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Gavin H Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by GavinH, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. GavinH

    GavinH Gavin Horner

    Came across JK via my son, who was searching paleo books and found JK’s Epi Paleo Rx, who then googled JK and came across “different” information. Bought the book Oct 2016, and have become addicted to listening to JK podcasts and reading FB posts ever since. I joined the forum for a read/research in Nov 2017.

    I am 51, I was born via cesarean section and not breast fed. My mum was born in Australia, worked as a dental nurse, mixing amalgam in hands whilst pregnant with me. Her mother was born in Australia, died from misdiagnosed ovarian cancer at 88. Going back another generation on my mother’s side, my great grandmother was born in England, died at 88.

    I was born in Sydney and moved to Hobart Tasmania 42° S in 2008 to avoid the dangerous Australian sun (a belief I no longer hold), and have lived at a rural location 20km from CBD, with no close neighbours, so no alien wi-fi, for the last 9 years.

    I was diagnosed with 20mm Acoustic Neuroma (Vestibular Schwannoma) LHS in Feb 2013, and chose Gamma Knife radiation treatment (1 hour) Sep 2013. Symptoms before diagnosis were left sided deafness and tinnitus. I now believe that it was from working under fluro lights in front of PC for 20 years that gave me this condition. I didn’t have a mobile phone until about 2005 and wasn’t a heavy user. Also held phone on RHS.

    I still have tinnitus and also suffer Raynaud’s symptoms in fingers during Winter, as does my mother who lives in a warmer climate, Northern NSW 28.8° S where I lived for 10 years before moving to Tasmania. The Raynaud’s symptoms started after gutting fish in very cold Tasmanian water in Winter 9 years ago.

    Sleep – could be better – wake up around 2am quite a bit for a couple of hours. Room will be darker when I remove one of the bedroom windows. Removed all fake light and wifi from bedroom and wear blue blockers and use red lights in house after dark.

    Started paleo diet 2014 – still following to some extent – now eating more seasonal, local real food, grow my own food when I can using Permaculture principles, and eat our own chicken’s eggs. Meat is sourced from local farmers using free range, chemical free practices. Pork is a favourite. Increased seafood and seaweed (local kelp) intake, and eating during daylight hours only.

    Have been watching sunrise for a while but more consistently (every day) now whilst grounded and also block ALAN. I wear grounding shoes when outside if unable to go barefoot. I have been doing cold showers for 18 months and sometimes Wim Hof breathing during sunrise. Use a far-infra red sauna in winter evenings. Stopped wearing sunglasses a while back - huge difference in sun glare tolerance now.

    Use ethernet for internet – no wifi. We have wireless NBN internet with receiver on top of metal roof. Not addicted to the mobile phone and have it on airplane mode or it is connected to an internet cable mostly. I use airtubes or speaker phone. I prefer to talk on a landline phone. Use IRIS on PC screen.

    I will be forever grateful to Jack Kruse for spreading his knowledge and joining the dots for us on light, water and magnetism while we read the recommended books and our dopamine improves.

    My goal is to have better sleep as I know it is essential for optimal health. Otherwise I feel my health is good, compared to most. No EHS symptoms.

    Trying to spread JK teachings to help humanity but most people are asleep. Most haven’t got to the food part yet (avoid processed crap) let alone mitochondrial health. My son has just started a FB group called Tasmanian Mitochondriacs. The forum is great for connecting with like minded people as there aren’t many in my current circle.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
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  2. GavinH

    GavinH Gavin Horner

    I've been spreading Jack's message in the Acoustic Neuroma FB group. Very few open to listening but I have come across a couple. The Tasmanian Mitochondriac group is growing slowly but doing my best to get the message out.
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Gavin and welcome....
  4. KeiraOD

    KeiraOD New Member

    Hi Gavin. My best friend was just diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma. She’s a Rheumatologist and very much not open to alternative medicine ideas. She had breast cancer already 10 years ago and I’m so worried about her. Anything you have that I can share with her that might sway a sick doctor?
  5. GavinH

    GavinH Gavin Horner

    I find it difficult swaying people who are close minded to alternatives. Just getting them to listen to some of JK podcasts is hard. If you can do that something might click. Medical profession are one of the hardest. If I knew about Jack before I had Gamma Knife I would have been following his guidelines and eating a keto diet - mostly seafood. The new Quantum Health TV will be a good resource. Where are they based? Leland Stillman, Steven Lin do some good posts on FB.
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  6. GavinH

    GavinH Gavin Horner

    If you can convince her it her environment it may help. Bruce Lipton has some good podcasts on that.

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