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Gluten Intolerance Probiotics

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by NotAnother30, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. NotAnother30

    NotAnother30 New Member

    I was just wondering if anyone with gluten intolerance has taken probiotics after being diagnosed and if there has been any significant changes. I would guess that they should help some but I'm on the wire about taking them.

  2. zoebarry@yahoo.com

    zoebarry@yahoo.com New Member

    A blood test for allergies revealed that I was gluten intolerant. I avoid all gluten, if possible.

    My doctor suggested VSL#3 probiotic. It is pharmacutical grade and needs to be refrigerated, but you do not need a prescription. Most pharmacies carry it but you have to ask for it. Interestingly, my first bottle was purchased from the doctor for $89 for 60 caps, but you can get online from VSL for less than $60 and I now purchase mine directly from my pharmacy for $53!

    Yes, they made a world of difference for me. I have always have problems with constipation, but not anymore. This may be TMI, but on Thursday night, I went out for dinner and had a surf-n-turf dinner which was a steak and coconut shrimp. I think there was gluten in the breading. (duh!) Yesterday, I started having pains in my gut and a little gas. Last night it kept me awake somewhat. This morning I had a huge BM and feel great now. The probiotics definitely help getting the stuff out quick!
  3. finnite@dccnet.com

    finnite@dccnet.com New Member

    Agree, was diagnosed via enterolab and despite being gluten free except for X-contamination I have had constipation problems until I added in a probiotic and digestive enzymes.

    eta, as the above poster my probiotic has to be a pretty strong one though before I see results, I use a 50billion strain probiotic
  4. PaleoCowgirl

    PaleoCowgirl New Member

    Before I got on probiotics, a gluten experience would have me in bed for a week. Now, I can feel better in a day or two, without being completely fatigued. I've read you should switch your probiotic brands once in awhile, too, to keep your stomach guessing. I take 2-3 of the 50 billion strain myself, but I add in a different kind (only 14 billion) on occassion, just to switch things up. HCL and Super Digestive Enzymes also help with constipation for me.

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