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Getting more ketotic through the day

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by yewwei.tan, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    I recently got a blood ketone meter to do some serum Beta-Hydroxy Butyrate testing, and the results were surprising to me.

    Meal times now are breakfast immediately upon waking (6:30-7am), then dinner at 5pm. Breakfast is still as per the leptin prescription, with at least 50g protein. Dinner is usually about 50g protein as well. If there's any snacking, it's always just coconut oil. Carbs definitely still <50g a day.

    I'm finding that my BHB is:

    - only around 0.6-0.8mM in the morning
    - 0.6-1.0mM one hour post breakfast
    - 1.8-2.5mM in the afternoon to nighttime
    - no difference before or after dinner

    So I'm in mild ketosis upon waking, and then proceed to go into a pretty ketotic state as the day goes on.

    I'm also finding that I'm recording my highest blood glucose in the morning -- usually around 90-100mg/dL. It then stabilises to the 75-85mg/dL range for the rest of the day. This looks like a degree of dawn phenomenon is occurring.

    One confounding factor is that my coconut oil consumption is pretty high as we approach summer here -- at least 6-8 tablespoons of coconut oil a day (90-120g). I usually eat most of this before 12pm.

    Two Questions:

    (a) We'd usually see BHB highest in the morning. What could be causing a low BHB in the morning, and is this related to the dawn phenomenon?
    (b) Is the reduced level of BHB I'm experiencing clinically significant in any way? Does it actually tell me that I'm not reaping the full benefits of ketosis?
  2. RickD

    RickD New Member

    Welcome to the frustrating world of blood ketone sticks. To answer your questions I generally go to bed with BHB levels of 1-4mM but rarely sees levels above 1mM on waking. I'm chalking it up to the dawn phenomenon. I've tried a number of things to raise the morning BHB levels with no success thus far. No idea if our lowish morning numbers are clinically significant. Where you and I differ is the day time BHB levels. Not uncommon for me to see levels between 5 and 6mM by late afternoon. To achieve these levels I do about 5% carbs a day (~30g), 15% protein (70g) and about 80% fat
  3. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    Interesting observations for sure. Thanks for sharing! I still have maybe 40+ strips left for testing (they don't come cheap!), and I'll see if I notice any other interesting stuff in the future. Logically speaking I don't think there would be too much impact, but then again, I'm wondering if sleep is the "best time" to be ketotic, and if low morning BHB is any indicator of the sleep process. Hopefully Dr Kruse can chime in.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2013

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