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Gals, anyone want to buddy on a Leptin Reset?

Discussion in 'The Leptin Rx' started by KruseKadet, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Beautiful writing Sheddie. Are you a writer by trade?

    I wish I could eat cheese on the Leptin Reset as you are... I am obese though. So it's not an option. But I am mad about the opiates in cheese! Your Tuna Broccoli slaw wraps sound amazing. Any trick to them? Any added flavorings?

    Just waking up on Day 4. Very stiff and sore for some reason. But feeling clear in the mind, which is also a thing of beauty!

    Re the supplements, which are you on? I figure minerals wont interfere with the reset.

    Speak later. I think we're doing well.

    XOXOX Kruse Kadet
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  2. peter jesop

    peter jesop New Member

    is it all abouth the CASH?
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I was really hungry this am .....so - sausages and steak and a BPC. Not ideal - but going shopping for seafood later.

    Cheese is my BIG problem ....I have always and will always love cheese! Calling it an opiate is probably exactly correct!

    I wonder if we either have a sweet tooth ....or a cheese tooth????
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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    thanks Peter - I love Johnny Cash for some reason. We saw him live in Toronto when he proposed toJune Carter.
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    about creativity ..... I found when I did the Leptin RX the first time and afterwards ...I just ate the few simple things I was enjoying and then I moved on. So, I guess, what I am saying - food was no longer my focus or entertainment or hobby. BTW - We used to own a restaurant so I am well aware of how thinking about food takes over your life - especially if you want to be great at your job.

    So - I think when we are eating this way - it doesn't consume us and no cravings and not being hungry all the time. I found that to be so fantastic.

    And then the great bonus of losing mass and feeling much better about ourselves!

    Now I can just enjoy a beautiful piece of fish or some sashimi and enjoy the company. We always make it a point to eat outside - wether at home or at an outdoor cafe. We often take a breakfast or lunch picnic to the ocean ...win/win! A heap cheaper too! We bought good thermos' and take our own coffee now too. It saves a ton of money for oysters etc.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    No it doesn't - I don't think so anyway. But it was only a small bit and I wasn't going to beat myself up about it - especially since I hadn't had lunch.

    I think maybe organic cocoa - made into a fat bomb - with coconut oil and GF butter and macadamia nuts.

    But I always found this to be a minefield - since I don't know when to stop! Even putting it in the freezer doesn't stop me!
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  7. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    OH MY GOD CAROLINE! You were there when Johnny Cash proposed to June Carter????? That's a historic moment! Amazing.
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  8. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    DAY 4: (these little diary entries are mainly here to help keep me on track. I know they are probably desperately boring for everyone else, but they help keep me honest I think!)

    I am pretty hungry today I have to say, and BAB wore off by 11.30. I don't think my current BAB is enough. Three small Bream fish and a scoop of mashed vegetables. So tomorrow I am going to hammer the BAB and see if that makes the difference. Again, prep is where I let myself down, and I need to look more ahead, especially when I am absorbed in making a film. Am baking a baked dinner today, but that takes two hours to unfold. Still feeling stiff in the joints and dehydrated.

    Started PHASE 2 LIVER detox.

    New glass bottles arrived. I will be heading to the Mountains to fill these with fresh sparkling spring water that gushes from the ancient depths of the mountains. Can't wait!

    Got loads of sun this morning, and have started reading Jon Ott's book on Health and Light - really fascinating.


    Mood today is ok. Creativity is also flowing.- JanSz is also going to look at my labs which I am pretty excited about. I love reading JanSz's posts - I am a fan girl.

    Big Love. X
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  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    It gets better K.K. ......We knew the woman who was head of their [Johnny and June] fan club. She used to always go and stay with them in their home!

    I am really hungry today too ......bigger BAB tomorrow. I am hanging out for lunch now! ...another 20 minutes.
  10. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    Thank you for the encouraging compliment! No, definitely not a Writer. I struggled with writing A LOT. It's always been convoluted run-on sentences like someone on a free-association roller coaster ride. In college, a Linguistics mentor 'diagnosed' my writing problems after which I was better able to hand in 'readable' course papers. And now, hunt & peck typing is slow for me, basically because when I was about 11 my Mum encouraged me to think of a job when I grew up -- a nurse (like her), or, a secretary. I vowed right then, never to learn how to type. Ten years later, I saw that was a dumb decision! (Not the first or last on my dumb decision record.) But high school and other opportunities were behind me. However, I was a voracious reader and found out I was a whiz at editing -- other people's writing. Never had a book manuscript to edit but did a fair number of coworkers' papers for publication. It's usually a good idea to have several people edit and proof-read.

    Here is my first time putting out so much, and I haven't a clue what's an average or ideal forum 'style.' May never know. How can one 'write for the audience' in an effective Sender-Receiver form if the readership is a global screen-based Public? And what brings us here -- the phenomenal Dr. Kruse synthesis and analysis of medical (and other) sciences with incredibly cosmic inspirations & aspirations like none I've seen before in my time -- is one high energy Clarion Voice resonating far and wide. The far gone (down in health) and the wide awake (still healthy-ish) -- who seem unified recognizing every human is in symbiosis with Nature & Cosmos, or Human is on the extinction list; personally and en masse.

    Then, too, writing has changed. Texting & Twittering, etc., have kept print words alive on screen but have also added a whole new level of 'coding' and meaning. As an addition to traditional communications, great! As a replacement for traditional communications, bad news. And, a long paragraph, or series of multiple-sentence paragraphs, can be annoying to some. Audience preferences play a big role and individual attitudes re: individual preferences come through loud & clear! Feedback and opinion can be extremely 'concise' as affective felt-opinion without benefit of more precise cognitive opinion formation.

    So, not being ambitious to solve unsolvable difficulties I 'relaxed' and plunged in to say/write what happens to come up, hopefully with relevance and reverence for the over-arching Message... and, try like hell to type it in before an idea evaporates, or other ideas barge in. I sure am having more fun than in years, learning a massive amount, (retaining not so much as I once did) and enjoying this rarefied assembly of simply amazing, smart, heartful humans!

    Cheese? It's my Go To for cravings, usually salty but cheese seems to work as well for very infrequent sweet-tooth fixes. There was no cheese or dairy for awhile and it was sorely missed but now I'll have some cream in daily morning coffee and A2 cheese maybe 3x a week. Judiciously. Gratefully. (I need A2 cream cheese for guilt-free cheesecake.)

    No trick to lettuce wraps when it's the only known substitute, except Nori sheets, for a fast food wrap meal item. Before my Gluten-free era, I was a regular wrapper. Hate GF products the last couple years but they did dwindle, then fell off the grocery list and helped the 'transition' to zero 'flours' except nut-based. Just tried the 100% coconut wraps to find they have a sweet-ish undertone (no sugar added). They're very thin but wrap neatly, and don't break up in hand. A tad chewy but that may only be a factor for me. Haven't tried a paleo taco filling yet to see if a warm filling melds with the coconut wrap better than a cold fish salad mix. Not mine, but otherwise they might be someone's favorite wrap somewhere. (Amazon; brand NUCO)

    My obesity is from steroids for 9 months around 2000. When I asked about the 65 lb weight gain I was told that would go away when I was finally off the drug; it was a LIE! Ten years later I'm still left with 30 or so to lose but even 20 would be wonderful, even with loose skin and wrinkles.

    Too many supplements to get into that just now. I counted the current bottles -- 49 on the kitchen counter. More in the fridge. Mostly in groups like am/pm, BID with food, in between meals, and a few just erratically on purpose. Often, erratically taken due to motivation fatigue -- like a weekend off to restart on Mondays... Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, Iodine, electrolytes, herbals, superfoods, chlorella and spirulina... for... pain, Candida, SIBO, high lipids, Arthritis, Fibro, and lately Methylation issues, border-line fatty liver. I have a DVD cabinet set in to a kitchen wall and occasionally store open bottles over there. I have a set of double bookshelves in another room full of un-opened stocks. I write the various protocols/notes on recycled envelope backs. A big stack of those. That's just the logistics. The rationale for any & all supplements is an Rx drug-free approach -- multiple chemical sensitivity 'syndrome' cancels out drug chemicals in the main. Long-term drug avoidance did recently allow tolerance for the meds attached to cataract surgeries, a colonoscopy 15 years over-due, and for a melanoma surgery luckily caught early enough that chemo- or immuno-therapies weren't suggested, and would be refused in my case. Before I learned about MCS I had side-effects to drugs that had never been reported in the literature; totally idiosyncratic. Had several factory-system docs really scratching their noggins, but not for very long as the patient usually gets the 'blame' for not responding to drugs like the Big Pharma reps with free samples and glossy pamphlets said they should.

    I'm using supplements with Leptin Reset. They have a place and some supplements are integral to some goals for some people here. The not-usual-or-customary tests give decent and clearer indications for supplements, even certain drugs. I'm only jaded after decades of internet searching and researching ad infinitum without sufficient knowledge that various tests would provide; tests that were not up to speed or more widely available like they are becoming. A single or formulaic supplement that is only matched to symptoms is merely less toxic than synthetic chemical drugs; body systems may have failed or switched to compensatory functions and this involves a multivariate assessment of the entire physiology embedded in a system of body systems. (can't recall how many 'systems' but over 10, I think.) To whit, authentic holistic medicine. Medical schools don't teach that way so the average doc won't think that way. Fault is further back, with the health care professionals' curriculum developers. Fault is further forward in the sense that the insurance industries' 'billing & coding' is also a covert uber-control of medical practices by financial bean counters, and their Wall Street investor interests a priority way ahead of patient care. Not to mention that departments of environmental and functional medicine, maybe even fledgling medical bio-physics, are precarious institutional step-children . I've seen inter-disciplinary programs come up, brilliant and inspiring at inception. Gerontology studies come to mind as one example. Where are they now? A few decades and flurries of intriguing funded research. I can't prove it but I suspect the well-meaning research went in the super-computers and the powers that be (who effectively control the super-computing facilities despite they were funded on the tax-payers' dime), seem to me to be using the research more to ensure that what let centenarians live that long should be quietly deconstructed out of existence. Data-mining is more in service of interest groups serving the corporate, not Constitutional, agenda. We seem to be handsomely financing our own genocide. There aren't anywhere near 50 ways to leave your massacre. (Ouch)

    Day 4: Went well in the main although leftover seafood soup for breakfast isn't so yummy; missed the midday sun in a Kiniki (had to be dressed to make an appointment); cheated with sushi although the Double Shrimp Roll meant proportionally less rice; got 15 minutes of strong 5p sun waiting, dressed, for the restaurant to open for dinner; guessing to be about a liter low for hydration; and, an hour 'late' now for sleep. Nitey-nite, Creative Resetters. CYA tomorrow.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
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  11. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    DAY 4 continued:

    Yup this is definitely a harder day, only helped by delightful read of Sheddie's missive and Caroline's really cool brushes with fame. Hungry during the 2nd half of day, and unprepared with enough correct epi-paleo things to eat. Is that my candida getting 'hangry' since I jave been starving it out?? Roast beef taking three hours to cook - like paint drying, though infinitely more tasty!

    Also, observing how deeply sugar must be a painkiller for me. Feeling stiff, sore and painful all over having done nothing to cause stiffness except withdraw the opiate effect of the sugar. What a nasty, insidious thing sugar is. I am riding it fairly well emotionally this time because I am not under immediate pressure from work and have space for the withdrawal to happen. Sunlight is great for this kind of withdrawal too.

    Am gonna need to work out some quick easy sources of epi-paleo food for times like this. Bread sadly was the go-to before. XOX
  12. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to say good day and hey, don't want to be on here much today. Thank you for the little laughs and smiles you all wrote above. I need to think about this leptin rx meal plan. I getting frustrated with what to eat and put together. Also for bringing to work (like on the go). I know I need it more now that it is getting colder and less sun. I also slept like crap which led me to blow up at my boss, yeah I'll blame it on sleep. The reason is peeeeeeeeing almost every 2 hours (3-4 times in a 7 hour time frame). Why can't peeing be like BM..lol just about like clock work and never wakes me up. Peeing has a mind of its own (yeah it has ADHD or OCD). Well I shouldn't come plain..I have all my senses and can use my arms and legs, and sometimes brain.

    Thank you again and have an awesome day.
  13. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    MyDay 5: No, it's not over yet but once I get through the dawn to early afternoon stretch I can predict the size of the win or... tomorrow's another day. Close to a win today: got the dawnlight as it arrived over a neighbor's fence; no BAB, going with 24 oz coffee, cream, and today 3T hydrolized gelatin; got an hour of 9-10 morning sun in a chair angled side, center & side, Kiniki tube dress on since with UV-blocking IOLs the maximum on broad skin exposure is the aim. I am NOT hungry one bit! Still, have to think about lunch before noon when I'm taking a veteran to his dr. app't. The Sun is strong and very white today but Irma is coming. Haven't checked if the path will swing straight up FL and affect Atlanta. Wherever she goes is ominous. Prayerful, mindful. I'll miss the hour protocol for me with the 11-1 full-spectrum and D timing except for any minutes I can get out & about (dressed). If my dr office scale yesterday is correct, I'm one pound less this morning on my home scale.

    This is so interesting to hear your efforts and results! While the 'experience' seems to be more mental-emotional for KK and more body-physical for BB it sounded to me like two different expressions of a common 'thing' -- carbohydrate metabolism? The good news, I think, is it may be mitigated by the same protocol Sun and low carb meals! And not too long now, if you/we build up in a good run at the LR. Those struggles, uniquely experienced, might be in their last throes of fighting a losing battle -- no/low carbs to feed Candida, DHA + light + hydration to correct the brain hormones -- get 'em to march together and excrete/signal in step to allow the hormone functions to go forward and do what they're designed to do?

    Question. Is Bream a sea fish? I assume seafood has the DHA and digestible protein we want; don't know about fresh water fishies. Would like to find out as a friend has a pond with bream and bass. Months ago, succeeding at 4L straight water/per day, I was peeing constantly and still constipated (SIBO/Leaky Gut). BB reminded me! However, this week at an average 3L, pushing for 4L I just noticed the frequency isn't annoying me at all though the quantity is peeing like a racehorse. Nice to have, apparently, a proper bladder filling, holding, and letting go at my command. I forget my kidney-bladder system run-down but isn't that related to aldosterone and adrenal function, which of course, gets feedback from one of the brain glands? At the moment I kinda find the brain orchestration stuff as first (and what I'm most ignorant about) and the below-the-neck systems secondary, not working them up and backwards like seems the usual medical world's 'dyslexia?' Not to ignore the brain and her subsidiaries must loop around like the sun, as the world turns? Sun & Brain is all I can stay focused on with our "junket!" May y'all have a fine krusing along day, ethereally, at least. LOL.
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  14. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Well said.. I am going to do your coffee regimen. I kind of do that now but have to do a big version, plus add gelatin which I haven't done in a long time. How do you incorporate your gelatin, do you let it sit in cool water first then stir it in hot coffee till it totally dissolves. I am going to do a bulletproof version unless that is one..lol Today I had milk, coconut milk and egg shake after my coffee. Unless anyone can come up with anything else to add to the shake.
  15. peter jesop

    peter jesop New Member

    Yes, i have an idea add a little bit IMAGINATION and that does good for the senses.
  16. Penny

    Penny New Member

    cardomom: 450 enzymes
    turmeric: light/anti inflammatory - actually, it does a crap ton of things
    cinnamon: blood sugar
    ginger: gut
    glycine: gut + glyphosates deplete it
    gelatin: gut - just stick it in the blender with a tray of ice + adds 8 grams of protein per tbl
    whey protein: gut
    black pepper: makes the turmeric systemic
    mint: rosmaric acid (brain)
    potassium bicarbonate: only 2 grams tops - everyone is low in potassium and it helps mitigate the acidity of the coffee = more energy
    In the winter you can add: astragulus root and reishi - I've even thrown Japanese knotweed in there - carnitine is a total taste fail in coffee BTW -
    methylene blue: one drop (www.mito-blue.com)
    an avocado if you get hungry for lunch and want to skip it
    nuts: almonds/walnuts/Brazilian nuts: feeds gut flora + very bioavailable source of selenium
  17. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Take an Oregon Grape root - that alone will help you last for the day... berberines kill everything + it acts like Metformin -
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  18. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Hi Penny,

    Thank you very much. I wasn't sure about the nuts and avocado, cool.. that will work. Even though I was looking for solid type food, thanks for the herbs and spices.

    I have another question either for you or anyone that knows. I wake up at 4:30 for work (weekends I get up without alarm and later) do I eat 30 minutes after waking or after sunrise, this always confuses me. I am guessing ideal would be while the sun is out (that is circadian rhythm right). Also if I am not mistaken I thought Doc mentioned if you have Hashimoto and/or inflammation (I personally think they are within the same) you can or should have 4 meals a day.
  19. Penny

    Penny New Member

    You can also add 3-6 drops of molybdenum to this concoction - and for yeast, 4 drops of methylene blue will do it:)

    You want to yoke food to light, so I would guess sunrise - but I think the idea is, once you wake up, cortisol will spike, then if you eat soon thereafter, you will replenish energy (the sunshine would also do this, but it probably wouldn't work as well if you are leptin resistant) - otherwise, you are taxing your adrenal glands by having them spike cortisol - which I think spikes when you run out of glucose -
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  20. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Thanks for the Oregon Grape Root advice Penny. Could really help this process to keep the Candida at bay. X

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