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Getting Back To Me - DaLeak

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by DaLeak, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Really working on light, getting as much as I can. Still eating epi Paleo. I think I am down 20 pounds but not sure. We are 16 days in again and I have not completely quit caffeine but way down from where I was. Going to get in the tub today, it is around 61. Just put some fresh water in there.
  2. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    I hit 20 pounds down today. Watching my light...waiting for that sun.
  3. Alper

    Alper New Member

    I guess we are all looking forward to it. Otherwise you can share it :)
  4. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Yes the only nugget I got was in my journal above...Basically temp doesn't matter as much. I just listen to my body and see what it is OK with. I feel better after the cold soak, just can't wait to be in the sun doing it.
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  5. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Did some CT today and ate clean. I am going to take some time over the next week to lay out my goals. A mistake I made last year.
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  6. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Still cranking along. Doing CT, eating Epi Paleo and minding my light. 21 pounds down. I often skip lunch cause I'm not hungry.
  7. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Day 27 of epi-Paleo round 2 and doing great. Around 24 lbs down. THe CT combined with the epi Paleo is the secret for me. It KRUSE's through the fat and I wake up almost 1 pound lighter almost every morning. So the question is, how does one stay in this state through out the year. This is my crux over and over again. Trying to put things in place so I can stay on the wagon. It isn't about falling off the wagon, i'm ok with that every once in a while, its getting back on it!
  8. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Haven't been back in a couple weeks, but things are going well. I have stabilized around 30 lbs. lost. My body doesn't want to let go of more weight yet. I'm ok with it, I feel better in a day eating this way and minding my light. I don't necessarily crave the things I used to as hard. Going to see the doc tomorrow and get blood work drawn up. Will be interesting to see what the changes look like.

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