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Gals, anyone want to buddy on a Leptin Reset?

Discussion in 'The Leptin Rx' started by KruseKadet, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Just wondering if there are any gals out there who might want to join me for a Leptin Reset.

    Thought it might be nice to embark upon it with other women, and we can share the experiences and support each other a bit to bring it home! PM me if so!

    Thinking of starting next week.

    X Kruse Kadet
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I will definitely follow along KK......I have gotten too sloppy for the longest while now - so back on the straight and narrow for this girl.
  3. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    OK Great news Caroline. Do you have a day you want to start? I have a big day tomorrow but can get going on Tuesday. No one else has replied. X
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Tuesday it is then!
  5. Coldsnow

    Coldsnow New Member

    I've been waking up early and I've balanced my feminine (some of it) through all the artwork that I've done; does that count
    can I tag along? LOL
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  6. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    I like your plan but thought I might have little to offer this time -- I've been on the Leptin Reset level for months; still struggling with meal timing , that elusive BAB! Instead, I mostly delude myself I'm fasting until I can stomach food some 3-4 hours after rising; trying a BAB 2-3 mornings a week to keep checking if I've moved past nausea!! Not at all frustrated (chronic pain people have enormous capacity for patience and 'working around' things). And, I'm too thrilled about tripling my water intake, faithful sun exposures, and cold showers being easier -- these are now nicely nestled in my new daily routines. I will 'join' you all in spirit and tag-a-long if you'll have me, for your new reset to the reset! I'm sure to learn something that just might do the trick for me.
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  7. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    I would like to follow along as well. I have the same problem not able to eat BAB especially eggs/meat/fish for some reason. Sheddie when you do accomplish a BAB do you get more hungry. I would appreciate it if you all can post what you all make. I will add I haven't gained even though I haven't changed much except for morning sun and grounding, actually see more improvement. Did some CT but haven't lately. Can someone post a link of explanation of the reasons for no oats, rice grains etc. I am not a member yet so if you can give a link I can open.

    Thank you.
  8. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    Once, I did 4 days' BAB in a row (plus sun, grounding, cold showers) and was NOT hungry at brunch, lunch, afternoon... Noticed very high afternoon energy, obvious as my sleepy-enough-to-nap episodes disappeared. With the new energy, I moved around more than usual, enough to get sore muscles. Very exciting for a less-than-sedentary lifer. (I wanna do that again!!) Then, I had a stressful week (unrelated to The JK Program) and ever since get nauseous if I eat HPHFLC before a couple hours after rising. (The stress issue was resolved.) Someone used the term, "morning anorexia" and I self-diagnosed it as that, hopefully temporary...

    I've never been a breakfast person as an adult. I was lacto-ovo-vegetarian for 25 years. Had no problem eating meat again after I noticed a huge energy gain, although when cooking meats longer than 30 minutes, the smell would make me nauseous. (I put slow cooker and a table-top roasting oven outside in a laundry porch off the kitchen, and the smell issue was solved) Usually, I only ever ate two meals a day -- brunch and dinner. Dinners got later, back to my European habits, after the kids were grown & flown. Now, the BABs eluding me, I get ravenous before bedtime even with HPHFLC meals at late morning and before 5p. I have even gone to sleep at 9:30p and woke up around 11-midnight 'starving.' Blew my melatonin, too, opening the fridge to that bright light that late! There are some ups & downs making these Kruser changes! Plenty of cartoon material.

    Besides aiming for leptin sensitivity, some day, I also avoid high-lectin foods (a la Gundry) and a list of tested allergic foods... Rethinking the tests my functional medicine doc gave me back dairy, but eggs, fowl, some good nuts, nightshades, and more are still off the grocery list. I get most of my veggies via a SLO food delivery service that I can swap out what I need to -- but, it ends up mostly lettuces and squashes, passing over so many tempting tomatoes and the like... Canned smoked oysters & sardines (water or in EVOO) I order on line; containers of raw oysters from grocery stores; some frozen salmon, trout, shrimp, grass-fed lamb, pork & beef, and beef bones from the SLO place. Lately, a can of Wild Planet salmon with a bit of avocado mayo and lemon juice in lettuce leaf wraps has been going down nicely -- better than baked oysters wrapped in bacon as first meal of the day... I'm set to try canned tuna this week. I'm ever interested in new ideas for consuming seafood. Fish-head smoothies and fish eyes, oh yes, one of these days!

    The no grains issue has so many reasons to explain -- GMOs, lectins, gluten, bromination in flours, inflammation response for some... and more I forget right now. Maybe there are some epi-genetic reasons, too. I heard there was a patented invention on a microwave unit that attached to heavy farm equipment used at harvest -- to pre-dry grains and maybe prevent mould? Probably 'better' than industrial chemical dusting?? Probably with a toll on nutritional value of the grains harvested this way? (I will probably always cheat with sushi rice but that's maybe once a month.)

    I think I've come on this website and would win, hands down, the Getting Started's 'Most Frequent Visitor' award for the "Leptin Rx" heading!!
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  9. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    LOLHAHAAAA :)... wow. . I can relate we everything you mentioned and you cracked me up because I totally get it and your hilarious comments are spot on. Thank you. Yeah one day we will graduate to eating fish head smoothlyo_O:rolleyes::) but I seriously did think about raw oysters on the shell with lemon and or cocktail sauce, just let them slide down;) and done.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2017
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  10. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Coldsnow, It would be awesome if you wanted to join us. Its sometimes good to do it as a group. Just give you an anchor. I started today, but we don't all have to start at the same time. Let me know when you kick off. x Kruse Kadet
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  11. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    DAY 1:
    OK for anyone wanting to join the 'Leptin Reset junket', I started today. Please feel free to join me an post any observations, anguishes, moments of misery or enlightenment.

    MY RESET ISSUE. This will be my third Leptin reset. They generally go well after the painful withdrawal of the start, however, coming off the reset is the big issue for me. I have put on huge amounts of weight after I come off the reset when I reintroduce foods, which sets off binge eating, which is very hard to get in control. I am a binge eater with a sugar addiction. Binge eating is not just a physiological condition but it has a psychological component, to do with stress, memory and belief.

    Also, after I have starved my system of carbs during the leptin reset, my body then stores any new incoming carbs far more rapidly it seems to me, and I balloon out quicker than ever. Makes sense that the body grabs on to carbs like that after a famine of carbs. I feel extremely fearful that this will happen again this time, and so my mission now is to really support myself with new strategy. I want long term change. Not an endless demoralising cycle of fails.

    I have been told that some women have less success with Dr Kruse's method and leave the forum. Dr Kruse says it is about 'commitment', I am wondering if certain cases simply need more structural support as they reset their bodies. Any tools that help to keep you on a path to optimal are worth exploring. For myself, I think I may need a 'practice', meditation, breathing, yoga, something like that, to help me recondition the mind while the Leptin Reset is reconditioning the body. It's no use changing the body if the mind doesn't come with it! So maybe that is what will make the difference to me here. And that is what I am going to try to do for myself.

    Among the various stresses, Creative Stress is a key issue. Blank page, and needing to smash a great idea out in a short time, day after day, and be brilliant is grueling on your nervous system. This situation is primed with self flagellation and existential angst for most creatives and is a perfect storm for addictive behaviors to rear their ugly heads for so many artists. Most artists would be well served by having good strategy practices in place for this stressful recurring situation. So doing this Leptin Reset is a great opportunity for Mindfulness, and taking stock of deeper issues in ones life....

    So for now my strategy is...

    1) work the Leptin Rest exactly as written
    2) Support my psyschology - explore a 'practice.'
    3) Say no to overloading with projects if I can.
    4) FOOD PREP - this is also a big issue. It is easy to fall off if there is no food ready, especially if you are working away from home. so prep ahead of time is key to making a success of the rest.
    5) Length of Reset should be longer for me especially.... maybe over 8 weeks.

    If anyone understands my issue, and has any suggestions, or just wants to share their own journey, please feel free to let me know.

    TODAY: I ate loads of fish, meat and vegetables, and that's it! But it's only day one, and day three from memory is my rock bottom.
    I will be starting a bunch of supplements tomorrow. And I have no pressing job this week, which is why I chose this time. I am between film projects, which generally have killer creative stress. So I need to be off-sugar, before the stress hits, or it becomes far harder.

    Love to all on the road.
    X Kruse Kadet
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Dear Mitochondriacs .........

    I love all your thoughts KK. I have decided to do the leptin reset too. I have been putting it off for far too long

    I personally think that the most important thing you said is #1 .....work the leptin reset exactly as written - That is critical. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. What could be more important than having an optimal life....

    The other critical thing is leaving four hours between meals and also before bed.

    What we are doing is resetting our circadian clocks. The rolex in our head!

    You did say above - that you starve yourself of carbs during the reset - but we do have some carbs - especially greens etc. Just not all the nasty carbs that rule our life when we let them

    As far as I can see - the reset is, more or less, for life.....with some tweaking of course - once we are back in control.

    But - tweaking doesn't mean that we go back to eating cookies and cheesecake! [BTW - I think cheesecake is a food group]

    To be successful and optimal we have to stick to an epi=paleo template, gets lots and lots of sunlight and grounding and good water. I love eating this way - but did get off track and sloppy.

    Early morning sunlight and late afternoon sunlight is critical and C/T is a game changer.

    Preparation is key. I often put a lamb roast in a crockpot overnite and breakfast is ready! Also I make up some boiled eggs for emergency rations if I have to be away over a meal time. I get used to having a cooler bag with me all the time if I am going out.

    The leptin reset takes thought and preparation and a huge desire for an optical life ....just without cheesecake!

    Lots of folks have had a problem with eating so much protein at first - but do what you can ...even if it is 40g at first. I used to have to space it out a bit to get it down and sometimes I needed a lot more than 50g. ...but it didn't take me long to get in the groove. I also found it easier to add more fat.

    I did stick to the reset exactly as written ....and I did thrive. I really did get my life back. It was wonderful not to have all the cravings and the huge and uncontrollable hunger, and see what an optimal life looks like for the first time in my life.

    Back a few years ago when Dr. K. wrote about the leptin RX ....he wasn't talking about nnEMF yet. It is really odd to remember back then what a huge meltdown the forum went into over nnEMF.

    Now we have come to realise what a huge and overwhelming and destructive component this is in our life.

    Dr. Kruse tells us over and over ...."it isn't about food" it is all about resetting our internal clock.

    I, for one, struggle with all the science but I do get the three legged stool. We need to commit 110% to be successful and achieve our goals.

    We are here because we want an optimal life ....Dr. Kruse has the flashlight.

    This is for life ladies ....and James!
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  13. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    I am going to observe this thread for now. All I am going to say is for myself I have been sticking to mostly eating between sunrise and sunset, morning sun, grounding as for food I just only changed it some. I have found I need some kind of exercise because I actually crave it if that makes sense. I stopped weighing myself everyday (we have a lets say an industrial scale) here at work, just do it once a week. I find what Dr. Kruse says go by how you feel in clothes and mirror. When I try to do keto eating I get very hot and sweaty with some anxiety along with cranial pressure but not bad. When I feel that way I want to do CT, as for doing it I have a hard time tolerating it. I as well as KK and Caroline have the same problems, lol not sure about James;) The things that have changed for me without doing the lepin reset diet is my hair is growing fast but my nails always have as long as I can remember. I don't have as much pain. I will TRY the diet again because the cold weather is approaching. Like you all have said Prepping the food is a BIG help, planning meals etc.. Who has coffee or tea in the morning, if you don't do you have anything other than water. Thank you for starting this thread.
  14. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    I just had a nice thought of a morning BAB. A seafood soup made with sea veggies and bone broth. Would be this ok to have, because I tend to want fluids in the morning. Definitely going to do this after reading F and Q nnEMF. Especially seaweeds.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2017
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  15. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    I'm in. Been struggling with the meal timing big time, which I read as my clock is way off. But I've only been motivating myself (iffy at best) and here is my Go To on that. First conscious attempt was back in May or June, I think. I was already grocery shopping with a combo list for lower lectins (Gundry) and a FODMAPs foods-allowed list. Allergy testing scratched off eggs, chicken, nightshades. Seafood was a nice addition for more meal options as I rarely ate some. Pork was limited for years except bacon; but to replace poultry and on finding a grass-fed pork source I'll try that again. I like steak tartare, and am trying out ceviches... maybe 'high meat/offal' somewhere down the line.

    After developing nausea every time from eating too early I'm back to coffee with lightly pasteurized cream. (No raw milk in my state.) Have the BP MCT oil but a tablespoon gave me a liver or gallbladder 'attack.' Went back to cream and am increasing the oil a few drops at a time. I'm up to 2T hydrolized gelatin in the coffee (12g protein) and aiming for 4T if I continue to fail at solid food within an hour of rising.

    There are no persecution issues for me with sugar or carbs in general, except I was on low dose naltrexone and noticed carb cravings every evening. My weakness, forever, has been salty chips but these are banned from the house. This went away when I stopped the LDN. Will review that later. Cravings are NOT helpful when I want to go w/o eating those pre-sleep hours. I don't think 18 hr intermittent fasts will be hard -- just resetting the timing is what's rocking my boat. I noticed, after seafood I am thinking about a sweet (?). Have some Xylitol Ice Chips left over, or even 1/8th teaspoon of honey will be an instant antidote. If this urge for dessert continues I'll need help. I've skipped desserts and candies forever, except a couple Godiva chocolates at Christmas. In the past, I snacked on Medjool dates from time to time (date-nut-coconut-dark chocolate truffles) but haven't checked their profile for epi-paleo, FODMAPs or lectins. Fruit is easy for me to skip although I liked pineapple chicken and raisins/currants in curry. I've divorced from bananas which I only used in berry-spinach smoothies. No pain there. Most of my past cane sugars came from mango chutney and teriyaki sauce with honey; I may experiment with stevia or something similar and make my own marinades/condiments in future if chicken, rice, etc., ever return from banishment (?). My FM doc promoted stewed apples to increase gut mucin production. That can wait for after Leptin Reset. I do seaweeds anyway. Lately, I've primarily eaten varieties of lettuces as veggies, and do zucchini noodles about once a week, sauteed in ghee and at the end drop in a little cream and Parmesan for a fake Alfredo; and, stir in cooked shrimp, crabmeat, lobster, what's on hand... Basil pesto is an alternate. Am just three times experimenting with Miracle noodles; might be a keeper. I need to backtrack to check if these are a go for LR. Other new meals are salmon ceviche (or is it tartare?) a la Inger. Goes down well, just not in big enough protein gram quantity.

    Ideally, for the weeks/months of a successful Leptin Reset I really just want what meets the criteria and what I can eat repeatedly, On Time.. The fewer meal plans and decisions the better. I'm only into variety because I'm retired, 80% home-bound, under-mobilized and bored. Yes, food is entertainment and something to do. I'm jealous my dog eats the same meal every morning and evening and does fabulously -- when does a vet tell you, unsolicited, your dog's coat is "beautiful" and her weight at age 14 is "perfect?" Two years ago she was 15 lbs heavier and going incontinent for being too fat.

    BillyBats -- I did keto 20 years ago and achieved months of ketosis (no seafood) and felt uncomfortable being "me" as per some personality alteration; just weird and it did not pass over 6 months. (Lost about 20 lbs that returned immediately after on a more generous LCHPHF...) I don't know if there were/are thought pattern changes I needed to make concurrently but I didn't enjoy any attempts to don the new keto-persona I didn't feel good with for the duration. It was as 'bad' as I thought my love for my beloved was dissipating, things I liked doing were uninteresting, stuff like that. The angst of it turned me off continuing ketosis. Today, I might drill down into learning more about hormonal cascade mismatches, or something? My messed up chemistry might have driven me into extra-low dopa with ketosis? I 'recovered' back on low carb, high meat protein basics, and my generally more sociable pleasant-in-general mood levels and interests in life and love. This was not too long after 9 months on steroids and a 65 lb weight gain. Seafood soups for morning meal -- great idea. I love the Thai version with coconut milk, ginger, lemongrass... and it could manage creative tweaking like double the seafood, some seaweed, etc... Adding items to the next grocery list. Thanks for the bright flash!

    Caroline -- there IS cheesecake sitting on the Stool, dontcha know? With nut flour crust; the only ingredient I'm missing is for 1/4 cup of sugar -- is honey something we might look forward to after LR, although I usually balk at heating honey? Is there a decent permissible (LR stage) no-carb sugar substitute besides stevia? I just discovered cheesecake made in a pressure cooker -- 40 minutes fast. For today being Day One -- you're the cheer-leader I needed. We can take turns going along. Cheesecake rules!

    Kruse Kadet -- I see you Brave Beyond Compare! That's rough to achieve success and have it abandon you, repeatedly. Was that post-LR binge experiencing while coupling to Epi-Paleo guidelines?

    FWIW, I have a Food Cravings chart on my fridge: Craving sugary foods is implicated in: a Chromium need -- eat broccoli, grapes, cheese, chicken; a Carbon need -- eat fresh fruits; a Phosphorous need -- eat chicken, beef, fatty fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, veggies, grains (not us); a Sulphur need -- eat cranberries, horseradish, cabbage, cauliflower; a Tryptophan need -- eat cheese, raisins, sweet potatoes, spinach. Maybe you'd like to work your way through the list if a binge cycle pops up again? Sugar cravings had the most 'needs' on the list of cravings. I haven't crossed these foods yet with LR or epi-paleo choices...

    I agree with your strategies and plan to re-read 'em over and over. Especially, LR exactly as written. I've been off & on, up & down, and all around LR over 3 months now. Lost 2 lbs. Ought to be more by now, I thought. Which is why I'm here!

    For most of us starting up: It's true it's not about food in the whole panorama; and, I'm sure I'll say that, with conviction, when I'm on the way to the peak view, maintaining Kruse altitude. For now, nitty gritty dealings in dark trenches with the clock of the day -- and the 1/3rd battery charge allotment (food) to its then-merely secondary importance -- subsequent to the Light Leg of the Stool -- the circadian send-off seems to need, initially at least, a reordered timing and tuning to those pesky neuropeptides. It's about as easy, as they say in the South, as herding cats. The battle front is clock time vs. solar time and the next stage seems to depend on clock time subordinating and coordinating with solar time, no? I don't get stressed anymore at 'fails' but I was once very invested in successes. I like the idea it's "Creative Stress" here and now. That's a pivotal psychological wine press -- pain (the fails) before the pleasures (done with food issues!). Presently, the food timing is grounding me, from taking off -- not the good kind of 'grounding.' Commitment won't be an issue for me; I aim to divorce the arranged union with 'medical stability' for my first and only commitment to medical recovery. Everything else (in 23 years) has failed. I'm not the failure. Ciao for now...
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  16. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Hello Lovely Sheddie, It's great to hear your thoughts. How did your first day of Leptin Reset go?
    That's so amazing you've never had problems with sugar. Half your luck!

    Yes your chart on cravings is cool. I likey! Do you ever take amino acids, and have you ever watched Julia Ross's videos on aminos and cravings? Linked Here...

    I actually do take aminos for that purpose in such situations as the withdrawal part of the Leptin Reset. Some of the foods in your cravings chart are not permitted on the reset, so I am actually taking some aminos at the moment to support my withdrawals from sugar... glutamine and GABA. You might like Julia. She's fab. Though the end game I suppose is producing all the aminos naturally rather than needing a supplement, which I hope to do.

    Re your question about Post LR binging, I think my system is just very very out of whack, and I am lacking in the ability to produce lots of hormones, and am lacking in various nutients. I have been this way a very long time, so I recognise that change is probably going to take me longer than 6 weeks. I have only added sunshine in the last 4 months, and had zero Vit D in me for instance. And so for me to make long term change I need to look really holistically at change... changing beliefs, as well as changing habits for example. For this reason, the Leptin Reset is only pone part of the regimine.... The Reset does help me immediately with my insulin problems, and that it definitely gives me clarity of thought. Something I need to make the right decisions.

    Would love to hear how you go, so keep me posted!

    Big love, from Kruse Kadet
  17. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    DAY 2:
    So far so good. As a sugar addict, I am always grateful not to feel the full distress of the withdrawal. The BAB seems to help this immensely.
    3 hrs morning sunlight and grounding.
    Fish Bab, and roast lunch.
    Noticing feeling very dehydrated. Had sugar cravings around 1pm before lunch.
    Got a great sleep last night, as sleeping from 9pm till 6am.
    Bought a new Bees wax candle. Very comforting.
    Starting to feel blocked in the nether regions... constipation has been an issue on all the Leptin Resets I have done when my meat intake has increased.... Not sure yet what to do about it. Will just keep drinking water for now. Can be quite painful.
    Trying to keep the Wifi off as much as poss, and only turn on to do correspondence.
    Taking it day by day.

    Big Love. X
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  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    KK - do you use MCT oil? That usually helps with constipation.

    The BAB does help immensely! What a great sleep you had!!! And all the outdoor time! Bravo!
  19. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Ooh I'll have to go look up MTC oil Caroline! I don't know that one. Thanks for the tip. Willing to try anything on that front. XXOX
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  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Looking good Sheddie! Don't forget - it is really important to not snack between meals.
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