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Fun with Magnets

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by nonchalant, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    This feeling of no hunger when outside is quite amazing........I find on an overcast day that is not the case....so we need all the sunshine we can get...
  2. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Got a bunch of magnets yesterday from Harbor Freight and wow, have been experiencing some weird stuff.

    First on the ride home I had a not nice headache which I think was due to all the magnets in my back seat. I bought two 150# force ones, one 100# one, a 250# on and two 95# round ones. One 95 is going in my car and the other one under the DD chair at home. A 150# one under the bed and the other under my seat in the living room. The 100# one is for work and the other 250# one is for later if I need it. It was a lot of magnets, about 850# of force worth.

    I have not told my hubby what I was doing cause he already thinks I am a little cray cray but he still loves me  When I stuck the one under the bed as I rolled over to go to bed I really felt the heart thumping a bit but it did not last that long. Did not sleep the best either. I was tempted to move it if I did not fall asleep soon but I did and it stayed all night.

    Is this normal when first getting them? How long should I give it to see if it helps?

    Also, I read about something about having them face north. Can someone explain that better so I make sure to get it correct?

    Anything else I should know or be aware of with these. I have read through the thread and will reread it again since it is so much to digest.

    Might also be dealing with dome detox from upping the iodine but still looking into that.
  3. Danco3636

    Danco3636 Silver

    I have a few of those as well and tried them in my bed.... didn't like it as well..... I think you need to be very sure of the north and south end/ polarity... I have sense got a Magnetico bed pad and other stuff that I know the polarity used.... Here are a few things:
    Full Body Magnetic Therapy Set - 8 Pieces http://www.amazon.com/Full-Body-Magnetic-Therapy-Set/dp/B000GKEYJW/ref=pd_sim_hpc_1
    MAGNETIC WATER CONVERTOR http://www.amazon.com/MAGNETIC-WATER-CONVERTOR/dp/B003N44KA6/ref=pd_sim_hpc_4
    These are good but easy to lose - Deep Magnetic Therapy Spot Magnet Kit - 5000 gauss http://www.amazon.com/Deep-Magnetic-Therapy-Spot-Magnet/dp/B001IYK8MC/ref=pd_sim_hpc_8
    Got this for my car seat when driving - Magnetic Therapy Pillow Pad-40 Magnets http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008HFYTCA/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    Got this more so for my office chair - Magnetic Car Seat - Strong Magnet Therapy Magnets http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008GP0M54/ref=oh_details_o07_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    Had this and lost it.... I may order another - Hematite Powerful Magnetic Bracelet http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000KE40ZW/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    All part of my n=1

    As you can tell I love Amazon lol
  4. Awainer1

    Awainer1 New Member


    I have a 150 lb harbor freight magnet under my mattress. It replaced the earthpulse. First couple nights with it are weird but after that Ive had the best most restorative sleep ever. Also have a 100 lb under my car seat but dont really feel any effects. But ya give it a couple nights and then see. Im ready to crank it up to the 250#.
  5. Awainer1

    Awainer1 New Member

    Oh ya and the way to tell which is N. Both my magnets I got the sticker was on the north side but a compass' red arrow will point away from it since like poles will be pushed apart.
  6. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I think the most important thing about magnets is to buy a ball compass first. When I buy magnets they stay in the trunk on the way home and I don't touch them much until I get the North side labeled. My hands will hurt if I hold the south side of a small magnet for more than a minute or so.
  7. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Interesting, Awainer. I have tried small magnets (less than 100#) under a non-magnetico'd bed and I just couldn't stand the sensation. I never toughed it out, I just got another magnetico for that bed.
  8. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    No, they label the arrow on the compass (that is actually on it's south side) as N, since it is attracted to the North pole. The N side of a compass is always attracted to the North pole.
  9. Awainer1

    Awainer1 New Member

    Crap your right makes sense. Haha ive been sleeping on the south side then. Damn
  10. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    A funny thing happened this weekend. Our cat, who was at first spooked by the south field surrounding our magnetico bed, was found sleeping under the bed! In the south field. I was astonished. I ran to get my trusty compass and verified that north was up on that bed, on both sides. No, I can't explain it.

    In the past few weeks she has gotten attached to the bed, sleeping for hours on it during the day. She wouldn't spend much time on the floor near the bed, but she knew that is was comfy on top. Or she will be on DH's recliner, which has a couple magnets on the floor underneath. I was happy because she was eating less liver and fish and cream and such. :)

    I'll watch to see if she repeats that behavior.
  11. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Ok, so do I put the magnet under the mattress or is just under the bed ok? I will have to stop and get a compass or see if I can nab the one from our RV but in the meantime (like now at work), which way should have the sticker facing. From what I gather the side with the sticker, if it is north should be facing north, correct. What about a round one?
  12. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    If you bought the 95# round ones with a small hole in the center, shiny metal on one side, and it is flat (you can put a mug on top of it), then the shiny metal side is North. I check all mine to make sure, but every one has been oriented that way.

    For the larger magnets with white stickers...it's less certain. Most of my 150# magnets have the sticker on the north side, but I have one that is the reverse of that.

    I've never put one of those magnets under the mattress. I had a difficult enough time with it just on the floor.
  13. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Nonchalant....this is what I understood from speaking with the Magnetico folks....animals will not be in the south field if they are under the bed....only if they are in the area out to the sides. The positive spikes going down to the floor would be absorbed by the box spring and then any critter under the bed would be in a negative field like we are lying on top of the mattress. My 12 year old standard poodle loves to sleep under the bed and he is still as active and athletic as he was a 2.

    There is a good picture in the literature and in their pamphlet that shows you how there is a negative field underneath the bed. Animals are too smart to do the wrong thing....not like us are they??? :)
  14. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Interesting, SeaHorse. Thanks!
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    so - the critter lying under the bed is in the natural negative field? Is it somehow enhanced? or does it just like sleeping under your bed? I read somewhere that a magnetico can negatively influence the field in the room below?
  16. Awainer1

    Awainer1 New Member

    Mine is under my mattress (With the north side now facing up!! :mad:). For me I get the feeling that I'm actually being sucked and magenetized into my bed. For me I like the feeling but I can see how some would be bothered by it. And like I said it took me a few days to get used to it which they also claim with the magnetico. Possibly part of the detoxing. Of course I would ideally rather have a magnetico but its just not in the budget for me.
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    so how many magnets are you using? and what strength? I just worry about the field surrounding the magnets......
  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I think I am just going to get myself a new single bed and a magnetico and put it in the spare room and get it over with!

    The problem with that is I won't be going anywhere for a long time... but I have got to get my priorities straight ......
  19. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    If you look at the website there are some FAQ's which explain some of this. If there is a TV below your bed in a room underneath there may be some interference. However, that is not the same thing as an animal sleeping in the "negative" field under the bed. They will be getting benefits just like us. I think the issue is about positive spikes that occur whatever direction the polarity is. You need some distance to keep yourself in the negative field of a strong magnet.. Hope that makes sense.
  20. Awainer1

    Awainer1 New Member

    Flipped my 150# magnet over last night and slept amazingly. Hope I didnt do too much damage with it facing the other way before.

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