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Gaps diet?

Discussion in 'Optimal Kids' started by Sem, May 21, 2012.

  1. Sem

    Sem New Member

    Anyone have success doing this with your kids? Any advice? My kids have lots of food allergies, ADHD, eczema, etc. we've cut out gluten and way back on sugar but I don't think it's enough. Thinking of trying GAPS.
  2. Shelley

    Shelley New Member

    Hi Sem

    Yes - we've been eating GAPS for 2.5 years now for ADHD, Aspergers, asthma, eczema, and dysbiosis. Certainly its really hard to adjust at the beginning but I reckon its all worth it. We've left behind several of those issues and are working to get rid of them all.

  3. Sem

    Sem New Member

    Thanks for responding Shelley. That's really impressive. How long did it take before you saw changes and in what areas? I just ordered the book so will read that and see what'd I can figure out how to implement this.
  4. Caroline Cooper

    Caroline Cooper New Member

    Hi Sem,

    I have also had success with the SCD/GAPS diet. My youngest daughter had serious asthma as a infant and toddler. She is also prone to hallucinations and behavior problems. I put her on the diet when she was about five years old. She is now nine. (The younger the child is on the diet the better the results. Sometimes they make a full recovery and can eat any food without issue. Adults or older children do not fair as well.)

    She is off all medications for asthma and she rarely sees things that are not there anymore. Her behavior is much improved and she can learn better. She is still below grade level but improving fast. On the SCD/GAPS she is a bright delightful child. We have to be very careful with her diet or we can have up to 72 hours of hell. We have reintroduced some foods but I sometimes wonder if it is really worth it.
  5. vlynnb

    vlynnb Gold

    Caroline, Can you give me some references in relation to the hallucination and diet connection?
  6. Sem

    Sem New Member

    Caroline, I would love to hear more about your experience. Did you ease into the diet or go right to intro? I'd like to get through intro before school starts back up but don't really have a block of time where we are not traveling until August. I am thinking that I can start with things like bone broth, etc until then. I can also start cutting some other things out. Any tips and tricks are much appreciated!
  7. Caroline Cooper

    Caroline Cooper New Member

    I would suggest reading two books on the topic:

    1. Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet by Elaine Gottchall

    (She talks about her daughter having some sort of night terror/seizure; got me thinking about my own seizure disorder which has since resolved on the diet.)

    2. Gut and Psychology Syndrome
    by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride

    (Amazing story about her son and Autism. Lots of references to mental illness and gut-brain-axis disorders.)

    Here is more information about the SCD/GPAS and my personal story. I have not written much about Erika's problems. I'm not sure if she would want me to:


  8. Caroline Cooper

    Caroline Cooper New Member

    I started on the SCD about six years ago. I did not know about Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride's work in the UK on GAPS. I was eating out of the industrial food system at the time. The diet still helped me. I have since started eating organic food and pasture based meats. I do well on a very high fat diet.

    When you are talking about doing the "intro" I am assuming you are referring Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride's GAPS program. Am I right? I have never done the "intro" and always felt good on the diet but I have found some people have serious neurological or physical problems starting the program. (Whatever their symptoms they had would get worst for a time.) My advice is to go slow if you have any serious neurological problems. Use fermented foods for at least a month or more before trying therapeutic probiotics.

    Here are some common problems:


    Here is about six years of SCD/GAPS/modified paleo diet recipes:


    If traveling is an issue, these are some things I have learned over the years. Erika is the child on the right. She is also on SCD/GAPS:


    Part of my volunteer work is peer support for SCD/GAPS. I am not a medically trained but I do have some experience with the diet. If you need help just email me, I would be happy to help if I can:

  9. Sem

    Sem New Member

    Thank you!
  10. vlynnb

    vlynnb Gold

    Thanks, Caroline, I'm going to the bookstore now.
  11. Dovid

    Dovid New Member

    What is the gaps diet?I wanna to have more information about this so if someone guide me properly sothat to avail all the benefits from it favoring my kids,in this regard help me very soon.

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