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Glasses for NIGHTIME

Discussion in 'Optimal Reset 2013' started by Claudia, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

  2. endless

    endless New Member

    Those are the ones I have, and the ones Misty was wearing, I believe. I just bought yellow 'bug light' incandescent bulbs but I think some people also use red bulbs....not sure which were referred to.
  3. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    Thank you endless. Misty specifically said amber lights. Do you like your yellow lights?
  4. endless

    endless New Member

    I have them out on the porch, and one in the only lamp I leave on at night once my glasses go on. At first it seemed very dim and strange, now I hardly notice it! I've never seen a bulb labelled amber, so I don't know if it refers to the red or the yellow!
  5. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator

    I just searched amber bulbs on Amazon and lots come up. I have to order all different kinds...
  6. lioness7

    lioness7 Gold

    I replaced my bedrooms end table lights with the bulbs from lowbluelight.com.....must say quite relaxing when i walk in..older kids said it looked creeepy...i think it looks like a 19th century bordello....well that could be good ....lol
    .... Luckily my bathroom has two light switches so i replaced one fixture with the amber bulb....love it.....next phase when i find the ladder all bedroom ceiling lamps will get the same txt. I wear my blue blockers doing laundry cuz some a* hole electrician decided on my behalf that halogen potlights were the way to go......i hate them and did not notice how bad they were til i put the blue block glasses on....what relief!....like a veil lifted off. I hate the new lights which require an electrical engineering degree to purchase the right series or replace....have been stockpiling the old bulbs for years....requires lots of $$$$ to replace existing fixtures that require those high tech bulbs....but my laundry room will be first as i spend the most time in there (three washers and dryers so imagine)...dh has purchased a huge beeswax candle to augment the amber light as he loves to read before sleeping ...he is not quite on board but appreciates what i say though reticent.. but pliable :)
    I have researched and tried to find amber glass reflector replacements for the halogens....came up with one site but lost it.....one of those designer sites....cheaper than changing fixtures and drywall....anyone with any input?
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2013
  7. BJK77

    BJK77 Gold

    I found amber bulbs at my local mom-and-pop hardware store. I'd rather frequent places like that than HD any day!
  8. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    DH objected at first when I installed dim or yellow bulbs and started turning off lights after dark. He really couldn't see at all. But with time, and some diet changes, he is seeing better and better. I recently changed the bulb in the refrigerator from a 60 watt bug light to a 40 watt amber light, and he didn't even notice. And it has made me a lot happier, because I don't have to squint when I open it any more, even wearing my red glasses that block more light than the orange ones do.

    Similarly, the orange goggles made things quite dark for me at first, and it was difficult to read the computer screen with them. But I adjusted, and then looked for darker lenses. The red goggles were too dark at first also, but I've adapted nicely.
  9. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Question is... Wh are you opening the fridge after sundown? :p
  10. Melinda

    Melinda New Member

    Maybe a top up of ice cold mineral water?
  11. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Haha, good question! Actually, I open the fridge in the morning to make DH his breakfast and lunch to carry, or he will eat crap at work. In the middle of winter even the bug light was quite a shock of light.

    However, I have a small fridge that I keep my water bottles in, and I access that in the evenings. Wish it had a conventional-sized bulb. Hmm, maybe I could paint over the clear plastic that covers the bulb...
  12. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    Are these the right bulbs for just around the house? http://www.amazon.com/60-Watt-Ceram...=1362082104&sr=1-15&keywords=amber+light+bulb

    My H is very resistant to all this. It's funny but I used to wonder why he was always in the dark and I called him a vampire....going back before kids now, so 10 or so years ago. I wanted the lights on so I could eat and see and he would shut them off and could eat with minimal light. Now we have switched places. I can't stand when he walks in from work at 9:30 and turns on all the lights that I have dimmed. He insists that he can't see but he is having trouble with his eyes lately and needs to go to the eye doctor, probably needs glasses.

    Silly question: Can I still watch a little tv with the orange glasses on? I usually do watch a movie with my H on the weekends when the kids go to sleep. That's part of our time together without kids.
  13. diane

    diane Gold

    Claudia - mine has the TV on most of the time, so I use the glasses. He loves the lights on too, but at least now all the lights are off even though the TV is on. It's all a work in progress. :)
  14. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    Also, got my orange glasses and have been wearing them at sundown. They are not that comfortable though. Bother me around the ears, in fact that's why I gave up glasses for contact lenses so long ago. Also, if I"m reading in bed, is it ok to just read with my amber light on or do I need to wear the orange glasses, too? What is the bedtime routine like for you with glasses on? I find it hard to brush my teeth, but even worse is to take off makeup with glasses on. Pretty much impossible so I'm doing it in the dark and not doing a very good job of it, lol. I take my contact lenses off in the dark and then, put my eyeglasses on under the orange glasses, not so comfortable either. Hopefully I'll get used to it more. My H is also getting used to this change and things I'm sooooo weird :).
    Stella likes this.
  15. diane

    diane Gold

    I wear my blue blockers over my glasses too - just takes a little getting used to. I try to take my makeup off while I take my contacts out - before I put the blue blockers on. Or I use a candle in the bathroom for light too.
  16. lioness7

    lioness7 Gold

    Claudia...weird is cool. Last year when i got my blockers my family had a field day with me. I took them to Europe in the fall and have sent several pairs to them as per their request (must be in the genes) I too wear contacts. My glasses broke a few years back and i never replaced them. It works out good because if I don't have to leave the house I wear no contacts. The plus is that with a rx of 3.50 my vision is good enough to do my housework but not good enough to see the finer messes of fingerprints et c that would drive the clean freak part of me nuts....what i don't see doesn't bother me.....quite therapeutic. I don't like wearing the contacts more than i have to as at 50 I am getting a bit farsighted. I find the loss of close vision aqcuity bothers me more than distance loss. The rx for distance has not changed since I was 18. I read sometimes before I go to sleep with either the yellow bulbs with or witbout the amber glasses. I have cocoons...they block 100% blue light....still looking into green wavelength. 29.95 on their site and i find them pretty comfortable...free shipping code 2020.....ordered more for the kids online since the darn optometry place charged me $70...ugh.. love how relaxed my eyes and mind feel when I wear them. Contact lens wearers should remove their lenses at least an hour before going to bed / insert at least half an hour to an hour after waking....if not you risk varicose type veins developing from prolonged use cutting off needed oxygen to your eyes. (Actually, further info, my sister did the eye exercises from a few books i gave her which I was too busy to do and reduced her prescription by a whole diopter, her optometrist could't believe it and retested twice)

    Anyways I guess none of this would be of concern if we could get to bed earlier......lookin' forward to the next power outage.....agh, that will only work if I disconnect the back up generator!....oh and of course, get off the darn computer....but then again how would we get all of Dr. K's fabulous information???!!!!
  17. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator

    I don't think you need the glasses with amber lights in the bedroom. It looks exactly the same to me. I just got my shipment of amber bulbs today for the recessed lights in my bedroom and closet ... already switched out all the lamps. Need to change a few fixtures in the master bath, and I'll be able to take off the orange glasses when I'm in the master suite at least! Will be more convenient when I'm getting ready for bed. Right now, I have to get everything situated in the bathroom, then turn out the lights and take off makeup / contacts in the dark. ;-)

    I switched out the bulbs in my office, too, so if I'm in here after dark, at least the lighting will be right!

    I need to get LASIK done. A couple hundred bucks an eye, and I won't have to worry about contacts and glasses anymore. Silly that I haven't done it; I spend that much on glasses and contact lenses.
  18. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    I need the name of your doctor! I had a consult with a good doctor and LASIK facility last year and it was about $2500 per eye to get the LASIK done. Still on my wish list right now. My distance vision is getting worse as I age.
  19. ATL_Paleo

    ATL_Paleo Gold

    LASIK is an operation where you don't want to base a decision on price. Sure some place advertise LASIK at $ 250 .... but they are production lines, and don't forget the fine print "starting at".

    Prior to having my LASIK procedure, I carefully researched the best doctor. I distinctly remember sitting in the waiting room of the doctor I selected and hearing other patients talk about coming to this doctor for a "touchup" of their previous LASIK.

    Also, a good LASIK doc will reject prospective patients that don't meet the key criteria .... poor LASIK candidates can include; people with dry eyes, a cornea that is too thin, and astigmatism out of specified range.

    Sure contacts and/or glasses are a pain .... but a botched LASIK would be much worse. Best advice, do your homework.
  20. kathylu

    kathylu Gold

    Costco has LED bulbs on sale, either 4.99 or 5.99, that's $10 off per bulb...pretty good price! I am replacing most of my CFL's with LED's...they produce hardly any EMF.

    I use UVEX orange glasses and an amber bulb (in my bedroom only) at night.

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