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Gals, anyone want to buddy on a Leptin Reset?

Discussion in 'The Leptin Rx' started by KruseKadet, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Hey Sheddie,

    Spent today in Hospital getting CT scans and having rectal exams... hideous. But I just wanted to tell you I have to let the nethers relax for a couple of days now. So no hard core Leptin Reset til the pain has gone in case it was the sudden cold turkey epi paleo that brought it on. No definitive answer. But every one agreed I had theProctalgia Fugax and that it's one of teh most painful conditions possible. Avoid at all cost.

    Cat scans are freaking amazing. It feels like invasion of the body snatchers... Holy moly.

    I did want to ask you though, what literature you are in to...or maybe screen plays? Still interested to know about where you're deriving your writing style from.

    Will get back on the Leptin Band wagon soon as I can. Meantime I have to recover and relex the muscles.

    You're doing really well. Hang in. XOX
  2. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    Truly a royal bummer! Once it calms down, and, you've had any other medical possibility checked out, you'll have the most interesting Dx label of the century. With a name like that, the pain is certainly out of this world. Have to admire that you still want to go for re-claiming leptin sensitivity; for me, I can't see anything will change unless the leptin status gets corrected.

    Short answer: I don't have a writing style. Windbag-embellished answer: I've never written for pleasure but college papers and job administrative reports demanded certain 'styles' -- and OCD attention to Grammar. I kept going a 70s women's studies class Journal (diary?) a few years in my 20s and burned the stuff when I was 50. (Total clap-trap; mostly dealing with trying to figure out those of the male gender persuasion, oh wasted youth... Wished I'd had notes on 70s politics or something more historically viable in the material! Lovely bonfire.) By that time Journaling was a fad but I felt, 'been there/done that.' I am kinda churning out some questionable blogging tendency here, it seems; maybe some new sub-type -- blagging? I'm fascinated by 'texting' as a writing form but can't seem to communicate that way. Don't have a phone to practice, anyway. Maybe I'm gestating an Inner Texting Monster? Inside the Forum, I'll give grateful acknowledgement to drezy, who may have inadvertently 'encouraged me' to 'come out' when I was still too shy! Will always try and restrain myself but how sweet to think you think there's any style going down! To folks who can't bear it, I apologize. I'm no writer but I have been a life-long Reader, sometimes 10+ hours a day, easily. Not so much the last 15 years. Just trying to 'communicate' and the pleasure is grand even if but one soul comms-back.

    Hoping for good scan and other hospital-based results. (Hope you don't have a 'shellfish?' allergy? Likely not, as the one kid I saw with that had his lips swell and some throat symptoms... Suspect everything?!) I've been slouching towards leptin reset for months, likely still to be here when you c'mon back! Get well, SOON.
  3. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Mornin' Sheddie! Haven't eaten a meal in 24 hrs now with the hospital stay yesterday. Feeling ok! But next meal will tell. Will keep to old diet today, but slowly wind in to the epi-paleo over the next few days to see if it will be stable. Gonna go haul spring water today with my pal. Not having pain for a day is feeling so wonderful.

    Great to hear all your writerly stuff. You've had an interesting life so far.

    Did want to say to you, I am not sure it is possible to get an actual Leptin Reset without doing the huge intake of protein in the mornings if that is your aim. For me it means I really need to strategise to avoid what happened to me again. I still don't know what factors created the situation, likely a confluence. But I do know that going cold turkey epi-paleo, I did get initially very dehydrated despite lowing myself with water, so that is a very good place to start to mitigate against.

    A couple of people also had similar spasms and bad impacted gas, when I posted in the Ask Jack section, so that was really good to know.

    Anyways, I will slowly get back on the band wagon... Catch you real soon, you are doing great. X
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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    so glad you are okay....
  5. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Sheddie, you are doing great with organising your day . There are a couple of things you have not cottoned on yet though. Gelatin is not a food, it is part of a food! It cannot give your system a time signal on its own. The second thing is that you should see the sun connected immediately when you rise to restore balance between the time you see and the "time" you eat. I suspect it is why you cave in to cravings at 9pm.

    Flux is great, Iris to my liking is better ,even the free version . https://iristech.co/

    Hehe I was commenting line by line and just read your idea of a pork BAB. Excellent idea. I will leave my comments though as they might help others reading.
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  6. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Hey Caroline. Thanks and hugs.
    Twas was incredibly painful, and the late night under hospital lights has messed with my circadian sync, so just gonna get the circadian sync happening again with the sun now.
    Still getting build up in intestine gas but its no where near as painful. But then not having meat at moment, and having some white carbs. Gonna chip away at transitioning back onto paleo but in a slower pace among other things. X
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  7. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    Fabulous Encouragements, all! Mini-wins are building up! Good news, KK.

    Lahaleda: I'm waking before first light & sunrise about 20 minutes later. Does this idea seem appropriate -- I sit up in the dark, turn on a red LED and a UV LED bulb on a pole lamp? Face that for a couple minutes. I imagine I really feel my waking brain coming in like a lapping tide. Then I stand up. When VL/Sunrise arrive I'm outside for a few minutes. I am getting closer to correct BAB timing! I'm still adding gelatin to coffee as I like what it does to help BMs (Dx SIBO & Leaky Gut) but not counting it in coaxing the genuine article BAB to come to me. (Here Kitty, Kitty!) The food is being made timely; and sits there on the plate. I start eating but do suspend that a few minutes if it seems the dread Nausea will rise up. Continue more bites after a few minutes. Got through a 44g BAB in less than a hour... small bites until the plate is empty. So far, progressing... Hey -- I lost 0.8 lb the last 2 days! My chronic pain & fatigue are primary goals but ANY weight loss is just peachy!! Hugses!

    Monday-1: (posted Wednesday -- post-Irma cleanup Tuesday)
    6:08a - Get up. VL, no direct sun due to clouds)
    7:02a - Pork Sausage Crumbles (6oz/44g Protein) in lettuce wraps, a few broccoli slaw in there for crunch; 12oz coffee,cream, no gelatin
    9a - finished 1.5L artisan well water
    1p - 4oz sausage, lettuce, arugula
    5p - finished up 2x750ml spring water; stir-fried broccoli slaw in strained sausage fat from the AM; 2 oz A2 Camembert, celery sticks, whole small avocado w/ Ume vinegar; 1T coconut manna for 'dessert'
    9p - finished another 750ml spring water and off to bed.

    Tuesday-1: (posted Wednesday)
    6:10a Rise, start 24 oz coffee,cream, 2T gelatin (start cooking)
    7a VL only, cloud covers sunrise.
    BAB 7:05a - 4 eggs (usually off eggs, due to tested allergy last Dec.) scrambled (24g Protein), 8 slices bacon (24g Protein), arugula salad, 750ml spring water
    NO HUNGER UNTIL 3p, energy high, steady (and it was a 'workout' for two of us to unroll a Magnetico!!)
    3:30p - mashed sardines (14g Protein) w/mayo, capers, celery in lettuce wraps.
    4p - steamed sweet potato, mashed w/butter
    5p - 25 minutes FIR/NIR artificial light, cold shower, 20 oz distilled water with Vital Reds powder to flavor.
    7p - dog walk in park - VL only
    9p - momentary appearance of The Snack Demon -- IGNORED! drank ~0.5L artisan water
    9:30p - down to sleep, first night on a Magnetico...
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  8. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Hey Sheddie,

    You are doing so well! Great to see your meal plans too. Can I ask how you make Broccoli Slaw?

    I'm on the mend, but I am eating caarbs and not much meat. I am going to now start winding that down again to move (at a slower pace) towards epi paleo. I have had a number of suggestions about what may be my issue, and what might solve it, including Candida and bacterial die off, Poor gut flora, and gut flora skewed to only carbs, and chronic dehydration from EMF and lack of magnesium. CAT scan showed it was not apendix or cancer or fibroids but wnd that caused the pressure on the nerve.

    Of all the fixes suggestions I am going to investgate the EPCOT rx, which has a component of eating onions as well as a leptin rest in it, plus some suppliments. It is intended to help you rebuild your gut flora which I think may be my biggest issue. Waiting to be sent Dr Kruse's EPCOT webinars now. Really looking forward to it.

    Isnt it amazing you were not hungry after BAB till 3pm. Its so lovely not to be thinking about food isnt it?

    Looking forward to seeing how you go. Till I am back on the leptin reset.

    X Kruse Kadet
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  9. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    Hello again, KK. You get credit for getting me here, and, the Thread really pushed me & held the focus on oversights, erroneous rationales, making me put my energy on the tasks, not the frustrations.

    So relieved for you bigger medical problems didn't get found; and that EPCOT Rx may provide the guidelines for you to proceed (I'm going to look that up today). I have some additional restrictions to factor in, too, and that's just how we need to personalize the road map to rising Health.

    Broccoli Slaw is a store-bought preparation. One store has it organic, another not. The broccoli looks a bit like veggie 'noodles' and the mix has carrot and red cabbage 'julienne' strips. I don't usually get prepared/convenience groceries but my hand-held zucchini 'noodler' doesn't work for broccoli stalks. I'm so restricted on my old stand-by favorite veggies I opted for the Broccoli in a box, and so far, enjoy it raw and stir-fried. It was new to me only recently.

    Wednesday-1 (posted Thursday)
    7:10a - awake; low VL, complete cloud cover.
    Magnetico first night: no change getting to sleep easily; stood up in the morning noticing joints felt 'wobbly' (?) which IS different as I'm more used to ratcheting my knees and back into the standing position on getting out of bed...
    8a - mixed up 12 oz canned wild Tuna w/mayo, celery; nibbled on 6oz (40g Protein) over 20 minutes with a medium steamed Gold Beet; made 24 oz coffee, cream, 2T gelatin
    10:30a - partly cloudy UVA 20 mins clothed; 750ml spring water
    12:45p - 15 min FS/UVB clothed
    1:45p - 4 oz tuna mix; 1/2 stewed cinnamon apple chunks (no sugar); 20 oz distilled water with Vital Reds
    4:45p (not hungry until) - 1/4c macadamia nuts; cooking bison burgers, 8 oz (56g Protein) eaten w/a cooked gold beet by 5:10
    7-9:30p - 1.5L artisan water (NO cravings!)
  10. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    @Sheddie "Lahaleda: I'm waking before first light & sunrise about 20 minutes later. Does this idea seem appropriate -- I sit up in the dark, turn on a red LED and a UV :eek: on a pole lamp? Face that for a couple minutes. ....... No, no UV at that time and the first light must be natural with barefoot ground,better still with all fours.

    When VL/Sunrise arrive I'm outside for a few minutes. I am getting closer to correct BAB timing! :thumbsup:

    I'm still adding gelatin to coffee as I like what it
    does to help BMs (Dx SIBO & Leaky Gut) but not counting it in coaxing the genuine article BAB to come to me.:thumbsup:

    The food is being made timely; and sits there on the plate. I start eating but do suspend that a few minutes if it seems the dread Nausea will rise up. Continue more bites after a few minutes. Got through a 44g BAB in less than a hour... small bites until the plate is empty. So far, progressing...:thumbsup:

    Hey -- I lost 0.8 lb the last 2 days!" Don't weigh every day. It does a number on your cortisol. Pounds are liars anyway. :D

    Could you wake up later ? Is your bedroom totally dark? Getting , getting BAB and getting outside must be organised into a 30 minute window. If you get up while dark you will most certainly use light. That light nixes the circadian rhythm ,the beginning of the hormonal daytime crescendo.
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  11. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Man, Sheddie, the broccoli thingy sounds AMAZING. Wish I could get it here. Yes, you are doing well. Keep going.

    I'm edging towards it again. Have been feeling so great not being in pain this last 24 hrs. Been writing and creating. That's the whole point eh! To feel well. Let me know what you think of the EPCOT.

    X Kruse Kadet

    Had a Fish and Prawn BAB. Not hungry till 1pm.
    Got 2 hrs sun. Glorious here. Edging off carbs now. Will have some for lunch but not for tea.

    Much love!
  12. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Hey Lahelada,

    You have started a really refined practice of timings which sounds great. I would love to hear more about how it is working for you and what improved if you have the time. Can I ask you about the morning sun? I am on a flat plain with very huge trees right in the way of the morning sun rise. The sky is light, but I dont really get sun here till maybe 7. Would you have any advice for meas to what is best to do?

    X Kruse Kadet
  13. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    hi KK,

    not much time but basic improvements are lifting of brain fog, increased mobility and most of all a connected joyful life. Weight still eludes me but just recently I have started to make inroads with that,too.
  14. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    With the weight, Lah, what do you think are the factors that have shifted to start that happening? I gather you didn't loose weight during your first leptin reset? XO KK
  15. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Light at the right time, Blueblockers and getting out of the job that was frying me with EMF. I also moved outside of theh capital , still not good enough but better.
  16. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    Thank you! Timely pointers are so helpful in the flow & moment of things. And, to reduce so much scanning time onscreen. I find the 'study' part different from the 'practical' exercises toward implementing these new ways to organize mornings. I'm closing the gap in the Wake-Rise-VL-Sunrise-Eat steps! (Pretty much means the BAB, for me, needs to be set up and mostly prepped the night before.)

    Weighing a couple days in a row was just my excitement; rarely will I step on the scale more than monthly and even then it might be months between. I'm easily back to disinterested on that score!!

    Bedroom is mostly dark with a BLB night light in the hall and a very amber salt lamp in the kitchen/dining area which would light the way to exit doors. If a neighbor forgets to turn off his yard light, I have a sleep mask. Future acquisitions are for more BLB night lights and window black out shades.

    I'm bent on this start to the day although still struggling, emotionally, with the fact my eyes now have UV-blocking intra ocular lenses (IOLs) after cataracts. That fact steals my fun not needing glasses now except for reading the very fine print on shopping labels. I'm not convinced a Quantlet can substitute, for me, for that first light & sunrise light but I haven't studied everything available to read/view about it. I'm not sure my respiratory proteins can 'tighten up' enough with just cold showers and face-dunks, and IR lights? My latitude isn't hopeless and I first want to bring in red and UV lights with understanding the nanometer data and questions how to balance them. Later broad skin (Kiniki-assisted) direct sun exposure is easier 'work.' It simply weighs on me that if I don't get the very first daily practices up and running the results from the rest of my efforts are always going to be marginally successful... maybe an 'asset' to maintaining my 'medical stability' passing onto the real road in aging but, I would like a 'last hurrah' claiming a bit of genuine recovery to remember!

    Is anyone applying the Quantlet immediately on rising? Is there any potential first light hack, or is VL and sunrise on skin alone having some of the desired effect?
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  17. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    Excellent news that the crisis is behind you! I can't get to the Epcot material until I get my 'skin in' a membership upgrade, which is going to be soon! May your progress advance smoothly, creatively, and joyfully!

    Don't get too excited about the processed broccoli slaw product! It does have a few unpleasant woody bits which I expect are from the outer skin of the bigger broccoli stalks used. If my hands could use a julienne slicer I'd first peel the thick stalks and then julienne them. Home-made is always better. (My thumbs and wrists have a combo of osteo- and recently, a bit of rheumatoid arthritis. I don't have RA anywhere else and that was just my rheumatologist's comment. No RA tests were pursued like what ruled out RA decades ago... I just have loss of the full use of my thumbs!)

    Thursday-1 (posted Friday):
    6:15a - Awake (final use of red-UV bulbs as not a good idea) Set the coffee going by amber light
    6:50a - VL
    7:20a - heated up 8oz bison burger meat and stir-fried broccoli slaw, baby spinach at the end; 20 oz distilled water with Vital reds shaken in.
    10a - finished 24 oz coffee with cream, 1/2tsp MCT oil, 2T gelatin (Watched, dressed, in sunlight, an Irma-weather broken tree taken down and carted away. Sadly. Not hungry! Happily.)
    3:15p - cold salad, avocado, end of leftover tuna mix, broccoli, lettuces & baby spinach, olive oil, fresh lemon juice; 1 Medjool date to finish the meal. Finished 1.5L artisan water.
    7p - (not hungry despite a low protein previous meal!) Made a coconut milk soup for the morning w/ asparagus, zucchini, spinach, bacon, seaweed and 10 oz shrimp (including ginger, turmeric, green onion, 2d Lemongrass EO, a touch of Ponzu, and a good squirt of Red Boat fish sauce). Consumed 1/2c of the soup liquid, and for 'munch,' a handful of pistachio nuts. Also made up a salmon ceviche for the next day. Went to bed an hour later aiming to wake later Friday...)
  18. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Oh Sheddie, I am so sorry to hear about your hands. My mum has that too. Have you ever tried DMSO on them? It helps mum immensely. I use it on my gums for gum disease too at times, though you have to be really careful of it, and keep your surfaces clean as you are using it.

    Still loving your recipees. Gives me ideas, so I appreciate it. One of my probs with the Leptin Reset, with no tomato or eggplant etc, I find it a bit boring. Need to find some good paleo restaurants here in Oz to get some variety.

    I am getting stuck in to the spring water I hauled. It is DIVINE! And watching a great podcast on WATER by Daniel Vitalis, who Dr Kruse knows I believe. As Kruse says, water is only part of the story, but what a fascinating part. I will like the three videos here in case you are interested. Talks about many aspects of water, how it carries information, and how its structure works for our benefits.

    Did another BAB today, still winding off carbs again. Air in lower intestines is moving now well, but definitely still building up. I must have pretty messed up gut flora I imagine.

    Big love to you on this journey. X KK
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  19. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Didn't know you had non UV cataract Lenses. Hope you can sort that easily. X
  20. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Great to know Lah. Have you ever investigated YShield paint with grounding for your bedroom, or know anyone who has? Wonder if that may improve things too.... Am going to look at it myself.
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