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Getting into Ketosis

Discussion in 'The Epi-Paleo Diet' started by MouseBandit, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Hi all. I'm fairly new to JK and 3-1/2 weeks into eating Keto. I have lost 14 lbs, 10 of that the first 10 days, and very slowly since. My appetite has decreased dramatically, and I suspect that the weight loss has primarily been calorie deficit.

    I got a blood ketone meter earlier this week and have been monitoring my levels. I've not gone above 0.4 all week, despite eating strict keto. I have been testing in the morning, and just found and read the "ketosis experiment" thread, and I re-tested just now (4 hours after waking up), and I'm still at 0.4.

    Until today, I have been including a little dairy in my diet (2 tsp HWC in coffee, butter in coffee, a cheese stick or a tbls of grated parmesan) and erythritol and stevia as sweetners. Starting this morning, I am cutting out all dairy, to see if that changes things.

    Is it likely that I've not been in ketosis at all these 3-1/2 weeks? I realize that I am not "fat adapted" yet, and won't be until I've been in ketosis for some time.

    Where can I read more on the details of ketosis, from a solid science perspective? I have the Mercola book "Fat for Fuel" and will be trying to read it thoroughly in the next couple of days. It sounds like from the "experiment" thread, that we go out of ketosis during sleep, at night? And it peaks during the day? I had thought it was driven pretty much entirely by lack of glucose in the bloodstream, and that if more carbs weren't consumed, one would pretty much stay in ketosis until excess carbs were consumed. And that fasting would ensure you "stayed in ketosis". So, clearly, I need more education on the mechanisms here. I'm really fascinated by the discussion of how consuming MCT oil can bump your ketones up within hours!

    And protein - I had no idea eating protein would inhibit going into ketosis? What protein grams to kg/lbm ratio do you all use? How much of a calorie deficit are you using for losing weight (I still have 101 lbs to lose)? I've been eating 80-100+ grams of protein a day, but it sounds like Mercola would be recommending a lot less that that based on lbm - about 50g per day. Eat your protein spaced evenly throughout the day, or most in the AM or most in the PM, and why?

    Easy question - is the liquid MCT oil derived from coconut oil, or is it a totally different oil? Is coconut oil a type of medium-chain-fatty-acid?

    I want to make every day as efficient as possible in losing the extra weight and healing my body. I have very high levels of inflammation (my hs-CRP was 7.82) combined with very low levels of HDL and I feel certain I need make every moment count. I'm also working on the other aspects of the epi-paleo rx, but there's so much to it, that I am making this post to just focus on the diet and ketosis aspect of things.

    Suggestions (with explanations of why they work) for putting myself into ketosis, and suggestions for staying there, are VERY appreciated. I'm ready to be a fat burner!

    Tracey aka MouseBandit
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I never worried about ketones .......just followed the leptin RX exactly.

    Do you have a BAB? seafood? I would guess that the weight you lost initially was water weight primarily.

    are you doing C/T? C/T is a game changer!

    Honestly ....It is very confusing, and, in my opinion - very unproductive to follow the trends ...aka all the food gurus.

    From the very beginning I thought that Jack Kruse made perfect sense ...and I am sticking like glue!

    Women don't lose much at first but your body shape will change [I went down 3 sizes] Men lose much more quickly.

    Have you read the introductory guides?
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Have you seen the before and after pics of Jack's wife Sandy?
  4. Katie Durham

    Katie Durham New Member

    I did a 7 day water (green tea) fast a few years ago to see how I would react, both mentally and physiologically. I monitored both blood glucose and ketones. My body had to switch to burning ketones and that took almost 4 days. I don't recall ketone numbers but glucose sank to about 35. If I hadn't been in ketosis by then I would have been unconscious. And yet I didn't feel any different. After 7 days it took a while for my digestive system to adjust to food again. So if I wanted to explore ketosis I would start with a water fast until I achieved ketosis and then slowly introduce a ketosis diet. Because trying to force your body to switch strictly with diet can take a really long time.

    Protein can keep you out of ketosis, because excess protein breaks down to glucose. Ketosis is about high fat, no more than moderate protein (no more than you need), and almost no carbs (glucose).

    You'll need to deal with leptin before you can expect to lose much.
  5. Sandra Barton

    Sandra Barton New Member

    Regular Fasting for ketosis is is what works for me. You get more benefits from fasting and you don’t need to do all the tracking of macros. Fasting reduces inflammation and induces autophagy.
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    If I were you guys .....I would check with Dr. K. about fasting.

    As far as I understand - fasting is a "no go" at jackkruse.com.

    IF is a different matter all together........

    Breakfast is hugely important .......so a fast after breakfast one morning to the next breakfast works.

    The leptin RX is all about resetting our circadian rhythm...... once you have done that have a read of Jack's blog ....after the leptin RX.
  7. Sandra Barton

    Sandra Barton New Member

    from JK Facebook page. I did all of the above protocols you suggested as well.

    Intermittent fasting is how ketosis is supposed to work in humans and not how nutritional ketosis is being sold in the LCHF community. When you eat less you force your body to go to your fat mass to pull out fat and turn it in to protons, CO2, and water. This is why IFing is key to wellness. It recycles protons, rids us of deuterium, and makes water from beta oxidation that is optimized to work with sunlight in the cytosol and in the mitochondria. https://news.harvard.edu/…/intermittent-fasting-may-be-cen…/
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Fasting is not a no go here.......doing it right is the key. Who's opinion makes it correct? Nature.
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    agree .....I love IF
  10. I just did a 23-hr fast, it wasn't really that hard.

    Can someone give me more insight into where I read JK's info on IF, and what is it about BAB that is beneficial? I know the intent is to help reset our circadian rhythms, and anchor our morning / wake up to sunrise, and I know that our cortisol should be highest at this point of the day, but how does the BAB influence that?

    I also thought we weren't supposed to start CT (cold therapy) until after we had the first test in the labs chapter of the book - I think it's a cardio / airflow type test, that you can get at a gym. Which I haven't yet - gyms are 50 miles from me and I need to get into "town" to do that one.

    Thank you!
    Oh, I also question if I am doing the ketone blood meter right or something, because I did that 23-hr fast without killing anyone, and I wasn't even hungry until about the 22-hr mark. Seems like I must be getting some steady energy from somewhere else, or I would have been a grumpmaster deluxe!

    Tracey aka MouseBAndit
  11. No have not - is there a section where people have posted their before/afters? That would be cool!
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I think Jack showed a before and after pic of Sandy at Nourish Vermont#2

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