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Getting Back To Me - DaLeak

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by DaLeak, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Day 65 - Up at 5:45 AM sleeping awesome. I also managed to take both WIFI nest thermostats down over the weekend and put in the old school ones with no nnEMF. Making slow changes. I have been putting my water in clear glass bottles outside in the sun. I have no idea if this does ANYTHING of value, but doing it anyway. Breakfast was pork chop and eggs. Going to make sure I get some sun today, because it is supposed to come out today.

    Day 66 - Was inside most of the day, but got the glasses on at kids bedtime. Tried to eat less than normal. Water was OK. Need to get more sun.

    Day 67 - Got enough sleep last night. Up and at em at 5AM. Smoked salmon, egg and potato. Sat outside with glasses off for 10 minutes looking at sun. Listend to the latest podcast with Stephanie Seneff and Calyx Performance...mind was blown again.

    Day 70 - We had a little sun break today at 4pm so I say down in it and had a Moscow mule. Feet in the wet grass.

    Day 71 - Headed in to get my yearly physical with Scott Major. Rainy and gross, but great conversation.

    Day 72 - The sun is back! I was out in it. The last of this cold is hanging on but almost out the door. Hoping the sun light kicks it ass out the door.

    Day 73 - Going for a hike in the sun today. Going to ground as well when I am in nature.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2016
  2. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Day 74 - Major Sun advancements today! waking my eyes up in the day, and protecting them at night.

    75,76,77 - Very focused on sun because we actually had a lot of it. I get up, get outside with the glasses off, drink a ton of water and ground for 5 minutes. Working on getting back into the seafood train and keeping with the glasses. My sleep has been awesome lately so I am hoping with that comes some health advancements.

    Month 3 - Things are going well, I am not losing weight, but I am not gaining weight and I am able to really eat what I want. I try and focus on sunlight, grounding, seafood, and limiting WIFI.

    Been getting outside so much in the sun that people ask me all the time if I just got back from Florida. I guess I am tanning a lot. My Vitamin D went from 46 to 55 last check up, so we are getting there. Staying with the seafood, staying with light. I think the part I am failing at the most is the WIFI / nnEMF. Things to work on. The interesting part in all of this is I lost 25 pounds and haven't really gained it back at all. I haven't lost more weight, but i haven't put any back on and that is a first. I need to get back into CT as I am sure that will be the linch pin. Today is the day.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2016
  3. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Month 4 - Been upping my game with exercise. Nothing strenuous, but getting moving. Over the weekend we did a 4 mile hike which felt amazing. I have also been hiking around Nashville during the week. Today did a 3 mile walk in the sun in the morning with no glasses. This may sound crazy, but I think my eye sight is getting better. I can't be sure, but it sure seems that way. Eating hasn't been too dialed in, but sunlight and protecting the eyes at night have been. I am still not gaining weight, which is good, just want to be losing a bit more.
  4. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Month 4 - Glasses on at night, walk with no glasses in the morning sun. I'm serious when I say my eyesight is getting better, it is crazy. I have put on a couple of pounds because I got off track a little, but back. I think I don't need to eat as much as I do. I'm not even that hungry anymore, I think I eat more out of habit.
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  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

  6. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    When you announced in your first post on 1/23/15 that you were planning on starting the leptin reset on 1/4/16. I predicted FAILURE . Why is he waiting.? ........Well, I'm eating my words/thoughts :) I'm very impressed. Keep it up.
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    keep going.
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You are doing so great!
  9. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Month 4 - We had a great weekend with the family camping. No WiFI, barely any cell phone reception, sleeping in a tent on mother earth, no phones, no lights. Just nature. It felt great, looking at the fire every night. My one desire was to have cedar plank salmon cooked along the fire. My body is changing ever so slowly. I never expected this process to be fast, but I sleep 8 hours straight most nights. It is almost like things are slowly healing. Sometimes I think I should hit it hard like JK and really strip the weight off, but I am oK with slow as long as it leads to where I want to go. This week is going to be about morning light and no lying in bed waking up. as soon as I wake up at 5:30 AM, I am going to be outside waiting for the sun!
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  10. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Month 5 - I haven't written much on the blog, but that doesn't mean I am out of the game. Been super busy getting this company off the ground and yes, it has impacted some of my quantum goals. I have really tried to stay focused on getting my light right. My job requires me to at shows a lot at night as I am a talent manager, but when I am not out, I have my glasses on and try to limit screens. A good friend of mine just got me Eckert Tolley's new book and I have been enjoying the read. My goal is to get through this week as well have a festival that is burying me. Once that is over I plan to recommit and get back to quantum principles.
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  11. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    End of Month 5 - Not impressed with myself the past 3 weeks. It has been hard work weeks, but I need to get better. Sunlight has been good, but I can tell my bottom is inflamed. Not eating enough seafood. Got to get better about it all. Today is a good day to start. I will say that I have been exercising consistently for 6 weeks. I have stayed pretty true to that.
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    keep going.
  13. E. Tolle has a new book???? :glasses: have to check that out! Have read all of his so far-he is so spot on.
  14. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Month 6th - This week I have been kicking ass! Morning sunlight for 10 minutes while drinking spring water with bare feet in wet grass. I have been walking, hiking and trying to stretch. Glasses on every night and sleeping sound for 8 hours. I had some weight creep back on over the stressful few weeks, I don't think it is any surprise why. Going camping this weekend so away from nnEMF and phone will be off cause it doesn't work anyway out there. Bare feet, fires at night, sleeping in a tent, should be pretty connected after this weekend.
  15. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Start of month 7! Just got my new set of labs back and MASSIVE progress on HSCRP. 2.5, down from 4.3. I know I know, still high, but DAMNNNNN! Progress is happening. Cholesterol is pretty stinking high, everything in the cholesterol panel is terrible, but going to keep plowing forward. I have corrected a lot of things, but still have a LONG road. Feeling really good, just not dropping the fat yet. Sleep is solid right now. Best I have slept in probably 8 -10 years. Now for a week at the beach! Lots of sun, seafood and clean water ahead.
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Keep going.......you get back to you by getting in touch with nature.
  17. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Had a great 8 days at the beach. I couldn't have been more dialed into light. In the mornings would walk out to the ocean and put my feet in the water and watch the sun for 15 minutes come above the horizon. At night we kept it pretty dark and in bed at reasonable hours. Made it to Joe Patti's loaded up on DHA delivery methods. The group I was wish wasn't really into seafood, so I didn't eat a lot while there, but some. Only negative was the condo building we were in had cell phone antenna at the top. I'm sure I was blasted with nnEMF way too much. Then I drove to ATL and then to LAX. Finally home and trying to slip back into my routine. I picked up 5 pounds mainly because I ate a ton of junk food and beer, but I was fully aware of my actions. I already got 1 pound off and I am looking for a trough to start CT outside in the sun like Jeremy. I have been outside more this year than I can remember. I am getting better, I can feel that. I finally have the brain power and energy to really attack this weight problem.
  18. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Some good some bad. Been traveling, putting my feet on the metal on the plane! But it have been a nnEMF soup from hell. Inflammation is up, i can feel it. Gotta get on the fish, cold baths, and good light habits. Still reading, still learning. Almost done with Going Somewhere. UNBELIEVABLE book.
  19. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Got too far off the track and have to recenter. Started the Leptin prescription again on Monday, i've made it to Thursday. Weaning myself off caffeine. Down to 120mg a day. probably end of next week I will be at 25 mg and off coffee completely. Seafood is way up. Sardine lettuce tacos yesterday. In the EMF world, I am wiring the house this weekend and turning off the WIFI. Every little bit helps. Been getting in the sun everyday in the morning. Hiking, walking, without glasses. Feeling a lot better, but have a long way to go. I don't have to travel for a month so I can really make some gains till mid Sept. Also, taking cold showers now everyday.
  20. DaLeak

    DaLeak New Member

    Alright, one week on the books. 80 mg of caffeine. Almost done with it. one more week. Seafood at least once a day. Almost down to two meals. 12 pounds lost. Feeling a lot better.

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