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From Fruit Bat to Great White

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by AdaptogenicBeing, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. AdaptogenicBeing

    AdaptogenicBeing New Member

    Greetings everyone. I wanted to drop in and talk about some of the success Ive had since finding dr K and this site.

    A bit about me. Ive been dealing with an inflammatory issue every fall/winter for the past 11 yrs. My fingers and toes would swell to the point of looking like sausages. Ive always been a "biohacker" of sorts and after conventional medicine had very little to offer in my case the hacking came more from necessity than fun. I had been told it was chilblanes and that I didn't show signs of Reynaud's. Regardless it was very much affecting my ability to work and just have a half way enjoyable life.

    This led me into the path of raw veganism. I had read much talk in the natural hygiene movement that condemned meat fish and other foods as being at the root of the decline of the human condition(much of this based on some wonky science and nothing more). I was sure at that time I had found my magic bullet and for 3.5 years I followed a raw vegan diet mostly centered around fruit and veggies. I wont lie it did make me feel awesome for a period of 8 months. This was followed by a very slow decline. No matter how much I ate I always had a sense of depravation and more importantly the inflammation never went away and at some points I can say it got worse.

    Towards the end of last summer I began to show signs of adrenal fatigue and leaky gut. I was unsure as to what it was at the time. In one last attempt to make myself better through raw I did a juice feast spanning 3 months mostly based on fruit juice(please hold back your laughs:eek::eek:). Not only was it fruit based but it was during the winter as well. This only made things WAY worse. I decide to give up veganism all together after hearing Dave Asprey on a podcast. I listened to that podcast 3 times and finally became convinced doing what I was doing wasn't working. Failed N=1. Get over it and try something new. During the time of playing with Bulletproof I was sticking to the cyclical keto diet and what do ya know? When I was on no carb days my swelling disappeared(this was late Feb) The swelling in my extremities would perk back up on my reefed days. Sometime later I read the blog post Why We May Need Carbs for Performance and that was my eureka moment! Keto was probably my answer.

    My adrenal/stomach issues continued to get worse however. At first I thought that it was the consumption of too much red meat so I cut back on that and upped my leafy green consumption(at the time I had just begun to read Jacks blogs. I was not yet on the seafood wagon) I noticed that as I ate more greens my brain fog got worse ie I would forget where I was for a few seconds at a clip, racing heart. All of these insane issues and keep in mind Im 31.

    To make a short story long: I went to doctors. One of the offices is one of the top in the boston area. I was told to go on stat drugs and was handed a card for a psychiatrist. This was all in my head of course. I asked for an ASI or some sort of hormone panel to be done. I was shot down. I then sought out a functional med doc. He gave me the ASI I wanted as well as a slew of other tests. My cortisol ended up being low. He said that every thing else in the ASI was fine. Since listening to Dr K's webinars I now question this as my doc didn't look at the ratios. He also made the statement "progesterone means almost nothing in men". So ill need to dig that info up and review.

    Anyway I am following a combo of both leptin reset and EPCOT. I here recently introduced Resveratrol and D-ribose into the mix. My brain fog has vanished. I no longer wake @ 2am with night sweats. And as for doing CT: Ive been a fan of Wim Hof for years and have been fascinated by the Tibetan tummos since I was in highschool. So ya I do it. I love IT! I am very much looking forward to following seasonal eating as laid out by Dr K/nature this coming fall and winter. I may have finally come across the info that will put the pain in my feet and hands to rest.

    Be Well
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Chad .....thanks for sharing your story and your journey. Please start a journal in the journal section so we can follow your progress. Please read other journals as well especially Martin's [now know as BIG HEAD] and fitness@home's journal.

    When everyone contributes - it helps everyone else too.....

    Have you been observing light cycles? and the most important of all ...have you checked your EMF exposure?

    Have you listened to Dr. K's podcasts? great info on EMF's ect. etc. and have you read his book? THE EPI-PALEO RX .... available on amazon...
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2013
  3. AdaptogenicBeing

    AdaptogenicBeing New Member

    Hi Caroline. I will start a journal soon. I haven't checked my emf exposure as I moved back in with my parents so Im not in my own dwelling. They seem to have no issue with me unplugging the wifi when they are not using it. They cant understand why and think Im paranoid :). I have been militant about light cycles. Bed down with the sun and get up with it. Ive listened to the podcasts and about half the webinars. I will read the book at some point.

  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sounds like you are doing great Chad! EMF's will likely be the biggest piece in your puzzle. Does your parent's house have a smart meter? Are you in a position to purchase a magnetico pad for your bed?

    Have you read the blog ...hormones 101? and the other blogs pertaining to your problems? please don't forget to read the comments too - most important....
  5. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Welcome, Chad. Glad to have you with us.

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