malabsorption and mycoplasma issues I am sure did not help. I am going to have to be very mindful the next 8 weeks when doing the reset again. No bacon every morning :( but a can of oysters and leaner pork in the morning or salmon. Probably no coconut crack for supper if not real hungry and go real easy on the bullet proof coffee. I know that is has been said it is not all about food but when everything else was getting better, it might have been the food :eek:
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  11. nicld

    nicld Gold

    So all done with HCG and moved right into leptin reset yesterday. This was the best round physically and mentally that I have done. I am back to a size that I am ok with for now (oh and the hubby had no idea). I did mix my veggies, ate a wider variety of veggies, ate more than 100g of protein when eating fish, ate a lot of fish this round and towards the end ate oysters right away for breakfast. I made sure to keep doing CT and grounding. I did notice toward the end that I needed to adjust the thyroid meds and had to stop the DHEA due to getting the bumps on the face like I did when I had too much oral DHEA.

    Next step is to work on the leptin reset and NOT over do it on the fats. After a post from Christi, I think that was my issue of why I gained this spring. I will still work on the gut and getting rid of the microplasma’s and keep eating sauerkraut and homemade kombucha.

    So I will be needing to load up on salmon, oysters and pork for breakfast and not have bacon everyday. Hope to keep the loss until January.
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  12. Justfourme

    Justfourme New Member

    So, since HCG makes you cold....is it a "hormonal form of CT"?
  13. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    I found it interesting that rounds of HCG prior to incorporating Jacks protocols left me freezing cold and I also regained the weight. My recent round saw good losses, no cold at all, and no regains.
  14. nicld

    nicld Gold

  15. Jeff Power

    Jeff Power Gold Member - Light-centric

    With respect to HCG, I am on my third month of HCG which my naturopath put me on to help increase my testosterone level. My test levels are back to optimal. I do CT and have not experienced the cold. I haven't changed anything with diet which was a modified paleo and now epi-paleo. I have been feeling good and looking great.

    With respect to Homeopathics, I understand the criticism and the whoo whoo factor but I have had success with them when I was younger. I had Lymes disease when I was 15, ended up with a 105 degree fever one day while trying to play a soccer game (I almost fainted but thought I was invincible when I was 15) and about 50 big red spots on my legs, yes 50 (probably a whole tick nest bit me while sleeping). My mother had a friend who used a homeopathic program with success. So I took some meds from my regular doctor to help the fever initially and then I went on a 1 year long program of homeopathic remedies. I believe there were some Chinese / Ayervadic compounds in the mix too. I didn't realize the severity of Lymes until recently.

    I got better fast and have never had an issue related to Lymes in the last 15 years. I forget that I even had it at times. The one thing that I always think about homeopathic remedies is that maybe, just maybe, it is analogous to other things Jack discusses constantly regarding how our perception changes over time as technology allows us to observe affects at the quantum scale. Who knows, maybe its placebo but maybe there is something we just don't know yet. We didn't know what magnetism was in 1800 right?
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  16. Anna

    Anna New Member

    Hi @nicld , re your sentence about weight coming back on - did you notice large daily fluctuations/increases or was it a slow gradual increase over time? Also, interested to know too, did you continue after using the pellets to write down your foods, as in a food diary noting different foods each day or so that you may have been introducing back into your diet?
  17. Anna

    Anna New Member

    Yeh and that was the other interesting thing to note is that you mentioned 'spring' - I'm in Australia lol but did the weight coming back on correlate around the same time as coming into your Spring/Summer?
  18. Anna

    Anna New Member

    You may think I'm loopy, but am wondering what your blood type is? and lol, I sooo agree with your last sentence!
  19. margor_j

    margor_j New Member

    hi hi again!

    wow, i STILL havent done HCG - Dr Tim said I could, but! any calorie restriction is a stress on the body (so hes saying regardless of what the hcg stimulates / the action it causes) and that he wouldnt advise it yet.
    I am still working with him - and the deseret biologicals was what he recommended for my mycoplasma, the second one if i cant get that is the rainforest one - which i can get! from NZ! Luckily - we have kiwi riders in the bike team I work with, so they transport it over the borders for me - save on postage, win win!

    Im also like you @nicld, and wanting SO badly to lose weight, get frustrated etc.. infact, up to fairly recently, iv had a bit of a bad run with feeling shitty, BUT, im back staying at the organic place i was at earlier in the year - and WOW , m y sleeps insanely amaze balls! thats a massive victory in my messed up world, so .. day at a time? im finding energy a bit of a struggle, so i wonder if its from the mycoplasmic treatment - also im taking ionic silver.

    just got labs back, il do a post soon. freaking amaze balls, feels like answers? finally? and i finally have the time (and resources) to access doctors, internet etc etc.. so im due for another consult with TJ soon..

    personally, Im not sure i could deal with Hcg, def not yet, and def NOT with putting weight back on. i can still go up and down with how i feel, hunger etc, so im happy focusing on that for now.

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  20. nicld

    nicld Gold

    It did.
    It was fairly stable for a bit then it just piled one, was stable for a while again. This was all before I joined this site and started working on circadian stuff. Last spring I was still trying to do a ketogenic diet and think I was just eating way too much fat plus the hormones were still working them selves out as I gained probably about 20 then.

    The last round I just did was way different and so far the weight has stayed off and I might have even lost a bit more. I really did not track my food or weight and went off of the strict protocol and ate more seafood (skinless salmon and oysters), I mixed veggies and most of my veggies were from my garden. I also only ate strawberries at the fruit and only had a couple of apples the whole time.

    I do plan on doing another round in January using the pellets again. This time it will be even less veggies and probably no fruit as they are just not growing where I live at that time.

    So happy for you. When the time is right you will know it. I will be retesting soon to see if the treatments for the mycoplasma's and the other stuff that Jack has been teaching has helped (I was on the same stuff as you).

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