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GI Effects + 23andMe Results

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by seanb4, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    Hey guys,

    GI Effects Results (My interpretation):
    So my Large intestine and at least most of small intestine seems to be okay, indicating a stomach/duodenum nerve/mastcell/something else problem.

    My genetic mutations may have come into effect since may energy has been so low for years so I have started supplementing to assist methylation.
    Within the last week I have started various supplements with interesting effects:

    Molybdenum: 1200mcg/ day. Started 8 days ago. On the first day massive fatigue and heart palpitations. At first I attributed this to dark chocolate but when the symptoms persisted I realised the moly was causing some sort of detox. Strangely I have taken this before without these effects, I think it is because I am higher energy now the moly can actually be put to work. Taking because mercury levels are slightly high and in hopes it will help fat tollerance.

    Yucca Root: 6g/day. 5 days ago. Taking to reduce ammonia. Seem to be tolerating large food amounts better but am hesitant to atribute that for this as a lot of changes have happened recently.

    L-methylfolate: 3000mcg/day. 6 days ago. Noticed a slight increase in fatigue first 2 days or so. Taking to increase BH4 (to see if mast cells are a problem) and to increase methylation.

    Lo Salt (potassium chloride): 3 Days ago. Taking to help with dry mouth and supposedly increased methylation causes increased need for potassium. I think it's helping...

    Hydroxy B12: 6000mcg/day sublingual. 2 Days ago. VERY interesting reaction with this. The first night I took it I woke up with quite strong stomach pains that were unusual to me around the area of where I had ulcer pains all those years ago. Now it could be I had a lot of butter that day which caused the reaction however the optimist in me says it is a healing reaction caused by increased methylation / cells renewing / nerves coming back to life. Sadly this reaction did not happen again last night however I have noticed reduced bloating and increased stomach tolerance... I definitely need to pursue this further and slowly up b12 and mfolate until I get another reaction. Again strangely I have taken methylb12 (not hydrox) without this reaction, it must be due to the other supplements being in place (mfolate) and my energy being increased, that is unless it wasn't a healing reaction after all.

    Anyways it is looking promising...

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  2. Ake Bono

    Ake Bono New Member

    Hi Sean,
    - high beta-glucaronidase is produced by unfriendly bacteria (E Coli, Bacteroides and Clostridia); for example mine is Clostridia. nasty stuff even they say its not pathogenic, high amount of byproducts can interfere with liver detox.
    - i would take in consideration also strep 2+ (alpha beta) if I were in your place

    Molybdenum: 1200mcg/ day. - for me that is HUGE AMOUNT! I can hardly tolerate 150mg x 2 daily. practitioner advised me to not exceed 500mg/day.

    It does many things maybe it was to much detox once as you've said.
    you know it also chelates cooper. maybe too much too soon?
    some histamine degrading enzymes requires cooper as far as Ive read.
    but others said also Mbd. probably in balance. vitamin C also.

    Yucca Root: 6g/day - is it raw powder or is it extract?

    can I ask how did you figure out the "my notes"? it was a test?
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2015
  3. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    Thanks for the info on beta-glucaronidase. Could help explain why things like collodial silver help with palpitations.
    So theres still a chance bacteria could be an issue...

    Yea for the mbd I have also read that this dose is probably too high and i will cut back to 800mg immediately. My copper is lowish so its probably detremental on that front however it detoxes mercury which is highish for me.

    yucca root extract.

    Yea it was my23andme results ran through genticgene. I pretty much copypasted from there. My notes is me roughly adding up what the effects of the different mutations were.

    Have you had a 23andme Ake? Are you doing a methylation protocol? You might also want to look into nicotine gum after meals to help digestion via its effect on vags nerve and rest and digest system
  4. Too bad because here in France 23andme is only doing the ancestry reports... No health informations anymore.
  5. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    You can use the raw data you get on the website geneticgenie.com for free to get your methylation results.
  6. Interesting! Where do you get the raw data from 23andme?

    Your link doesn't seem to work by the way...
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