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Gals, anyone want to buddy on a Leptin Reset?

Discussion in 'The Leptin Rx' started by KruseKadet, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Okay got it. Thank you very much.
  2. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    Wow! A BAB SHAKE is inspiring! Your's below looks powerful. Something like that (no egg right now) will definitely sub for when/if the seafood meal is not wanting to come to me. Here, fishy fishy... That BAB attempt queasiness still haunts me.

    The regular kind is fine sprinkled on room temp water in a small wide & shallow bowl so's not to get dry spots. It's bread yeast that wants the water warm! Your Unc (unconscious) is trying to torture us with b r e a d, again! (Be strong; KK, too.) Room temp unless, maybe, you keep the room CT-cold like some on the site! Regular gelatin dry spots, if it's blender-bound, should be no problem anyway. I had some joint-care hydrolized gelatin hanging around the house and that's what I've been using dumped straight off a measuring spoon, in hot coffee. I just ordered a new supply as that gelatin-doctored coffee seems to be a keeper even past LR. The container says 6g/T protein so I'm working up to 4T (24g) as the weight-loser's quota. My Inner Purist was backing away from 'hydrolized' not knowing if that's more processed than how they make regular gelatin, but convenience won on ordering day. The BP MCT is still a coffee decision every morning; averaging a half tsp every couple days or so, a long way from what, 2T? I don't think it's the heavy cream (US cows). Didn't like butter in coffee a couple years ago. Might appreciate it up ahead.

    Day 5 postscript: NO hunger symptoms until nearly 4p driving home. Had some macadamias in the car and did not go into the response to hunger pangs when ignored too long -- the nano-shakiness and zippy emotional state. (Yayy.) Don't even feel like a dinner meal. Took a chance with a few pepperoni rounds and more gelatin & fluids (first ever so late in a day) and not gonna do a meal for supper. Next up, the dog walk (around sunset) and after that, get in range of some FIR/heat bulbs, a cold shower, and bed. IF I don't wake up ravenous in the night it might be a big win day. Yes, for me, strict no grain (rice cakes) carbs was my downfall after a beginner's lucky streak, four days on top of protocol. I might not have figured that out if we hadn't teamed up. The rice cakes were well below the carb limit and that faked me off. Maybe stuff like that, where each thinking-acting human must individually 'customize' the basic Protocol tenets, is why JK doesn't 'prescribe' the nitty-gritty details that are our responsibility. No Spoon-feeding, and, Skin In The Game?
  3. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    DAY 5:
    Had a massive BAB, fishes and steak, so really not hungry for 5 hrs. A relief! 3 hrs sun already. Glorious day. Reading John Ott's book, and really enjoying. Bit confused though as to why Red Light seems to cause illness in animals in some of his cases.... Will read further.

    Still have pain in lower abdomen. It's not constipation but its fairly painful and distracting. Going to continue to drink more water. Carbs must really hold the water in you. Think I need more fiber too. Sticking to strict Leptin Reset Protocol.

    had a SAO with three eggs for lunch. under carbs limit but just a real pleasure. also took three table spoons of lecithin.

    Nice going Sheddie! Sounds like you have found your own way to get a Leptin Reset happening. Looking forward to seeing what comes.

    XOX KK
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2017
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    a SAO? that is a wheat cracker - no???

    A big BAB does make a huge difference. I had pain in lower abdomen yesterday too - quite unusual for me. There is a ton of flu going around here. I was very, very, tired yesterday and couldn't eat dinner .....so that was a plus.
  5. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Yes its a wheat cracker. 8 grams of carbs. Anything wrong with that?
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    no wheat....... sorry
  7. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    OK. I understand. So what would 25 grams of carbs include? And should I start at day one again?
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I am pretty sure Dr. K. would say to start at day#1

    you want primarily green veggies for carbs ........ spinach, rocket, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce etc.

    Do you eat avocados? I mashed up 1/2 with a can of Alaskan wild caught red salmon and added lots of celery and red onions and 1tbsp of NCT oil and sea salt with nori. I wrapped some in a lettuce leaf.

    I always keep lots of canned salmon in the pantry [from Aldi] so I am never stuck. I usually keep a bowl full of this mixture in the fridge.

    It is just something to eat when it is time and then move on to other things.

    I often steam some cabbage and serve with butter.
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  9. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Ok. Happy to start Day 1 again. I didn't know greens were carbs. So I learned something. I might start my own diary. x
  10. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    Okay, me too. Day 1 it is. I was a grain (rice) cheat. Ignorance of the full Protocol is no excuse!
    "Foods that I would totally eliminate from the Epi-Paleo Rx:
    1. All grains no matter how they are prepared culturally. " (BG-6)

    It's easy to miss and I may have skipped reading about grains a couple months ago in a mad study mode; since gluten-free rice has been the sole grain I've used in a few years; It was a few days ago, thanks to the invitation to Reset, that I understood and FELT grain-rice in the carb allotment still wasn't okay. I haven't yet done a perfect day but I don't feel I'm off the protocol. Something fell into place after that. Even my ineptitude since June has deflated a bit of my full-body inflammation; looser skin and wrinkles showed up but it wasn't until I dropped the 14g of rice cake carbs (almost daily) that I saw a change, however small, on the scale. My carbs are now veggie carbs.

    There are many diets out there that do a day-to-day program but those are the ones that, I suspect, set us up for Yo-Yo weight gain and other less-than-satisfactory long-term results? LR isn't conceived so much as dieting when food isn't factored in as THE main reason for weight issues, or gut issues, or brain issues, or chronic disease with aging... If it's food monitoring in Leptin Reset at all I think it's to kick-start the results for energy without fatigue, clarity in emotion & thinking (and finding it easier to remember the right decisions), muscle fitness & readiness for post-LR exercising... and all the things that show up to define good health. Our Reset is setting the stage for life-long change. I'll likely return for a Reset anytime I feel my leptin sensitivity is missing, once I'm confident I've actually switched to 'sensitive.' I'm expecting Reset to show me what I'll actually know/feel what being LS is...That's the faith part for me as I've been obese for over 20 years (obesity defined as 30-plus lbs. over 'optimal' weight) and assuredly leptin-screwed-up the whole time! How I feel in my interior world, call it cognitive haze or brain fog, isn't just limited to Fibromyalgia patients which is where I first saw the phrase. The un-optimal masses pretty much seem to be suffering it, too!

    Light deficiency, nnEMF pollution and dehydration really do seem to set the stage and bring on performance for mass delusion. Even neighbors, family and friends, people I know, complain of tiredness, stress, illness, and other things that add up to a deficiency in the joy of being alive. What small percent of reality-useful observation about fellow humans derived from media reports on the various populations can still be put in the Things Not Good With the World's People category.

    Tripping up on one of the myriad aspects to consider when Going For Optimal is going to happen but fixing things is a one by one step. Optimal awareness is expanding piece by piece and hopefully averaging over the three main areas to correction at the same time. I hope the tedium to this learning phase will disappear and I can keep up learning when I move on to different new tasks like CT and nnEMF hunting-mitigating.

    Caroline -- your food diary continues to inspire. I love steamed cabbage. And stir-fried, and 'corned beef & cabbage' when I can trust the beef. Eggs are presently off my list and there's some in mayo, so thanks for the idea of mashing avocado!

    If KK & I restart as Day 1 can you keep up your day count? Do we have some idea how many perfect Reset days we can be looking for toward leptin sensitivity? I should have re-started after my rice cheats. 'Exactly as written' might should be polished up again and again? I can't believe I was in denial about rice except I'm also close to perfect gluten-free. That's when I learned nut butters will thicken gravies, as well tuber flours... no mo' wheat flours for that, for anything except maybe wall-paper paste! But we won't likely find many restaurants doing grain flour-free gravy. (I'm not a fan of vegan nutritional yeast 'gravy' I did have at a vegan place... once upon a time.)

    While we're here, do we want to change thread format to daily listing of food, light and other Leptin Reset points? More of a texting-style note-form? Might be more efficacious for public consumption? Might get more on board?
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  11. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Sending you love Sheddie. A fab post you wrote. Yes happy to move and make it more of a diary post. Woke up with a lot of pain in the lower intestine, feeling of blockage, heat in the brow and nausia. Not sure if it's just stomach upset or am ill. High Meat/fish change has been harsh on my nethers, while being great on other parts! Will wait til later in the day think about LS again. Speak soon. X
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Please take care K.K. - maybe you should see a Doc tomorrow if you aren't feeling better?
  13. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    Saturday, LR week 1:
    Meet the dawn, 5min VL, grounded, clothed (chilly)
    6:40a - 24oz coffee, 3T gelatin (18g protein), cream
    Morning hours - 2L artisian well water, handful supplements (not hungry)
    9:30a, UVA 20 min, dog walking, dressed (sunny, windy, clear sky)
    12:30p, UVB/FS, 40 min, exposed (Kiniki dress) [FS=full spectrum]
    Afternoon hours - 2 half L spring waters
    1:30p - huge meal, dbl-protion baked salmon, steamed swiss chard & cauliflower, butter/cream/Parmesan sauce (big hungry)
    5:30p - leftover single salmon portion, cauliflower, sauce (little hungry, eat for timing) (forgot 2nd of BID w food supps)
    Sunset, 30 min, dog walk, public park, clothed
    Blew it -- stopped at grocery store (bad light) for extra Irma water
    8p, exposed face & neck to UV and red bulbs
    9:30p hunger!, ate handful macadamia nuts (snack offense), <half L water
    ~10p, asleep
    [to improve diary memory: writing things down on an envelope back as notes for the day-after record here]
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2017
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  14. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Hi Sheddie, you may want to consider switching your quantities around, if you are hungry at night. Breakfast should be the biggest meal with 50 grams of protein. The 9.30 pm snacking nixes everything you are trying to achieve. You are essentially not hungry because your fast period between dinner and breakfast is not long enough. Breakfast is breaking the fast.

    You may also want to consider treating gelatin as an add on rather than food itself. It needs to be real food . There is a lot of reading to do still as to how to restore gut health. This is a good start https://www.jackkruse.com/organizational-structural-failure-1-gutcollagen-link/

    I love that you are so diligent about your light exposure.
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  15. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Hi Lahelada, Sheedie and Caroline,

    I am really sick with Proctalgia Fugax and I am hoping you might help me trouble shoot it. I have been to the doctor, and they want me on muscle relaxant for it. But the doctor was certain it was a by-product of my going suddenly epi-paleo. There is a huge build up of air in my lower instestine that is not moving. Once the pocket of air gets too big, pushing on the intestine walls, it sets off this series of extremely painful spasms and contractions. They are literally crippling.

    The doctor said, it is a mix of suddenly eating so much meat/fish while dropping the carbs out, and he posited the kinds of gut flora I have are currently carbs-skewed gut flora, high up in the tract because carbs absorb quickly, as opposed to gut flora that can deal with meat and fibers lower in the tract. I had to use muscle relaxant yesterday because it was so bad. He said there could be other causes he doesn't know about contributing, including lack of hydration (I have been drinking like a fish due to extreme thirst since going on the Leptin Rest), or some chemical toxin build ups, etc as well. Eating some carbs immediately relieved the situation and the wind started passing through. But this is not a good solution for me, I want to do the Leptin Reset. And other than this incredibly painful spasming, I was feeling good on the reset, mood stable, not hungry, etc, and I would like to find a way to continue but without the pain and without having to use muscle relaxant. So I am just putting out there for any ideas you might have or maybe you have come across people with this problem while beginning epi-paleo, and know how they strategised around it?

    There are other reasons you get Proctalgia Fugax... cancer is one, trauma on the levator ani muscle is another - this the most likely for me with the air build up as it has happened so clear upon starting the LR.

    Hoping to hear from y'all with any suggestions or anecdotal help.

    X Kruse Kadet
  16. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Maybe eat more carbs (veggies, and sea type) in a seafood broth. Stay away from dry type carbs and raw veggies, even salads. Just my thoughts. I personally slowly TRYING to cut down on carbs but not extremely low. I go by how I feel, I go by that became we are all different and have different past problems. I personally am going to start seafood broth to heal my gut.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2017
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    How about "ask Jack"
    That sounds very painful - hope you sort it quickly xo
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  18. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Agree with Caroline. Hope you feel better soon .Xo
    Edit : In the meantime a warm bath with magnesium salt may bring tension relief.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2017
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  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    K.K. what about a castor oil Pack? there are youtube videos showing you what to do. As I recall - one video is a lot less messy.
  20. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    KK: This really IS being deep in the LR trenches! All my simple brain knows is the bacteria I've got are the ones I'm feeding. Dimly, I recall some real 'gut wars' along the way (years now since a first foray into the Atkins plan) to generally low carb intake (but huge and previously perpetual light deficiency). My rising meat intake and veritable brand new introduction to seafood has had some recent BAB issues (nausea on leaving stomach and entering the SIBO zone?). But, the more violent bacterial lashback in KK's Dx is harsh to bear, hurts to hear.

    One year I did a lot of high colonics, concurrent with Candida wars, and likely washed out some old colonies of carb-loving bacteria (?). Nonetheless, stool testing this year indicated mostly undigested proteins. Answering to, possibly, no wonder the ever-present super-fatigue since a round of antibiotics 4-5 years ago. All the 'good' bacteria were present (my fermented veggies?) but some of the 'bad' ones were very over-grown. The bad bacteria 'junta' and its lasting tyranny, I'd say, started with antibiotics; also started the Omentin formation and pile up that was not evident before. (Pudgy lower abdomen 'only' since the initial severe weight gain, 20 years. Mid-torso bloat just post-antibiotic, 4 years.)

    I remember some agonies with lower abdomen gas. I got on my knees and up-ended, my head and shoulders below my thighs and butt -- a re-arranged yoga Child Pose... I think you have to go slow, meal by meal, and it sounds like you can and will. If it takes carbs to survive a battle, maybe a more complex carb than a simple carb for a 'therapeutic' dose? (What was the carb you used the day you got relief?) Maybe you'll lose a few battles early on, but you will win the War!

    Lahelada: Yes, I tried more water before succumbing to the macadamia snack and blew my day's efforts. I had an epiphany about the BAB nausea earlier, that led me to leaning on gelatin -- why not make something other than a seafood BAB! (Duh.) Made pork this morning and got it down less than an hour after rising, no nausea!! But, that's today for tomorrow's report. Thanks for noticing light is my top priority although both light & food are 'tricky' to get on auto-pilot! Great link -- I hadn't seen it before.)

    Sunday-1: (posted Monday)
    5:15a Woken by a dream. Got up, made 24 oz coffee, cream to a caramel color, 3T gelatin, 2d Methylene Blue
    7-7:20a Outside clothed, with dog on cold, wet grass, about 13 min VL, 750ml spring water
    8a LDN 1/4tsp (for pain, new drug for me, playing with am vs. pm administration)
    8:10a made a rare 2nd 24oz coffee, 3T gelatin (PS: still thinking gelatin could serve as breakfast protein.)
    9a Out for 25 min UVA with 750ml spring water (#2); temp 61F, very windy (Kiniki is wind-thru as well as tan-thru!)
    10a Salmon ceviche, arugula & avocado salad.
    12:15p FS/UVB but only lasted 10 min (very windy, 69F and now heavy clouds); Went to FIR/NIR sauna box for 20 min (probably not ideal at mid-day; it worked to warm up enough for a cold shower).
    4p dinner; swiss chard, cauliflower, heavy on the butter, cream, Parmesan (10g protein/oz, Italian A2) and bacon sauce.
    5p started 1L artisan water
    6:30p took dog to park with a 750ml spring water (fits in car drink holder); low VL and barely apparent sunset.
    8p extra screen exposure checking on Irma, hope f.lux is enough blue light protection?
    9p blew it all; driven to fridge for Miracle noodle leftover w cheese sauce ~1/4c to give in to hunger. ( Not yet more than a toehold in Reset.)
    10p finished up waters, went to bed.
    (PS: planning a BAB with pork for tomorrow. Storms will make for suspended sun exposures the next couple days) Thanx all.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2017

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